Wednesday, 6 May 2015

So Many Changes.....

As you all know, life hasn't been too great over the last few months, and I think it's not too much of an exaggeration to say that my life has pretty much fallen apart. I'm still off work, and was told yesterday that I'm not well enough to go back despite me wanting to give it a go and my pay stopping on May 18th. Myself and Hague have separated and whilst my health is improving, I'm still not great - add into that the fact that practically all of that weight I worked so hard to get rid of is back, and the Dr's still don't really know what's wrong and I'm sure you can see why I feel like my world has just dropped away.


Not great news really eh? Still, life must go on, and you must try your hardest to look on the bright side, and I shall. I am getting a bit better, me and Hague are now roomies rather than a couple so we still get to be silly and see each other every day and I've now managed 2 whole days on my latest weight loss kick - which is seeing me calorie counting.

With you pretty much up to date, I'll get onto the food! I'm trying calorie counting as I feel after so long following Slimming World, and with the demise in all but name of the Green plan I need a change. Right now, I'm finding it not too bad, I have the freedom to use those calories however I like, eat whatever bread and cheese I like and am thinking a lot more before I eat - no more frivolity of unlimited foods, which is definitely reigning in the snacking, which can only be a good thing!

Today started quite late as when my alarm went off at 10, I turned it straight off as I'd still been awake at 4am and so didn't crawl out of bed until gone 1. As I had a few things to do I had a quick breakfast of gingerbread flavoured Ready Brek (2 sachets) with a banana.

 On SW that would have been 11 syns and a HeA, calorie wise it came in at a reasonable 394 calories. With that eaten I headed to the library, which I have just re-discovered, to pick up some books before heading off to stock up on food. It's quite freeing to have the information you need about a food on the front of the wrapper in the form of calories, rather than looking up the syns! Anyway, with a boot load of shopping I got back home and started to read my new books whilst covered in Pugs.

Lunch was courtesy of those good old yellow stickers as I'd picked up some ready to roast veg for 80p and so mixed that in with some gnocchi and salad, topped with a rather lush dressing that was also reduced!

SW wise, we're talking 5½ at least, as the veg had dressing on, calorie wise it came in at 526. With not a lot planned for today Netflix provided us with some viewing in the form of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which we've been watching before I then embarking on the rather scary task of doing some tidying and sorting. This has become rather a regular occurrence and I can only put that down to this illness - whatever it may be! I suppose being forced to stay off work for a bit longer will give me time to do more sorting anyway! 

Dinner was quite late, and quite simple.

In dinner and my snacks I put away 667, I'm unsure of the syns as the bread wasn't a HeB (I'm such a rebel) and the yogurt wasn't fat free! Leaving me with 12 calories left from my allowance of 1600 that MyFitnessPal gives me.

If you want to have a nosey at my food diaries, my MFP profile is here  It is a bit of a change from Slimming World, but as I've said earlier, it's really made me cut back on all my snacks, and really focus on whether I'm hungry or not, which is a good thing.

I shall say farewell for now, as with my new singledom comes such joys as Tinder, wondering why men my age look "old", pondering if it's wrong to date a 20 something and enquiries as to whether I'd be interested in a random willy pic.... methinks singledom might be the way to go for a wee while though as I've been single for around 4 months since I was 18! It's a strange new world out there! O.O



  1. Ahh bless you, lovely to read your blog again but sad that life hasnt been good for you recently. You are so strong to pick yourself and start again trying something new, hope life improves and you feel better soon, sending hugs xx

  2. Very brave of you to write about your difficulties at any time, not just when life has been hard on you - keep going, chin up & breathe deep - don't know who said "life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to experience" had it pretty much right. You'll get through all this experience & more, try to have some fun!

  3. Karen, I read you blog all the time when I started Slimming World a couple of years back, it gave me inspiration and I loved the way you wrote it. I was really rooting for you to get to your big aim for your birthday but having had targets myself and not hit them I understand how difficult this weight loss thing can be.

    I hope you manage to bring things around, yes try something completely different, don't stop trying, you never know where that inspirational moment will come from. David.

  4. Aww Karen, I'm sorry life has chucked so much crap at you recently. Hoping the calorie counting works for you. My Slimming World group closed a couple of weeks ago so I'm going it alone now too, although I'm going down the low carb, low fat route. Good luck Hun x

  5. Hi, Karen, sad you are still struggling with your health, your positivity is great, and I hope it gets you through. You seem to do so well with the diet when you aren't ill. You seem to be eating well now, and I hope it works for you. Mal

  6. Hiya I'm new to your blog! It's good to see that your still trying! I have a read a few posts and thoroughly enjoyed them :) Don't lose heart! x