Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Very Grown Up Day....

Today I have mostly retreated from the adult world. As you do....To be honest, I was shocked to be awake at just after 10am as it hadn't been a great night, with me and Hague both unable to sleep and so a lot of the night was spent chatting and reading rather than sleeping. So when I woke up just after 10 actually feeling okay, it was a huge shock! Perhaps there's something in this pacing lark...except for the not sleeping bit, that wasn't so great....

Anyway...I got up, and had myself a pretty fuss free breakfast.

Muesli, fruit and yogurt, job done. I had a cuppa or two, and as I was ahead of schedule decided to jig around my daily timetable and got one horrible job out of the way with a quick phone call to my mortgage company to ask (very nicely) for a bit of leeway as I'm now on half pay, with that successfully out of the way, next on the agenda was heading into town, for some very essential purchases...

Told you they were essentials ;o) To be fair, we did also get some dog food too before heading home for me to have a relax/meditation session whilst Hague cooked lunch.

No superfree, but it was damn fine! I then got onto my main task of the day, colouring. Assisted by Ms Tinkerbell...

Unfortunately, she tends to smudge! Hague also managed to coax our new family member out for a quick cuddle and a bit of reassurance before she decided to hide behind the sofa again. Poor sausage, hopefully she'll feel more settled soon, as I'm sure you'll agree that she is a very beautiful Pussmph.

Bless her nervous little socks! The rest of the evening has pretty much been spent ignoring the tasks on my phone as they popped up, preferring to carry on with my colouring rather than the cleaning the loo and bedroom tidying I had planned for the day. 

When it comes to pacing though, any task uses energy, be it physical or mental, and so I still need to watch myself as too much colouring, as it does need concentration, could cause as much harm as overdoing it on anything physical. A break ensues in the shape of the Comic Relief Bake Off, a double portion, as seeing as Hague enjoyed tonight's I forced asked him if he wanted to watch the first episode with Dame Edna.....comedy gold, if you've not seen it yet, get thee to iPlayer and get it watched, it's fantastic.

I digress, dinner happened too, followed by a very lazy dessert...

Pasta salad, followed by some cherries and my HeB. I'll probably end the day with a hot chocolate again, which pushes my syns up to a whopping 6 for the day. I must bid you farewell for now, as my fairies just won't colour themselves! 


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Planning and Pacing

Once more it's been an age since I blogged, my 40th has been and gone, my health is still shocking and we've had to say goodbye to my precious JadeyPuss too.

I miss her terribly, and the house doesn't seem right without a cat. Life really does seem to be intent on kicking us whilst we're down at the moment, and so for budgetary reasons - half pay is now looming as I've been off work for too long - when we made the decision to get back on plan, we decided to plan our meals out.

It meant our food bill came in at £27 this week, which is marvellous, and whilst I didn't eat too much yesterday as I spent most of the day sleeping, what I did eat was on plan. I finally got some information through yesterday from the local ME/CFS clinic, which contained some ways to help combat the extreme tiredness that I'm suffering. One of the tools was pacing, where you plan out your day to include specific rest times. Times when you are literally doing nothing but relaxing, so not even reading or watching TV as all will "drain your battery" as it were. So today was entirely mapped out, here's hoping it helps!

So, as per my plan, I set my alarm for midday and got up and sorted out my breakfast, just something light as Hague was already thinking about lunch!

As pacing means that any activities deemed "high energy" which can vary from going for a walk, going shopping or watching a new film or reading a new book, needs to be sandwiched by rest, after breakfast and a bit of TV I had my first relaxation moment, spending 20 minutes listening to a meditation app I'd downloaded. We then headed off to pick up our new addition. Much as losing Jadey broke my heart, and she can never be replaced, our home just doesn't seem right now without a cat, and so when a friend reached out to us, looking for a new home for her bullied cat.....we couldn't say no....

So now, our menagerie has a new member:

This little sweetheart is Phoenix, who has spent the last few months being bullied by another cat and so we've welcomed her into our home, although right now she's hiding under the sofa - who can blame her? Hopefully she'll settle in soon enough so she can start getting smothered with love and spoilt rotten :o)

After picking her up it was time to chill out a bit before lunch.

A bloody gorgeous cheesey pasta bake made my Hague! In my strictly planned day, more TV then happened (as well as texting TOK, can't really plan in something you do practically all day) before I had a hour to do some tidying. This is where I've been going wrong with trying to push through my tiredness. When I feel quite awake and lively I try and cram in doing everything that I'm normally too tired to do, all this does is delay that tiredness and so when I do sleep I will sleep for far, far too long - the leaflet calls this boom and bust and it's what I've been mistakenly doing for many months trying to force myself better. It doesn't work! I've been getting frustrated with not being able to do things, and so tidying will feature a lot in my planning, just in small chunks, I did an hour today, and followed it with relaxation.

Slight hiccup with my 5pm relaxation as Hague came bounding upstairs, shouting at me to let me know it was time to relax, when I'd already started my meditation lol! I must admit the meditation apps do seem to chill me out, but I'll be varying them with other things like audio books too. They also make me hungry, as I needed a snack once I was done!

Then it was time for the general TV/Internet/Reading trinity which marks my days, followed by colouring, I don't care that I'm 40.

Hague had put dinner in the slow cooker before he went kickboxing, so at 8pm sharp it was time to eat, a simple mix of stock, mixed veggies and lentils.

Once I'd put bread fishies in there, I was stuffed and so the other slice, rather than being eaten  because it was there, was put back *polishes halo*

I'm actually ahead of my schedule, blogging now, but I figured I'd get it down before I was too tired, and that leaves more time spare to plan tomorrow and do me some more colouring ;o)

Food diary has shifted to MyFitnessPal, to save my fingers, so feel free to add me on there, and I also post up my food pics during the day on Instagram if you want to find me there too!

Here's hoping that my scary new starting weight of 22st 10lbs is soon just a blot on the horizon as I head back down to target once more :o) Thanks for staying with me through thick and thin (and thick again) Your support is fabulous.