Monday, 30 June 2014

Back Again!

I've been away far too long again haven't I? Life has well and truly got in the way, with work, the radio show and me and Hague making the most of the sunshine when we're not at work, blogging has fallen by the way side. Add to the that the minor detail that I can't seem to manage a whole week on plan for love nor money and I'm sure you can see why blogging has slipped ever so slightly down my list!! 

I'm trying my hardest to get my head back in the game, and went back to weigh in last week for the first time in 3 weeks, to a gain of 9lbs - it's insane the amount of damage I can do when I fall off plan, quite frankly it's downright scary, and the line was drawn....

Line literally drawn there, and a promise made to Claire that I will never be that heavy again! I've  been working on ways to keep myself motivated, including a little motivational book, full of reasons, motivational quotes, pictures and ideas to help keep myself on plan - plus of course being on plan whenever I can. This week has been pretty good, with just Saturday being a bit wobbly, but not as wobbly as it could have been, or would have been before. Yesterday though, was completely on track...

I tried out something new in Starbucks, the Lime Refresha, which at 3½ syns for the grande is a lot better syn wise that the similar Green Tea, Lime and Mint Cooler at Costa, which I love, but it's 8 syns for a small one! It's all about the small changes....I thoroughly enjoyed my food yesterday, so it's now a case of onwards and upwards!

Today brings the start of my week of nights, after our show on Harbour Radio this evening at 5pm and I shall be trying to get a blog up in the mornings before I head to bed. I miss blogging - I love the feedback I get, and the fact that my honesty on the blog helps to keep me on track. I've not been totally off the rails, despite that scary gain though, it's mainly been the CBA's that have stopped me!! I'm started the week right, with some toasted couscous soaking ready for breakfast, soup already done overnight in the slow cooker for work, and as I'll be at the radio station until past 7pm and I'm going to try and quickly weigh in tonight I'm also getting my dinner for before work ready now, so I can just re-heat it when I get in! I'm scaring myself with such organisational skills! 

So I shall leave today's blog there, with yet another promise that I'll try and get you all updated far more often, and a few piccies from the last week or so, to show you what I've been up to!

Fitting into Little Booteek sale goodies! LOVE this dress! 

Meeting Minions, which was hugely exciting for me...even though I'm 39 :)

Plus of course hosting our Lust for Life show on Harbour - such great fun, and you can listen in every Monday between 5-7pm at, or try the little gadgety thing up there on the right hand side of the blog!

Back soon!!! xx


  1. Glad to see you have drawn a line and started a fresh. I am at that point too. I have had most of the week on plan bar Saturday (and the few hours I was awake Sunday). If i dont count the Vodka syns i have been perfect!

    Hope this week is the fresh start we both need, I am driving home when your on the radio, is there a catch up option do you know?

    Good luck! xx

  2. There isn't a catch up at the moment, but if you can listen to your phone through your car stereo, there are apps like radiotuna that you can use to listen in :)

  3. Oooh I will try and give that a go, i have unlimited 3G and use it to listen to stuff all the time when driving.