Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Power Of The Scales

Oh it’s been a busy one today – I pretty much did a day’s work before I headed into Norwich for actual work!

When Hague set off for work just after 1, I had planned to get much more sleep, but despite snuggling up in bed, I couldn’t drop off again and so up I got, and in a very strange turn of events I got all productive! As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I got busy sorting out my 3 meals for the day, as I had the radio show, weigh in and then work to get to.

I’d ummed and ahhed about rushing around to make it to weigh in, but due to my hours this week it was the only group I could make and so once I’d eaten breakfast…

…Spoke to the universe (sort of, we did have someone from over the pond listening – hi Rob) on the radio…and then abandoned Hague to get there, I stood, rather nervously on the scales, but was greeted with pretty damn fine result…

5lbs off! I was so chuffed, especially as things went a tad off plan on Saturday, but it was just the one day. The strange thing is, the naughty devil Karen on my shoulder had been whispering evil things about treating myself after I’d weighed in…whispering that it was over a week until I was weighing in again, that I only wanted another 1lb to hit my 6lbs in two week target, that it wouldn’t hurt, that no-one would know…but you know what, seeing that loss on the scales shut her right up, and I have no intention of straying off plan for any of those non-reasons.

With me on cloud nine, it was then time to head home and get my pre-prepared dinner sorted, it just needed re-heating, cheesing up and eating and I then pretty much had to get myself ready for work.

You can't really beat an oven baked risotto for minimal effort, and it's grand re-heated, it was then off to work time. One high point was the decision to wear my new hoodie...

... which put me in a good even better mood, even more so when a colleague said she loved it :o) Work though was a bit slow, quite stoppy starty, and as always on nights, without much email time with Hague and TOK to keep me sane – night owls, feel free to request my email address – so the highlights pretty much were my noms.

Quite standard fare I guess, and as I made a slow cooker full of it, the soup will be featuring quite heavily this week!

Food Diary

Free and Superfree
Toasted couscous
Activia  0% vanilla yogurt
Black forest fruits
Risotto rice
Pearl barley
Sweet  potato
Stock pot
Sharon fruit
Veggie soup (homemade)

Healthy Extras
A – 300ml 1% milk
A – 75g reduced fat soft cheese
B – 30g Stilton
B – HiFi  Bar

Coffee from machine (with milk and sugar)            1½

Jacob’s baked oddities                                         5½

For a busy day, with a slow shift at work, it's not actually been too bad - I don't feel dead on my feet, well almost, and am proper proud of myself for not giving in to the little cowbag on my shoulder wanting me to cave in and eat crap. It really did give me a huge boost getting that loss, and now I just hope the losses keep coming, and my willpower stays strong. There are just 9 months left for me to lose the 3st 10lbs I want to get to my target before my 40th birthday, it's gonna be close! 

I shall now bid you all a goodnight, as tomorrow brings the joys of a 12 hour shift and I need to get myself into bed, and asleep before too much longer!


  1. Sorry i should have read this blog before the other one! oops!!!
    Well done on the 5lb off!! I would love just half of that this week.
    So pleased for you!!
    Random comment, your tea is so milky! Euw! lol :)
    Looking forward to the next blog. I am trying to me a bit more active in my blog comments, so people know i am here, reading and enjoying not just lurking. You could call it my mid year resolution! lol!!! xx

    1. Hehe, I was SO pleased, really didn't expect that at all!
      I only have my chai tea that milky, normal tea has to be lovely and strong, but chai works so well with warm milk - perfect to wind down for the last hour at work ;)
      I like the idea of a mid-year resolution, might think of one myself - maybe sticking to plan!