Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Short and Sweet!

I want to get a blog up tonight, but I'm also very weary despite some good attempts at pacing today, with only a couple of hours between my rest periods. It's all a rather steep learning curve for me at the moment.

Today has been reasonably busy - for me - with a start not long after midday, where I got a Buttermint tea down myself before having breakfast.

Yes, I was actually organised enough to get some overnight oats in the fridge last night! Go me! With breakfast eaten, I commenced the ever ongoing text with TOK whilst colouring in some cats before heading for relax number 1.

When I'd had my 30 minutes of chilling out, I had an itch to get out as the sky was a stunning blue colour and as on top of everything else, my Vitamin D levels have been low, I figured some sunshine would help. Hence I headed out for a small womble around town, just perusing the charity shops and slowly meandering around. Somehow I ended up buying 5's a very real hazard of being a bookworm you know!

With just £6.75 splashed out, and 5 more books added to my To Be Read pile, I grabbed a quick Starbucks - Maple Macchiato with skimmed milk - for 4 syns and a HeA before heading home to once more relax for a little while. Suitably refreshed it was time for lunch, and as Hague had sorted out a spag bol whilst I was in town, all I had to do was cook some pasta and lunch was good to go :o)

I threw some rocket in with the pasta, because you can't have enough veg eh? After that I tidied for a bit, chatted for a bit and watched a bit of TV before relaxamundo number 3, after which I decided it was finally time to use my latest BzzAgent vouchers to try the new Arla Protein tubs, so off to Tesco we headed, where I also picked up some more Buttermint tea, some strawberries and a pack of reduced jacket spuds as the hungries were hitting once more. Once indoors, I sorted out dinner by bunging the spuds in the oven and then topping them with my last HeB of cheese.

The potatoes were a rather frivolous 7 syns for both, and the Arla was a single syn - so I'm now happily full, hopefully full enough for me not to wake up hungry, and about to head upstairs with yet more tea and a book. Of course it's not one of the books I bought today, they'll have to wait their turn....


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