Friday, 8 August 2014

A Promise Kept

Definitely a better day today, although I'm not sure if it's any more exciting than yesterday! At least I got up early enough for a cooked breakfast, although I was obviously tired as Hague was merrily putting away clothes and sorting out washing whilst I was dead to the world! 

As lunch was leftovers, I did have time for a cooked breakfast, which Hague did for me, he gets top boyfriend points today that's for sure.

Simple but yummy, Quorn sausages, scrambled eggs and tomatoes. I even had time for a coffee before I headed out. I arrived at work to the news that all the lines were out and clean and so rework it was for 4 hours. This meant working in another department, and I didn't bother taking my snackage with me, and so didn't put much away.

That was eaten whilst we were waiting to be told we could go home as well, and I didn't die of starvation, perhaps it's time to look again at my work food, and question once more if I'm eating through hunger or habit eh? We got out at 5.45, and a happy little me headed home to Hague. Not for too long though as he was working, and so I had time for a quick cuppa and a change before dropping him off. I then had time to finally catch the first episode of the new series of The Great British Bake Off. Despite having noms whilst watching...

...(lovely homegrown tomatoes from Glenys, and they really were gorgeous, so tasty) I still finished watching TGBBO wanting lemon drizzle cakes and a black lamb :o) With work done for Hague, it was off to Asda to pick up some essentials before we could head home and we could finally get a decent meal down us, and boy was it a GOOD meal.

Burgers stacked with a roasted onion and a cheese slice, with chilli chips and roasted pepper salad, it was gorgeous, and exactly what I fancied. The chilli should have been my lunch at work, so we decided to incorporate it into dinner, although Hague had his in his burgers. Dessert will be a lovely cup of Chai tea accompanied by a couple of Alpen Lights before I head up to bed, all ready to embark on my week off! Yay!

Food Diary (Green)

Free & Superfree
Quorn red onion burgers
veggie chilli (leftovers from yesterday)

Healthy Extras
A - 3 Aldi light cheese singles
A - 350ml skimmed milk
B - 60g wholemeal bread
B - 2 Alpen Lights

3 Quorn sausages                             3
20g wholemeal bread                       2
tbsp ketchup                                    1
tbsp mustard                                    1

Total syns                                        7

Rather a light food day for me, and as I said, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate my eating patterns, and ponder why I'm eating when I'm eating at work. It's definitely been a good day though, it normally is when I get away from work early, but there have been some added little positives for good measure today too though....

  1. I tweeted Julian Dicks last night to wish him a Happy Birthday, and he replied*
  2. It's Friday, and I had Friday socks on. Always makes me happy to have my socks matching the day.
  3. Today I received a letter from the Bone Marrow Register to inform me I was now registered. Nearly two years ago, I made a list of reasons to lose weight. That list was inspired by the Bucket List of Alice Pyne, and the first reason was to lose enough weight to get on the Bone Marrow Register. At the time, I was refused from the Anthony Nolan register due to my weight, but I'm also too old, so I joined via the NHS blood donors scheme, which allows you to join up to the age of 60, and doesn't take weight into account. So really, I could have signed up anyway, but Alice was the catalyst for my list, for me waiting to join, and so it's an enormous thing for me to get that letter today. I just hope that one day I can help somebody, as she helped me.

I think any day that a reason gets ticked off my reason list is a good day, but to have the #1 reason done really has made it a bit of a red letter day. 

*If you're reading this blog, you really should find out who Julian Dicks is. He's my absolute footballing/sport idol. I love him almost as much as I love Hague, and it's a HUGE thing for him to respond to me tweet...just so you know ;o)

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  1. I actually genuinely love your mug. Off to purchase one for work!