Monday, 28 July 2014

The Day That Should Have Been A Night!

I should have been working nights this week, but as I had to stop at my GP's surgery to pick up my note for my migraine last week before going back in tonight, and was then told I was signed off until the end of the week to ensure that I was totally recovered. Slight spanner in the works there in my plans to return to work :o( Not a great start to the week really.

The week had started about an hour earlier when I got up and wolfed down a quick breakfast before we headed out.

After eating that and getting the news that I wasn't going back to work it was radio time. I'd already planned to go in to do the show after missing last week's, as obviously I'd planned to go to work! After my phone call to my manager, which wasn't pleasant, after all my absence is already too high without another week off, it was on the air we went, and despite the show going pretty well, it was obvious that my GP was correct in her evaluation that I wasn't ready to return to work, as despite taking my tablets as normal, and even wearing glasses for the computer work my headache returned with a vengeance, I really struggled through the show and was desperate to get home by the time we finished.

Hague, being all fabulous as per usual rustled up my dinner for me and so ensued a very quiet evening, as the phone hurt my eyes, the laptop hurt my eyes and pretty much everything hurt my head :o( Dinner was lovely though, even if it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Cheesey pasta with lots of lovely veggies. I'd told Hague to just put lots of green veggies in, and he was almost mean enough to put a green pepper in, but went with yellow instead. After that, it was time to relax and do not a lot, although we did try something we'd spotted in Asda...

...tropical flavour grapes! Not quite sure how that works, but they really were rather tasty. They still tasted like grapes, but with a hint of sweet tropicalness to them. Very nice. They also do a strawberry flavour, and apparently a candy floss flavour too. Not too sure about that one though, might be a bit too sweet, even for me!

The evening has been spent watching more of the Commonwealth Games, and feeling decidedly crappy, both in my head and about letting work down - not the best combination, didn't stop me feeling peckish again though, and as I'd had no syns I decided to splash out on a white bap to surround my syn free Quorn burger.

I also had 4 Laughing Cow blue cheese triangles and some lettuce in there, and followed it up with an old favourite that we haven't had in a while - mostly as our Aldi seems to have misplaced their Benefit bars again.

Alpen lights and some good old whoopsie pineapple at just 40p. With that eaten, my head still hurting and it closing in on midnight, I shall leave it there for today....although somehow I have to think of some positives first O.o

Food Diary (Green)

Free and Superfree
Quorn red onion burger

Healthy Extras
A - (both) - 60g LowLow cheese spread
B - 4 blue cheese Laughing Cow triangles
B - 2 Alpen Lights

Tesco Baker's Soft white bap                     12

Not the best of day's then, for obvious reasons, but as I'm trying to keep positive, I shall try and drag 3 out of the day...

1)  Once again I've managed a totally on plan day.
2) My £15 bargain, beautiful, stunning, purple TUK shoes arrived today and they are fabulous and they fit.
3) Tropical grapes are rather yum.

There we go, 3 positives out of a not so great day. I can do it if I try! Tomorrow shall be another hard day, as it's weigh in day, and I know full well I'm facing another large gain after falling off plan for over half of the month. I have no-one to blame but myself though, so it's onwards and upwards - or downwards preferably - time shall tell, as I've now managed 5 days on plan, and I can't remember the last time I did that!

I've also been pondering a challenge the ever wonderful WeightLossBitch is taking on next Spring, a 100km bike ride, at night, around London....clogs are whirring....are me and Margot up to the challenge? Maybe, just maybe....

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