Sunday, 1 June 2014

Riding and Reminders

We didn't have anything much planned today. The only thing in the "to do" list as it were, was to get our radio show organised for tomorrow evening - beyond that, we had a long, gorgeously sunny Sunday stretching ahead of us. We'd both been looking forward to it, as a combination of my Maycation and my early shifts have meant that we haven't exactly been seeing much of each other for the last week or so!

The day even started reasonably early, as I stirred around 9ish when it started to get a bit noisy outside and Hague awoke soon after. Once we had come round sufficiently, minds turned to breakfast, and as is often the case after a week of cold breakfasts on earlies, only a cooked one would do for me!

With breakfast eaten by everyone, and the finishing touches put into our radio show and playlist, we decided to head out into Yarmouth, with the intent of picking up some blank CD's to put our music onto for the show, and not much else really. Hague suggested taking the bikes, which turned out to be a stroke of genius. So into town we went, riding merrily along in the sunshine and picking up the CD's and some toasted couscous. We then had to stop in Costa. Of course!

A syn free option today, as despite it looking rather creamy, this is just an iced americano with sugar free syrup. Perfect for what has truly been a lovely day. I shall take full credit for this weather as it's been rather lovely ever since I bought my waterproof coat! Anyway....once we'd had coffee, and Hague had had his obligatory visit to CEX we decided that it was just too nice to head straight home and decided that we'd go and explore instead.

There are lots of lovely places around Yarmouth, some of which we've partly explored, some of which we've never been to, and today's exploration of choice was in the first category as quite a while ago, we took Boo for a walk along Angles Way alongside the broad, but today, with the bikes, we explored much, much further.

As you can see, it really was stunning in Yarmouth today, and we were both so pleased that we decided to get ourselves out and about. We think we biked about 8 miles on our little tour, and so unsurprisingly we were rather hungry when we got back in! I decided on something quite quick and so rustled up a butterbean and tomato creation.

It really was simple, I fried off onion, courgette and peppers, and then added in the drained butterbeans, tomatoes, garlic,spinach and some veggie stock and left it to do its thing before topping it with goat's cheese. Dessert was some mixed frozen fruits topped with yogurt and a teaspoon of toffee sauce. Once we were both re-fuelled, itchy feet got the better of us and we decided to head out on the bikes once more. This time to have a go at geocaching. I'd heard of it before, and know some of my Facebook friends quite enjoy it, and I'd been looking into it and when I discovered there were a few very close to us I suggested it to Hague and off we went! 

For a first attempt, we didn't do too badly, we found 3 out of the 6 we searched for. They're obviously really well hidden! Hague was very proud of finding his first one :)

By the time we'd found that last treasure, it was closing in on 8pm and so we figured we'd best head home. Hague got comfy with the X-Men, whilst I caught up with a bit of reading...mainly as I may have bought 3 more books today courtesy of the 3 for £5 shelves in The Works! Before long, minds turned to dinner, mainly due to the time, and I rustled up another quickie, cheesey pasta.

I splashed out 8 syns on dessert, which was rather delicious and pretty soon after this blog is done and dusted I'll be heading up for a nice late bath to prepare for my night shifts next week!

Food Diary (Green)

Free and Superfree
tinned tomatoes
frozen mixed fruits
fat free natural yogurt
Quorn chunks
butternut squash

Healthy Extras
A - (both) - 60g LowLow cheese spread
B - 60g wholemeal bread
B - 50g Asda chosen by you soft goat's cheese

10g wholemeal bread                  1
3 Quorn sausages                       3
1 tsp toffee sauce                        1
Tesco iced caramel dessert         5½
Benefit bar                                 2½

Total syns                                   13

Today really has been quite lovely. There is something about having a really good day when nothing was planned that makes it all the more special. When I first got Margot (my bike), I had visions of us going out together, riding around, having fun and exploring, and that's exactly what we got up to today. It was just as much fun as I hoped it would be, and I'm sure that as we get fitter and more used to the bikes we'll be spreading our wings a lot further when we are lucky enough to have the weather we enjoyed today. It's certainly given me that little boost that always helps when you're on a long journey, that remembering of a reason that you had for starting out, for keeping going. Us, out on bikes, enjoying life, enjoying wherever our legs could take us is a million miles from the couple we were just two short years ago, and it feels good. I'm not throwing away my hard work. 

Sometimes you just need a good reminder eh?

****You can listen to us both, tomorrow evening, online at between 5 and 7pm where we'll be doing our best to help others get fit and healthy and to just get out there and do it!****


  1. The cheesy pasta looks gorgeous - how did you make it?


  2. Hiya, the cheesey pasta is SO easy! I just roasted off the veggies I wanted to put in there (this one had peppers, butternut squash and onion) and then mixed them into the pasta with a tub of lowlow (both my HeA) choices! Voila!

  3. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but according to the SW app Costa iced americanos aren't syn free. I made this mistake too :( don't know what they must put in them but it must be something, they're quite low in syns though x