Friday, 20 June 2014

Confessions Of A Ropey Role Model

My name is Karen Mitchell, and I'm currently the ropiest poster girl for Slimming World you're likely to find. Just last week I was in Woman's Own magazine, I co-host a health and fitness show on Harbour Radio, and I'm the Greatest Loser in my Slimming World group....

....and right now I can't stay on plan for love nor money!

Less than two weeks ago I started the ground breaking "Stars On My Calendar" incentive plan to get me to stop falling off the SW bus at the slightest bump in the road, and that is currently not quite working out like it should have done...

Quite a lot of grumpy faces there rather than stars unfortunately. I'm trying so many things, even TOK has promised me a DVD if I manage a week on plan. Insane isn't it? I managed weeks and weeks and weeks on plan not that long ago, but right now I'm hovering around ½ stone out of my target range and with the willpower of a soggy jellyfish. I think the fitting phrase here is "Gah".

All I can do is keep going though, and as you can see from the star on the calendar, today I have managed just that. I even managed to resist buying some naughtiness when I was left unsupervised in Asda, something that I have struggled to manage in the last few weeks - a big step forward there for me! 

Right now I'm focusing on each meal, no further than that, and doing my best to stay on plan as much as I can, and if I do slip off I'm not writing off the rest of the day, but getting back onto plan for my next meal.

Whatever has got into me will pass, it has to. I was firmly in the zone before, and I will be there again. It just might take some time and patience and frustration to get me there, but I shall not give up, just flicking through pictures like these....

....make me realise I have so much to lose if I put the weight back on. No more long walks with Hague, no more bike rides on Margot exploring the Norfolk countryside, no more clothes that reflect the real me. That's just too much to lose right? 

I may need more reminders before I'm firmly on the bus again, but I will get there! Life has changed hugely for me in the last few months, and I like it. I like the chances I've been given to do something different, to make a change, to get out there, and throwing it away to return to the 25st + recluse I was would be madness. Simple as that.

I might not feel confident enough to say no more, but I will certainly say that I will be doing my utter best to get back to where I was, and not beat myself up for falling off. A positive frame of mind is always better after all.

Phew, hopefully that's enough of a catch up for you all! Apologies for the ramblings! been an odd one. I didn't get up until way, way too late and rushed around to get out to head into town with Hague for him to start work and for me to have a mosey around the food festival. A banana stuffed down my neck in the name of breakfast before we biked in.

However, when we got to Harbour it was to the news that they were promoting in town and so off we all headed to do a bit of promo for the without a scrape of make up on, not even mascara! Eek! Luckily the people in the market place didn't run for cover, and after a while I was free to carry out my moseying, including a hello and hug with Hailey and a cuppa with Glenys before heading back to the station to listen in on Keith and Dan's show.

Once we were done, we had the joys of shopping ahead of us. Lack of funds last week meant that we lived out of the cupboards (when we weren't shoving crap down our throats) and so we were massively short of noms, hence having to visit the Holy Trinity of shops, Aldi, Asda AND Tesco, so obviously it was a tad late by the time we got home and sat down to dinner. A bloody awesome dinner if I do say so myself.

Every healthy extra on one plate. Lovely job! I thoroughly enjoyed it I must say, and put away dessert after a wee while.

They did have new, multi packs of mini Danio's in Tesco, but I stuck with my lovely large tubs instead. Such a treat for 3 syns. An evening of nattering to TOK, persuing bikini's (I know!) and football has eased the day away, so there is just time for a wee snack before I head up to bed as for some reason I've said I'll ride to the station tomorrow with Hague to wave him off to Barnsley. At 6.15am. 

Food Diary (Friday)

Free and Superfree Food
cherry tomatoes
onion and chive cottage cheese

Healthy Extras
A - 4 Laughing Cow light blue cheese triangles
A - 3 Asda light cheese slices
B - (both) - 60g wholemeal bread

10g wholemeal bread                     1
2 Asda meat free burgers               1
tbsp ketchup                                  1
tbsp mustard                                  1
milk in coffee                                 1
Danio blueberry                             3
Tesco veggie taster sushi                ½
Benefit bar                                    2½

Total syns                                      11

So one on plan day under my belt. Here's to a few more, as well as a few more blogs and a few more visits to the scales!!! 


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself. I still see more stars there than grumpy faces. Well done. I know how hard it can be.

  2. I think you've done so well! Thanks for the food diary, it's really useful as I am starting Extra Easy tomorrow, it seems to make a lot more sense than WW! I've added your blog to 'blogs I love' on my own site: :)

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