Monday, 29 December 2014


Well, here we are again. A New Year is almost upon us and unfortunately I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be just 7 weeks away from my 40th birthday.

I shall not be at target by then. In fact I'll weigh closer to what I did in February 2012 (before SW). Only one person is to blame. Me. Simple as that. I've had health issues this year, and frustration, anxiety and depression have all played their part, as well as the more physical issue of my thyroid wonking out.

None of that made me stuff my face with rubbish though, I'd faced issues before and stayed strong throughout. Somewhere in the summer I totally lost my way and eating rubbish became my new hobby, now I have to face up to that, face up to my huge gain - I'm back at group tomorrow - and face up to the fact that I'll be up in the 20st range once more and that I have a whole lot of work to do to get back into my gorgeous clothes!

So that's the situation. Today I am back on plan. Tomorrow I am back at group and my journey shall start again. Hopefully this time I won't fall off in such a spectacular way!


  1. *gives a standing ovation* Well done x

  2. Can I just say Karen your blogs have given me the kick up the bum and I am now ready to start my journey xx

  3. Good luck and stay strong X

  4. I have been where you are and i'm back there again, its harder to get back on the wagon than it sounds (i say that from someone suffering with depression) I will be joining you and I hope you wont fall off the wagon again. Stay strong and best of luck. XX

  5. I love your blogs. It's good to know that others have gloomy times, but so motivating to see you rise up everytime! And your sense of humour as you tackle this diet is brilliant! Go forth and slim!