Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Defying Slimming World

I know I like to rebel, but little did I realise I'd be rebelling against Slimming World, the organisation that have felt like a friend for most of my adult life. I would drift back time and again as the plan worked for me.

I'd follow good old Green days and the weight would shift. The only reason the weight didn't stay off was due to my falling off plan and eating my body weight in crap food, it wasn't down to the Green plan. Well, now, apparently, Green doesn't work, people don't lose weight on it......

....I beg to differ here!

I'm sure I'm not the only Green day devotee out there who feels snubbed by this move. Extra Easy may be an easy plan to follow, but for me, it offers no good reason to ditch my extra Healthy Extra choices, especially the cheesey HeB choices that are only offered on a Green day...a life without Stilton? Not for me. There is a good reason that cheese is offered as a Healthy Extra, it is a source of protein, maybe one with fat content too, but that is why it's a measured amount, something that isn't offered on Extra Easy, so I'm losing a source of protein on my vegetarian diet by switching to EE.

Of course, I could use my syns on that cheese, and on an additional A choice, so I'd be left with just 8 syns to play with, or 3 when I drop down to the standard 15 syns. Could you easily stick to plan with 8 syns a day? Or 3? Didn't think so.  Of course, I could always choose between tea and coffee and a portion of cheese a day, and have cereal, OR cereal bars OR bread. Thing is, when I have tried to do that in the past, I've become grumpy and miserable, having to choose between coffee or a treat in the evening, having to cut out my sweet treat of an Alpen light or Hi-Fi bar makes me feel like I'm on a diet, makes me feel restricted and makes me fall off plan. Wasn't the whole ethos behind Slimming World that you can make the plan work for you? For me the three plans of Red, Green and Extra Easy were probably the best portfolio of plans Slimming World have ever had, and believe me, I've seen a few. I was there when it was just Red and Green, and when they introduced Mix to Max (remember that??) and of course the huge success that is Extra Easy. 

If you're a red day devotee, you'll be okay, just go with the new Extra Easy SP plan, half a plate of veg and half a plate of protein. Jobs a good'un. It's the plan that has replaced Success Express, and for me, makes it practically unusable. It would mean a week of meals that are half veg and half beans/pulses/plain quorn chunks/mince. So much for no food is banned eh Slimming World?

I shall stop ranting now, I'm sure you can all appreciate that I'm upset and frustrated at what I see as pointless changes. It's all very well saying I can still follow Green, well yes I can. For now. Already there is a new syns online on the website, showing only EE syns, how much longer before all support for the Red and Green plans are quietly dropped and it's a case of EE or nothing? Even now I'm questioning whether it's worth me going to group anymore as I was told the Green plan will not be talked about, so why am I paying that money? 

For now it's time to try defying Slimming World, I think I'll try defying Slimming World....

This girl is green, through and bloody through - and I now have an even bigger bit between my teeth to prove Slimming World wrong, to show you can  bloody well lose on Green. Just watch me fly ;o)

Oh, and here's the food I've been eating over the last few days...as that's sort of why you're all here right? ;o)

Hopefully I've not upset too many of you with my rantings, but I feel justified in feeling angry and upset. Why fix what isn't broke, why upset the multitudes of vegetarians who stick to the Green plan. Oh, and don't patronise us by wheeling out a vegetarian consultant who thinks that courgette strips can replace pasta and roasted butternut squash is the same as roasted spuds. 

Monday, 29 December 2014


Well, here we are again. A New Year is almost upon us and unfortunately I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be just 7 weeks away from my 40th birthday.

I shall not be at target by then. In fact I'll weigh closer to what I did in February 2012 (before SW). Only one person is to blame. Me. Simple as that. I've had health issues this year, and frustration, anxiety and depression have all played their part, as well as the more physical issue of my thyroid wonking out.

None of that made me stuff my face with rubbish though, I'd faced issues before and stayed strong throughout. Somewhere in the summer I totally lost my way and eating rubbish became my new hobby, now I have to face up to that, face up to my huge gain - I'm back at group tomorrow - and face up to the fact that I'll be up in the 20st range once more and that I have a whole lot of work to do to get back into my gorgeous clothes!

So that's the situation. Today I am back on plan. Tomorrow I am back at group and my journey shall start again. Hopefully this time I won't fall off in such a spectacular way!