Monday, 14 July 2014

Monday Madness!

After heading to bed early last night with yet another migraine, it was quite pleasant to wake up reasonably early, and feeling quite dandy. A quick check of my phone to see tons of various notifications was enough to remind me that today was the day my article was printed in the Daily Mirror! So exciting! 

Amongst the notifications was one for a missed call from someone from Good Morning Britain, so I might have yet more excitement coming my way...we shall wait and see! After much checking of phones we then scraped together some pennies from various coppers jars to go and buy a couple of copies of the paper before heading back home to get ourselves bathed and fed ready for the day ahead.

After a weekend of much excess I really HAD to be on plan again today didn't I?? In fact I really don't have any excuse for falling off plan if I'm going to be seen in the paper and in magazines as a weight loss success story! After we'd eaten, we headed off into town as we wanted to pick up a few bits and bobs and then head to the radio station as we were doing an extra hour on the show today due to Keith not being able to make his show. We had rather a lovely mosey, along the seafront and popping in and out of shops before we settled for a quick Starbucks after being informed that Costa no longer sell iced Americano's....oddness indeed as it's now summer! 

It meant I could go for the lower syn option of the Cool Lime Refresha though, at just 4½ syns for a large. Lovely stuff. With our drinks drunk we headed to Harbour where we nattered away about my article and other bits and bobs for 3 hours! By that time of course we were both starving and so headed home sharpish to get some dinner down us, and in a strange turn of events we both had exactly the same thing!

There is in fact a Quorn peppered steak hiding under all that cheese. Can't go wrong with steak and chips though eh? Dessert followed quite a bit later as we were both distracted by cheesey Godzilla-ness as we're revisting the old 1950's versions :o)

A simple, but yummy dessert.

Next up for us is Godzilla vs King Kong whilst I peruse la t'interwebs and maybe partake in more snackage as the evening progresses :)

I do have to thank Hague once again for persuading me to try new fruits, as it was apricots for the first time last week - fresh ones that is - which are delicious, and along with a peach, sharon fruit and my benefit bars did for my last meal of the day before bed.

Food Diary

Free and SuperFree
Quorn peppered steak
Activia 0% vanilla yogurt
sharon fruit

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)
B - 2 Benefit bars

Starbucks Venti Cool Lime Refresha            4½
tbsp ketchup                                                1

Total syns                                                    5½

I'm hoping the excitement of today reminds me just how great it feels to be on plan. I almost felt guilty when I read the article as I seem to have failed so miserably to keep on plan recently. Although I didn't weigh in last week I know the scales will probably be showing another gain this week. I've only got myself to blame though, I've just found it far too easy to fall off plan, and it's taking me further and further from where I want to be.

I guess the very fact that I haven't yet given up shows that I will do this. Previously I'd have stopped going to group by now, and would be well and truly off the wagon. Although I was off plan at the weekend, the rest of the week I was solidly on plan, I just need to stay strong and fight harder when I'm tempted off plan, otherwise I'll never reach target! 

Onwards and downwards as they say, with each new start comes a new chance to make it THIS time that I get 100% back on the wagon, and after all, I will only fail when I stop trying. Here's to a full week on track, and a good loss next Tuesday! 

As always, thank you all so very much for all the support and love you've sent my way today. It's appreciated probably more than you ever know, and it means so much.

Thank you xx