Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Short and Sweet!

I want to get a blog up tonight, but I'm also very weary despite some good attempts at pacing today, with only a couple of hours between my rest periods. It's all a rather steep learning curve for me at the moment.

Today has been reasonably busy - for me - with a start not long after midday, where I got a Buttermint tea down myself before having breakfast.

Yes, I was actually organised enough to get some overnight oats in the fridge last night! Go me! With breakfast eaten, I commenced the ever ongoing text with TOK whilst colouring in some cats before heading for relax number 1.

When I'd had my 30 minutes of chilling out, I had an itch to get out as the sky was a stunning blue colour and as on top of everything else, my Vitamin D levels have been low, I figured some sunshine would help. Hence I headed out for a small womble around town, just perusing the charity shops and slowly meandering around. Somehow I ended up buying 5's a very real hazard of being a bookworm you know!

With just £6.75 splashed out, and 5 more books added to my To Be Read pile, I grabbed a quick Starbucks - Maple Macchiato with skimmed milk - for 4 syns and a HeA before heading home to once more relax for a little while. Suitably refreshed it was time for lunch, and as Hague had sorted out a spag bol whilst I was in town, all I had to do was cook some pasta and lunch was good to go :o)

I threw some rocket in with the pasta, because you can't have enough veg eh? After that I tidied for a bit, chatted for a bit and watched a bit of TV before relaxamundo number 3, after which I decided it was finally time to use my latest BzzAgent vouchers to try the new Arla Protein tubs, so off to Tesco we headed, where I also picked up some more Buttermint tea, some strawberries and a pack of reduced jacket spuds as the hungries were hitting once more. Once indoors, I sorted out dinner by bunging the spuds in the oven and then topping them with my last HeB of cheese.

The potatoes were a rather frivolous 7 syns for both, and the Arla was a single syn - so I'm now happily full, hopefully full enough for me not to wake up hungry, and about to head upstairs with yet more tea and a book. Of course it's not one of the books I bought today, they'll have to wait their turn....


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Trying and Trying and Trying!

Oh it's been a while since I got my blog on hasn't it? Despite being on plan some of the time, most of my time has been spent feeling sorry for myself, being in pain, being unable to do bugger all and eating crap as I don't have to prepare crap :o( Not good, obviously :o(

So...I find myself back up to 23stone and 2lbs - such a waste of all my efforts to reach those heady heights (or lows) of sz12 and sz14 clothes. The extent of my stupidity was shown today when a charity shop dress, in a sz26 wouldn't do up.

I could kick myself into next year - I'm so frustrated with how much I've lost my way. I know that my quite serious health issues haven't helped, but ice-cream doesn't help with possible M.E. neither do chocolate HobNobs, who knew??

Anyway, today has seen me once again step on my scales, face up to the damage I've done and get myself back on track. It's not been the easiest of times, but feeling terrible about myself, and giving my poor exhausted, aching body even more weight to deal with won't make it easier....with that in mind, today has been on plan. I have been pacing myself quite well, and so have managed to have the energy to get a blog up, albeit it a rather small one. Go me.

Breakfast was a grab and go affair, just a couple of persimmons and Alpen Lights, with that eaten we headed into town, and whilst there visited Starbucks, I resisted trying the delicious sounding maple macchiato and instead polished my halo with a Chai tea.

Chai was actually needed as I'd run out yesterday, so had to resort to normal teabags, shocking example of a first world problem there! So once we were done in town, off to Tesco it was for a rather worrying stock up....please tell me I'm not alone in my tea addiction?

 A lot of this was down to the enabling powers of a Facebook group, where it had been said that Twinings Buttermint tea tastes like Murray Mints, and so they had to be tried, as well as stocking up on my Chai, and then spotting Cherry Bakewell and Fudge Melt tea - so all were purchased. I can at least manage to make a cuppa with my depleted energy levels :o)

Once home, we were both rather hungry and so Hague got to work on a mammoth roast dinner. Sod convention, we wanted a roast and we didn't care it was Tuesday. We are such rebels....

Three syns for gravy and another ½ for the yogurt - note the Buttermint tea in the background, it's gorgeous!

As is now normal for me, my day has been split with activity and relaxing, this is due to a technique called pacing, where I have to ensure I get enough rest between doing just about anything. Even reading a new book is a high impact activity :o( Not good news for a book worm! So after suitable intervals of relaxing and minor activity I was hungry once more and managed to make myself dinner! A huge achievement, believe me!

Just an omelette and salad, but all made by me :o) Dessert was a tropical combination of a Shape pineapple and coconut yogurt with prunes and a Graze punnet with mango, coconut and pineapple. This was accompanied by the Cherry Bakewell tea, which was a tad under whelming :o(

I am ending the day having used 8½ syns, and feeling like I can do this again. There's nothing like sorting out all your clothes and realising that 98% of the gorgeous clothes busting out of the wardrobe don't  bloody fit!

Hopefully I'll have the energy to at least blog every day. I know it does help keep me on plan, and so I should do my best to make it a part of my day. Thanks for sticking with me, hopefully I can stick with it this time eh?