Thursday, 13 November 2014

Bumps, Banging Heads and Bargains!

Today has not been a great day for Hague. First off he couldn't find his keys this morning and was all of a panic. As his bike was locked up using said keys he had to get me up so I could run him I walked down the stairs I spotted his keys, by then it was too late though and so out I went to take him to work. Whilst he was there I listened to Dave Grohl on the radio, hoping and praying that the Foo Fighters UK tour next summer includes a set at Glastonbury!

With work done for a few hours we came home and then had our first triple dog walk! Only a quick one over the park, but all seemed happy with much snuffling and sniffings going on and we all got home in one piece where I got myself back to bed as I was both exhausted and dealing with a rather nasty headache - they're constant at the moment, but at times they get even worse, and today was one of those times. 

Hague had to go back to work and me being all sorry for myself and hurty didn't go, despite the lovely Glenys saying it was fine for me to come along - in hindsight, I desperately wish I had done! I tried to sleep more but failed and so got myself up and finally got some food inside me.

Perfect example of a CBA breakfast there - note the food diary underneath ;) As my Frozen DVD seems to have lost itself I had to find myself something else to keep me occupied and so with the help of TOK, who has managed to break her ankle rather badly we sorted out some viewing for the afternoon whilst I drank much tea and sorted out another very lazy meal....

I suppose it was lunch of sorts, eaten whilst TOK and myself were watching Donut Showdown....we don't help ourselves really do we? Not long after that Hague came in whilst I was in the process of encouraging our Pug-a-liscious guests to eat whilst trying to stop Boo doing just that! He told me not to worry, and then proceeded to tell me that he'd been knocked off his bike on the ride home :( The bloke only stopped briefly to make sure he was alive before he drove off, so although Hague is a mix of lumps, bumps, scrapes and bruises his bike is buggered :( Not good. 

He decided that beer would help ease the pain, as would naughty food. Now, I'm only on my second day of a new start, my willpower could be shaky, but it held firm whilst we visited Home Bargains - a first for us, and it won't be a last...OMG the bargains - and Tesco. I picked up a new bag...

...Feta, beetroot and Frylight *polishes halo* So whilst he picked at his morsels I had me a rather gorgeous dinner, all on plan.

A few syns used, but that's what they're for. Gnocchi with spinach, roasted tomatoes and beetroot, with (defrosted) frozen cherries and a yogurt for dessert. Really delicious :) Much nicer than the Tesco Finest salted caramel and chocolate tart that had  been reduced to £1 that I left on the shelf.

The rest of the evening shall be spent nattering to SW friends, enjoying Puggle snores and watching Robocop before a final cuppa and bed. I shall be feeling rather proud of myself for staying on plan, and also for picking up such an awesome bag for just £3.99!

Go me :)

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