Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sleeping and Sitting

Not the most exciting of days here at the MitchyHague abode I'm afraid. Sleep has been the main activity of the day, mostly due to barely sleeping last night and so I was hideously tired when I took Hague to work - accompanied with a quick snack so as to keep myself going...

I do love these HiFi bars, they remind me of Picnics :o) Anyway, once I was back home it was back to bed for me, where it took me ages to nod off again, hence me staying there until 2:30. Bad Karen! Obviously I woke up hungry, with not a huge amount of desire to cook anything too demanding and so it was a stir fry that did the job for lunch.

In the stir fry I used an Aldi sachet sauce, which are just 29p, and this one (Hoisin and Garlic) comes in at 6½ syns for the packet, which I don't think is too bad as they taste lovely. Dessert was simple. I then did a lot of sitting and watching of the IT Crowd before Hague headed to work again and I got around to the important business of sitting some more, this time covered with all of the animals..

I did manage to move them for long enough to get myself a snack...

...followed up later on by an old favourite, cous cous quiche, which I made using some of the leftovers from yesterday.

This one had courgette, mushrooms and onion inside with a HeA of Cheddar on the top and it was just as nice as it normally is! I then watched Masterchef followed up with the second series of The Great British Bake Off whilst nattering to TOK via iMessage. A need for something sweet then came over me, nothing to do with watching cake week on GBBO I'm sure, and I had the brainwave of splashing out 5 whole syns on a simple, but luscious snack.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that jam is only ½ a syn a teaspoon, which means that a tablespoon is just 1½, and I had one of those on each slice. It was the perfect thing to savour whilst watching such lovely baking on the TV, and definitely a good use of a HeB and 5 syns as far as I'm concerned! 

So with the evening drawing to a close, and another blood test looming tomorrow, I'm hoping I sleep so that I'm not all of a state in the morning, mind you, as I'm now on 4 tablets a day, getting myself some sleeping tablets will hardly make a difference!  So my day has been pretty boring, and has ended up with me on 16 syns (I'm now allowed 20 due to my weight, which I am using as and when I need them). It's definitely getting easier to stay on plan, long may it last! 

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