Thursday, 14 August 2014

B-Eating The Demons

As I said in my last blog, I'm going to be changing things up a wee bit. I'll still be sharing my inane babblings, but perhaps not as often as before, as I don't want to pile pressure on myself whilst I'm still finding my way back onto a steady footing, but today feels like a good day to share as I've attended a local support group, which seems to be sadly underused but could be incredibly helpful to people, like me, who binge or overeat for emotional reasons.

I had spoken to one of the volunteers previously about coming onto our radio show, but had been unable to attend due to my shifts. However, this week, the second Thursday of the month is during my week off and so myself and Margot headed out to see what B-eat are all about.

They aren't therapists or counsellors, but facilitators for peer to peer support, so basically you talk to, and support other attendees, and they do the same for you. I found the meeting very helpful, as sometimes just talking about what you're feeling and why you have a desire to overeat helps by putting it out in the open. It was definitely a friendly and welcoming environment, and just attending meant that myself and Hague also talked about our issues - it highlighted for me the secretive way I go about my binge eating, and has definitely given me some things to think about. I shall be attending again, as any support I can get to help me normalise my relationship with food has to be a good thing. If you want some more information, just click HERE to go to their website.

Aside from that, today has been rather lazy, in stark contrast to yesterday, which started off at 9am when my alarm went off as I had an appointment for another blood test to re-check my thyroid function as the one a few months ago showed a borderline under active thyroid, and so if this one is the same I shall have to start taking medication to sort me out, which in one way would be a relief, as I'd finally have an answer to a lot of my health questions! As I tend to go a bit funny after people stick needles in my arms I thought it best to have breakfast first.

With the unpleasantness out of the way I came home to some snuggles with Hague before I headed out once more, this time for a rather lovely girly lunch with my fabulous friend, Jo.

She literally has the best hair ever! It's funny how people come back into your life, as I knew Jo years and years ago as she used to work with my ex husband, but a twist of fate meant that we crossed paths again and we're making the most of it! Lunch was off plan, but bloody gorgeous.

We spent a good couple of hours putting the world to rights before we had to head back, but it was straight back out for me as after having Simon from The Hub on the radio on Monday, we were going to drop off all three of Hague's bikes with the intention of getting him one that worked, and donating the remaining two for them to recycle! Phew! 

After such activity, I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that a nap was in order for me, and once I was back up I got started on dinner. Claire had set a challenge for us at group to cook a SW recipe this week and so I'd picked chicken and mushroom noodles from the July magazine, and so I merrily got my Quorn chunks cooking in some stock before gathering together the rest of the ingredients, only to find we had no noodles. Doh. A quick wander to the local shops yielded no noodles and so when I came back indoors to a rather sad Hague smelling all fresh airy he decided that fresh air would do him good and so we walked out to Asda on a noodle mission. As Hague was feeling really down, he wanted some "naughty" foods and so picked up some of his favourites....after my off plan lunch, and my inability to stick on plan recently it would have been the easiest thing in the world for me to slip right off with him, but I didn't. I am SO proud of that, and perhaps it shows that a simple clean slate was what I needed, only time will tell, but it was a huge thing for me. So I came home, and whilst Hague had his white bread doorstep sandwiches, crisps and pastry goods, I finally finished up my much delayed dinner.

As always, a big thumbs up for a SW recipe :o) Dessert was much later and took the form of a couple of Alpen Lights before we headed up to bed far too late!

As I said, today was much slower, mainly as I didn't get out of bed until 1.30 - fatigue is a symptom of an underactive thyroid - only to find that Hague had somehow managed to come off worse in a tussle with his weight bench.

Big ouch there! Didn't put me off food though and I threw together a quick breakfast.

Then it was onto the main business of the day, being a cushion for a pussy cat who had eaten 3 large slices of ham that someone had left out on the side last night.

I'm guessing she felt how we do after a huge dinner! Either side of me attending the B-eat meeting I had my lunch and dinner.

Gnocchi with vegetables and soft cheese for lunch, and sweet chilli egg fried rice with Quorn and veggies for dinner. An interesting couple of days then, and days in which I've enjoyed my food, and been hugely proud of my ability to stay on plan! I do hope I get a nice loss when I weigh in on Tuesday.

Of course, when you rejoin Slimming World, you have to work towards ALL your awards again, and so it's bronze Body Magic for me once more, and just 3 days into my re-start, week one is under my belt.

Exercise is most definitely a part of my life now as the first time around I really struggled to get my bronze award, and would be doing 5 minutes of exercise here and there, big change! 

Tomorrow shall bring another radio show, as I'm in covering someone and my first time flying solo as Hague will be working, but I'm not sure what else - except food shopping, which is not the most exciting thing in the world ever, but has to be done as the cupboards are on the verge of bare! So I shall bid you farewell for now, and I shall update you again soon.


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  1. I remember years and years ago plucking up the courage to contact a support group, think it was overeaters anonymous, but sadly there was nothing in my area. It's such a taboo thing and very isolating, especially when there is loads of support for drink, drugs, smoking etc. I'm stuck on my Slimming world journey at the moment and hanging in there till this tough time passes x