Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Welcome To Slimming World!

As most of you will know for the last few months, well, probably this entire year I've been struggling with losing weight. After Christmas, the weight refused to shift, but a single off plan day would pile the weight on, leading me to call target in April, utterly despondent at my body refusing to shift any more weight. In hindsight, I should have handled target very differently - going to group every week for a start, as I then found myself on a slippery slope of falling off plan at any and every opportunity and then missing groups in the hope that an extra week would shift those well deserved gains.

That never works. When you start to miss group, you get out of the habit, you think it's okay to "just" have this, or "just" have that. So now it's August, I'm a couple of days shy of 6 months away from my 40th birthday and I'm just ½lb away from a gain of 2 stone since December 23rd. I've tried so many things to get myself re-motivated, so far none have worked and I seem to find myself craving the worst kind of synful foods all the time, literally all the bloody time. It's exhausting to be fighting a battle with yourself constantly, and it needs to stop.

Today, I took a rather big step. I've re-joined Slimming World, the weight on my shoulders of that 2 stone gained is gone in a single swipe of a new card. The 10, 10½, 11 and 11½ stone stickers on my book that have been lost are no longer shimmering at me, making me feel a failure and full of guilt for gaining once more. I couldn't fit my Greatest Loser sticker on my old book, and so it's found a home on the new one - a reminder that I CAN do great things when I put my mind to it.

Weight loss is so much more than calories in vs calories out. Eat less, move more. It all sounds so simple doesn't it? It's not like that though, the battle is in your head. The key is in finding the right motivation, the right mindset to succeed. When you're in the zone, it's easy, it's a breeze, it's second nature, and that's how it was for me for 18 glorious months, and that's what I need to find again. Some people may find it odd that I've decided to start afresh, but when your previous achievements become an anchor around your neck weighing you down, it's the right thing to do. To some, stickers and certificates are silly, even childish, but there is a reason that SW hand them out, they motivate, and I feel I need those 7lb milestones right now. 

This new start may also extend slightly to the blog - I may mix it up slightly, make it user-friendly for me. Selfish maybe, but the aim of this blog was always to help me on my weight loss journey, I never anticipated that thousands of people would read it every day :o) 

So here goes.....a new start!

I was going to weigh and go today, slink in, hide my gain and come home. Instead I went to group, spoke to my ever wonderful Consultant Claire and have listened to her advice. I've talked to my friends at group, and right at the end, a new joiner thanked me for my blog, as she'd found this page, seen my achievements and it gave her the push to join. I've come home and rather than indulging in the crap fest I had mentally lined up I've eaten a gorgeous on plan meal...

...I feel like a weight has been lifted and I've spent the evening perusing recipes online, filling out my shiny new food diaries and my Diet Doodle Diary, and absorbing all the support I can find. 

I possibly have Lipoedema, I have a blood test tomorrow to see if my thyroid is still borderline underactive, but they are not reasons to stop, however much they can sometimes seem that way. I have to just do my best and see what happens....starting today.



  1. Glad to see you back in the game karen. you can do this.

  2. You are such an inspiration. I've had a bit of a tough time and my head is so not in the game so I've decided after my holiday on the 1st September I will start totally afresh! You go girl!!! You CAN do this x

  3. You are amazing xx this story is a mirror image of myself even down to the lipoedema and borderline under active thyriod im 8.04 so 0.4 off what would be underactive....ive got other stuff goin on atm they are lookin into but i too feel un motivated fat tired and constantly give up xxx this isnt me and dont feel good or happy the way i am right now xxxx thanku so much for sharing xxxx

  4. Go Karen.... :o)

    Good luck, weight is something I have been fighting with myself but with a lot of determination I am currently winning the battle. Even when things seem hopeless I always say to myself 'don't give up'.

  5. Karen, you have written something so many of us are feeling. We are all too hard on ourselves sometimes, me especially so. I think when you have lost a lot of weight it brings its own burdens in class, I was 6 stone down but have crept back up a little bit. I have set a target and hoped it would motivate me but trying not to stress too much about it, our lives have changed dramatically by losing weight, this little hiccup will pass over and you will be stronger for it x