Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Reminding Myself and Running Again!

Well hello there! Remember me? The supposed "daily" blogger? I'm bloody terrible aren't I? Rest assured though that apart from Saturday I have been on plan, honest! 

It's been a long old week. It dawned on me on Thursday, when I was told to go to bed after nodding off in the Girl Nest that this is the first full week of earlies I've managed since before Christmas, no wonder I'm bloody tired, especially as this week ended up lasting 51 hours, the longest I've worked in a week in a long old time. Pretty good explanation as to why I've been SO damn tired! 

I did have a bonus afternoon on Wednesday though, as I didn't have to work the 12 I had expected to, and so we all went and explored Burgh Castle.

We all enjoyed it - Hague maybe less than me and Boo. The rest of the week flew by rather unexcitingly, in a haze of work until Saturday afternoon when finally freedom beckoned, and with it a birthday party. We had planned to stay good, but all willpower crumbled and off plan we went and had a lovely afternoon at the wonderful Helen's 40th birthday. I lost all control when faced with the gorgeous buffet and WooWoo's though!

Me and the beautiful Birthday Girl :) 

We had to leave early as another friend Jo had given us a lift. We decided to head into town for a few drinks, but the world was against us, with us waiting forever to be served at one bar, and basically freezing to death walking between pubs and so it was home we headed where we had a takeaway and muchos crappos :o( Not big or clever and I'm writing this now as a reminder to myself, and perhaps to you as well, how utterly crap I feel after going off plan as we went up to bed I realised I felt sick, bloated and stuffed. I looked about 8 months pregnant and had eaten so much I was truly uncomfortable as I tried to get to sleep. An incredibly stupid state of affairs don't you think? 

I'm hoping the simple fact of having that feeling, in black (well a dark red) and white will make me realise that binging because I'm off plan is ridiculous. Enjoying being off plan, having a nice lunch, or a takeaway and a few drinks is normal, sensible, healthy even. Eating anything that isn't nailed down to the point of feeling sick is not normal, sensible OR healthy. I'm hoping it's something I'll realise sooner rather than later!

Sunday was a true, lazy day, with barely a step taken and pretty much only moving from the Girl Nest for life's essentials, such as coffee, food or a wee. I even had a nap! That's what Bank Holiday weekends are about surely?

So onto today then, which I was determined would be not quite as lazy as yesterday. In fact I had ants in my pants to a certain degree and decided to head out for a walk into town, but first, breakfast;

A very purple breakfast of toasted couscous, muesli, yogurt and black forest fruits. With that eaten, and my (current) favourite clothing combo donned, off to town I went. Without my debit card as I discovered when attempting to make my first purchase. Thwarted? Not me, due to the magic of the internet, money was soon moved from one account to another, meaning I could get shopping! Yay! Nothing too extravagant I'm afraid, mostly boring stuff, although I did find a possible look for TOK's upcoming wedding...

...and finally I found a lampshade that combined the price and look I have been fruitlessly searching for for bloody ages...

After such exciting purchases and trying's on I needed a nice coffee, my current favourite of a chai latte, using up 5½ syns and one of my HeA choices. Which isn't a coffee :o)

As you can see, it was a glorious day in Yarmouth, almost unheard of for a Bank Holiday Monday, and so I had a stroll home down the seafront, and by the time I got home I was rather hungry and got straight to work on lunch, not that it was much effort!

A rather summery Jersey Royal salad, with some cottage cheese stirred in and topped with Stilton,I even added in a pear and some grapes for a change, delish. Once lunch had gone down I decided that I really, really do need to get my butt in shape for my 5K run in less than 2 weeks* and so headed out for a run. Oh, it hurt - my fitness is okay, but damn did my legs hurt and so after I had done my 3 miles it was straight into a hot bath for a nice, long soak. With snacks.

My achey body then settled down into the Girl Nest with Mo Farah - well his book - and TOK on the other end of iMessage whilst Hague continued his 24 Marathon. As I'm on nights tomorrow, it was rather late when I decided on dinner.

A lovely way to end up the day, food wise. In a bit of a swap around, Hague has been relegated to the iPad to watch his 24 whilst I try and rid the Sky+ box of some Come Dine With Me episodes. Again. As I'm now up to one hundred and eighty chuffing four episodes. 

I have now removed the series link.

So with a few episodes watched whilst finished up the blog, bed beckons, before I get myself ready for SW tomorrow - still not weighing in - and my 4 day week.

Food Diary - Green

Free Food
toasted couscous
natural yogurt
black forest fruits
salad leaves
spring onions
cottage cheese with chive
jersey royal potatoes
Quorn peppered steaks
butternut squash
sharon fruit
Shape 0% yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 3 Babybel Light
B - 35g Dorset Cereals simply nutty muesli
B - 30g Stilton

Costa medio chai latte (-6 for the milk)      5½
Ryvita minis (24g bag)                              4 ½
2 tbsp Hellmann's extra light mayo            1

Total syns                                                 11

So now it's time for me to sign off for now, and I'm not entirely sure when another blog will be heading your way, as tomorrow shall mostly be spent sleeping, and Wednesday is another 12 hour shift, but I'll do my best to keep you updated. I will be on plan though, as myself and TOK have pledged to stay on plan until May 22nd....the day of our Maycation! Can't wait!

*Sunday 18th May is the date for my Race for Life, I'm getting really close to my revised target, so if you can spare anything at all to sponsor me, please click on the link below. I appreciate that so many of you have already been generous enough to help me out, but it would mean the world to me to smash my £800 target.

Thank you! xx


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