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  1. Hi, I came accross your blog by accident and you're the first person ive met on the plan who likes the same food as me! Daim mikado and Aldi are getting me by at the moment.After getting refused a seat on a fair ride I had to do something,also when the uniforms were delivered to work and they said 'anyone oversized will have to be specially measured' !!!! These things were sent to gee me up and even though my days of skinny jeans are over im determined.Good luck to you, an inspirational hardworking lady :-) jo

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment :) I hope you get some inspiration if you like the same foods as me!

      I got to the point where I started buying my own work clothes as I was too ashamed to ask for the waist size I needed on the (mens) trousers. Not now, I've lost 10" from my trouser size.

      I'll look forward to hearing how you get on if you read regularly xx

  2. Hey Karen,
    Firstly I wanted to say WOW! Congratulations on losing so much weight and what an inspiration you are.

    I have tried slimming world before and lost 13 1/2lb in my first week was going great for a few months and lost nearly 3 stone, however after a bereavement in the family I reverted back to my usual way of dealing with things and comfort ate. I have regained the weight I lost and a little more for good measure and I'm so disappointed in my self.

    I have taken the first steps to going back and will be trying my hardest to stick to the plan no matter what life throws at me this time. Food wise I'm doing very well and I have even taken up going for an hr long walk after dinner in the evenings with my partner and 7yr old son. This is a miracle in its self as I don't walk anywhere and openly admit to being very lazy taking the easy way of a lift everywhere, I have around 15 stone to lose so lugging my big butt up hillsides is certainly giving me a workout. Each day it's easier and I cannot begin to tell you how good I feel for doing some exercise getting some fresh air and feeling like I'm doing my very best to lose the weight. I feel like this time someone has finally clicked.

    I was so pleased when I came across your page as most people who's blogs I read have only lost 2 sometimes 4 stone which don't get me wrong is absolutely amazing and I'm really pleased for them it's just I wanted to know that there is hope for someone who has a lot to lose, funny how even at (fatty club as my son calls it) I'm still the odd one out being one of the biggest :-(

    I wanted to check with you how many healthy b's a day I'm meant to be having because I thought it was one a and one b but you have 2 b's? Im confused lol

    Hope you don't mind me messaging you and I wish you luck on your continued journey!

    Kind regards

    Rach x

    1. Hi Rach, are you still losing? I have 2 of each HE as I follow the green plan.
      If you want to read a blog from another lady with a lot to lose try WeightLossBitch. She started with over 30st to lose and has now shifted 18st. She's amazing :) TOK (whose blog is called slinkygothgirl) also wants to lose around 10st.
      It does help to know it can be done x

  3. Hi. I just wanted to say well done you look amazing. I want to start sw as I have fibromyalgia and my weight is making the pain worse. My GP is not the tiniest bit supportive and says I need to start climbing mountains (!) or go swimming (no way would I wear a costume in private, never mind public!). Anyway I will keep reading your posts and hope for the best. Sandra x

    1. Hi Sandra, much as I hate to contradict a GP, your diet will shift the lbs quicker than exercise alone. There are vouchers to join SW for free in The Mirror for the next few days so pop along to group and see how you feel.
      I didn't do any exercise until I'd been losing weight for a year. Good luck x

  4. Hi,

    What a great blog, very inspiring!

    You mention bakewell buns.... As a bit of a cake fiend, and someone who would give their soul away for a Bakewell tart, I'm just wondering what these are and if you have a recipe for them please?!

    1. 5 scan bran (5 syns)
      2 eggs
      2 Asda dessert style bakewell tart yogurts (Original recipe=cherry muller light)
      4 tbsp of granulated sweetener
      (Original recipe had 4 capfuls of almond essence - I had none, Domestic Goddess fail)
      (Original recipe also had 1/2 tsp of baking powder, but I couldn't find mine...)

      100g of Extra Light Philly (6 syns)
      tsp of vanilla essence
      sprinkle of sweetener

      I crumbled up the scan bran and mixed them with some boiling water until they could be mixed up. I beat the eggs and added in the yogurts and sweetener, then I spooned the mix into cake cases and baked them for 25 minutes. Once they'd cooled I put the topping on, that's it! You could top them with a cherry if you wanted, but I'm not a fan!