Thursday, 7 August 2014

59 On Plan Days

Quite a few of my lovely SW friends are struggling at the moment, our Purple Bus is awash with passengers falling off and climbing back on again, and so one of our passengers suggested a variation on the #100happydays theme....#100onplandays! 

Lots of us have taken it on board, and much as I'd love to pledge that I'll be on board for 100 days straight, there is the small matter of the fabulous TOK getting herself all married during those 100 days - which of course includes not one, but two hen nights. Therefore, I have pledged to be on play for 59 days straight, which takes me up to Hen Night #1 and that pledge started today.

Also starting today was my return to work after my headache from hell and a couple of shift swaps to do radio showage and surprisings of the Fatherly Parental for his birthday.

My lovely Dad, 65 years young yesterday :) After such excitement, it was back to earth with a bump today, as just for a change I didn't sleep too well with a return to work looming, I get so nervous as I know my absence is way too high, and feel terrible for letting people down by not being there, and so I get myself all worked up and stressed out :o( 

I tried my best to ignore it though, and Hague helped by making me breakfast. I'm guessing I should warn you now that chopped tomatoes may be featuring rather heavily over the next few weeks as our local Asda had tins for 10p, so we bought 32 tins. As you do.

Then it was a case of getting myself up and ready for work, with the last few weeks of SW slackness showing all too much in the tightness of my work trousers! Eek! Yet another reason to get my ever expanding arse back on track!

My return to work interview was long, and when I got back down to the factory floor is was HOT, not helped by me shifting around between machines to do break cover, meaning I didn't get my first break until almost 3 hours into my shift. Not great.

I'm really not fond of fizzies (apart from as mixers) but as there were no other cold drinks in the tea room, I had no choice but to go with Pepsi Max :o( It was then back to the heat until I swapped machines again, and then had my lunch. The day was seeming very, very long, so I was relieved to get another break.

Lunch was eclectic, as I hadn't prepped anything, and so a tin of macaroni cheese came to the rescue with tomatoes, peppers and salad mixed in, along with a yogurt. I then had another marathon wait for my final break, on a machine with no water cooler as I got hotter and grumpier and more desperate to get a break, which I finally got an hour before I was due to finish!

I was rather peckish, and so succumbed to the vending machine, splashing out 8½ syns on the crisps. Seriously, for a company claiming to want us to be fit and healthy, you'd have thought they'd have the smaller bags in their vending machines to at least pretend to be healthier *sigh* it is rather a huge bug bear of mine those vending machines...

...anyway, with my last break done, it was a mere 45 minutes until I could leave, during which the machine played up almost constantly. Joy.

Just before 10pm I was free at last, and headed myself home as fast as speed limits and mist would allow, arriving to a rather scrumptious aroma of garlic mushrooms as Hague had dinner ready and waiting.

I know it's an odd dinner, but I really fancied garlic mushrooms, and I also really fancied a jacket potato and so they were combined. Yummy it was too! Dessert was partly thanks to Glenys, who had mentioned her purchase of 75p lolly moulds a week or so ago, and so I picked up some too. Rather than use squash or a fizzy drink in them, I threw in a yogurt....whaddya know, it worked!

My pineapple and coconut lolly, which I feel could be made a touch more awesome with half a shot of rum in ;o) Plus some cherries to munch on whilst we enjoy Godzilla & Son. Yep, I may have missed a few blogs, but we're still ploughing through the Godzilla movies! 

Food Diary (Green)

Free & Superfree
Activia 0% yogurt
fat free cottage cheese
Shape 0% yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - (both) - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 60g wholemeal bread
B - 2 Alpen Lights

30g wholemeal bread                       3
Asda SP macaroni cheese tin            3
Walkers crisps 32.5g bag                 8½

Total syns                                        14½

A bit of a weird day food wise I guess, but I've enjoyed what I've had, although I obviously need to plan better for tomorrow, as I can't just take a tin of tomatoes into work! I feel quite confident that I can manage these 59 on plan days though. It might be a bit of a step up from the 8 I have just managed, but being squished by my work trousers today was definitely a bit of a wake up call. I'm not impressed with myself!

I shall not end on a grumpy old negative though, positive is the name of the game, and so I shall return to my 3 positives to end my blog with!

  1. I didn't die of stress returning to work today. Go me!
  2. I have finally printed out my letter for my laundry allowance tax rebate.
  3. I discovered that MegaBus will take me to TOK and bring me back for just £20. I feel many visits to Brizzle coming on!
I'm hoping that in these 59 days, just over 8 weeks, I can manage to lose 1½ stone. A push, but do-able, my real push of a target would be to get my 11½ stone award back. For that I need to lose 23lbs, nigh on 3lbs a week....all I can do is stick to the plan like glue and see what happens eh? 

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  1. Well done for getting back to it today!!! Good Luck! You can do it! :) x