Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Well, Hello Again!

Once more today I was reminded that it's been about a thousand years since I put fingers to keyboard and got a blog published. Looking back, it has been a shockingly long time, August in fact, since I updated you all.

Not exactly regular there eh? I guess as I've been struggling, I was conscious of blogging over and over about my inability to stay on plan. After all, whilst GroundHog Day might be a good film, I'm not sure it makes for a good blog! 

I've decided though, that blogging is good for my weight loss, it's good for my frame of mind and it can only help me to try and stay on track - so I'm back for now!

Much as I'd love to say that tons of things have been happening in my life since I last updated you all, that would be a lie....my life is the usual humdrum of work, headaches, eating rubbish and doing not a lot I'm afraid, although the eating rubbish is slowly receding, very slowly.

I've been trying an hypnosis app, which I'm not sure is working or not, but certainly can't hurt. I've crashed back into the 16's - stone wise with a gain now sitting at just over 2½ stone. Not good eh?

I have a few events coming up too, the Hen Night of the ever fabulous TOK, swiftly(ish) followed by her wedding, then a visit to Winter Wonderland before we helter skelter into Christmas....however, I want to get to target, and as I'm now over 4 stone away from my original 12st target, I shall have to rethink as reaching it for February for my birthday just isn't going to happen unless I contract dysentery - which I don't really fancy. So...my new target date is 24th June, which as well as being my Sister's birthday is also the opening day of the Glastonbury festival, which we've been lucky enough to get tickets for, and as it's 8 months away, I reckon losing my remaining weight in that time is most  definitely do-able, don't you think?

So that's the new plan. First things first though - I need to get myself back on plan, back in the zone, and I managed that today by purchasing HiFi bars and ScanBran at group to ensure I had no money to spend on the way home on crap! Although to be fair, when I stay at group I always feels revved up and revitalised, ready for a good week. I just wish I could bottle that feeling! 

So today's food has looked a bit like this....

I'll probably have more fruit before bed, but that'll be it. We won't be late either as Hague is getting up at 7.30 for work, and I'm getting up with him :o)

Hopefully my blogs will get more regular now, as I've missed writing them, and missed the support I get from you all when I do write them!

So, the current situation .....

I weigh 16st 4lbs. My total weight loss is 8stone 12½lbs. I have 4st 4lbs to reach my original target of 12st and 37 weeks to do it in, which is 1.6lbs a week.

Do-able. If I avoid ice cream, biscuits, cocktails and crisps! Only I can do this, only I can get myself back into the Slimming World groove, and I will keep on trying and trying until I get there :o)

I'll be back soon! 


  1. Hi Karen,
    Yayyyy you are back! I started SW a couple of weeks ago and have read your blog through from the start (2012). You are an inspiration and when it’s got tough your words have kept me going. I am a stone more than where you are now and have to lose for health sake and I am getting married next September and I don’t want to feel crap on my special day. I too have low periods (depression) and am a big emotional eater. Therapy helped me to understand some my lows and also my eating, it’s a bit like eating at the end of the day, we are what we think. What helped me is mindfulness, affirmations (Louise Hay) and a book: Stop overeating: Jane McCartney (it is a therapy session in a book). You are an amazing inspiration and you have come so far. You’ve lost an incredible amount of weight and yes you’ve had a blip but don’t let that stop you! It’s easy for us to dwell on the sabotage which keeps us in that negative spiral instead of seeing what you’ve already achieved. You CAN do this and WILL do this! Keep strong Jo xx

  2. Hi Karen - glad to see you back, we can do this! I'm also off to Glastonbury in June, what a great idea to have a target for then. I'll join you in it, I'm thinking a healthy 1lb a week so by June that will be 2.5stone down. :) Best of luck - Jess (Your MFP friend) x x