Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Just a 12...

I'm afraid that 12 hour night shifts do not make for much in the way of interesting things....and hence, do not make for interesting blogs, but blog I shall :o)

I woke up at 3, which hurts a lot after a night shift, especially when the weather is lovely so people are out on the street yabbering away, and the wee baby seagulls are chirping constantly, and so I'm waking up a lot. Still, such is life, and so I got myself up and as he's pretty fab, Hague had breakfast waiting for me.

Perfect way to start my day :) I ate, had coffee and then had to get ready for work. Although one out of the norm thing happened when I managed to scald my finger whilst making coffee - hardly a high point though eh?

So off to work I went, in the glorious sunshine, to run a filler for 12 hours....damn they were long hours too! There really was nothing exciting to report, I managed to catch bits of the football on iPlayer, and email TOK and Hague until bed stole them away from me, but then it was just me, staving off the boredom and eating foodage like this....

A lovely pasta salad, with the Tesco three citrus dressing and goats cheese. Really delicious it was!

My strange vegetable soup, which seems to get more spicy by the day....even though it only has herbs in...strange.

A lovely milky cup of chai tea to finish up my shift at 5am. I was SO ready for bed by then lol!

So there you have it, I came in, got upstairs, fell into bed and pretty much got me some sleep! Oh the excitement hehe! At least I only have one 12 hour shift this week!

Food Diary

Free and Superfree
low fat Quorn sausages
spring onions
veggie soup

Healthy Extras
A - 300ml orange label (1%) milk
A - 30g goat's cheese
B - 60g wholemeal bread
B - 2 Benefit bars

25g wholemeal bread                      2½
tbsp ketchup                                   1
2 tbsp Tesco citrus dressing             2
Jacob's baked oddities                    5½

Total syns                                       11

As you may have noticed, that's another 100% on plan day under my belt as well! So another star for my calendar, and hopefully another day closer to another loss for next week to get my 10½ stone award back! I'll be honest, I'm still not feeling totally secure on the bus just yet, my mind is wandering to caramel shortbreads more often than it should, but it's not the frenzied craving it has been, so I'm hoping the longer I stay on track, the more these feelings will fade and being on plan will seem second nature once more, as I've said before, all I can do is keep on trying and trying. That way I'll get there :)


  1. i love goats cheese karen so looking forward to this pasta salad dish somthing different to try so thankyou for posting x

  2. Night shifts play havoc with your body clock. Just take one day/night at a time.