Sunday, 4 January 2015

Onwards into 2015

I haven't posted since my big ol' ranty rant on Tuesday, a whole year ago, sort of, and so I figured it was about time I updated you. Although, not a huge amount has happened I'm afraid!

We saw the New Year in just the two of us, well two of us, one Basset, one cat and two Pugs and much, much Jack Daniels, but I was actually quite proud of myself. I had a fair old amount to drink, but I stuck to spirits with diet mixer, and my meals were all on plan - although I did succumb to a packet of chocolate digestives. Compared to what could have happened (crap food, wine, pizza) I thought we were pretty restrained. I did dress up in an effort to make the night special though, and we had my 2014 Memory Jar to read through too, something I'll be repeating this year too.

As I'm utterly broken a few drinks and a late night meant that I stayed in bed for pretty much the whole of New Year's Day - so not a great one for my long suffering Hague :o( 

Life gets back to normal after that doesn't it? Our decorations came down - leaving the house looking all sad and empty - and we were both back on the wagon on the 1st. 

I've not made any actual resolutions this year, although I've decided to do a selfie every day, not entirely sure why, an easy way to do a 365 project I guess, and of course I'll still be taking pictures of all my food too. I would love to be at target before the end of the year, it would need a loss of over 2lbs a week though, so we shall see. Do things count as resolutions if you WILL do them? Hmmm, if so, perhaps I do have some....

Lose this weight again.
Get running again
Get out on Margot again
Get myself healthy and back to work.

All do-able :o) 

So although life has been insanely boring, involving nothing more than watching films, sleeping, eating, reading and taking selfies it HAS been on plan. Little steps will get me there after all.

This weekend's food...

Food d'jour is definitely the waffles, as I had them on Friday and Saturday. They'd been something that have been off my radar forever, but a SW friend who moved away donated the contents of her freezer to us, and in there was a part box of Asda waffles, 3½ syns each, but totally worth it :o)

I hope my life gets a tad more interesting soon, but for now I'll settle for getting myself back on plan, and hopefully getting my medication all kicked in so I'm able to get back to work - as I say - little steps :o)

For those that want to see all my foody noms, check out my instagram account, I'm MinxyMissK on there, you can find my account HERE . For my full food diaries, I'm on MyFitnessPal too, on there I'm TheMinxyMissK, and my diaries are public - again, just click HERE to find me. 

I shall leave it there for now, and this will probably be the last update before I get on those scales for my first week verdict! Eep!



  1. Good to see you back, I have missed you and your blogs, good luck, you can do it x

  2. I'm doing a daily selfie too, and today had a bit of a brainwave and downloaded an app so I can make a video of it. When I've lost a nice big chunk of weight hopefully it will show some sort of magical transformation (I wish!) Anyhoo it's called FaceFilm if you ever fancy giving it a go!

  3. Hi. I've just started back SW this week....I've been before but gave up :( . As a fellow veggie I'm looking forward to reading your posts and catching up on your old ones