Monday, 19 May 2014

On Plan, And On Air?

Not quite as exciting a day as yesterday I'm afraid, but it still had it's moments! I woke up pretty late today, something to do with trying to stay up last night on not much sleep at all I'm sure, and so breakfast was a rather late affair, eaten at around 1ish. I really do have a time line all of my own at times.

Just some black forest fruits, which had merrily defrosted themselves all over the fridge, topped with yogurt and the Weetabix chocolate minis, which are rather yummy, and also good as a little picky snack. As Hague had already left the building to head to Harbour Radio for today's shift, I got myself up and out and had a mooch around town to do my few jobs before meeting him there, via both Costa AND Starbucks to get a couple of iced Americano's....why both? Well, Hague likes sugar free caramel syrup, which they only do at Costa, in fact it's the only sugar free syrup they do, and I prefer vanilla, which they only have at Starbucks, along with hazelnut...rather a frustrating state of affairs! At least it led to a chat with the manager at Costa (the OH of one of my lovely local SW ladies), and a promise that he'll try and get some more sugar free flavours in :o) I also picked up some nail varnish to get my nails all prettified ready for my MayCation which is now mere days away!

Whilst we were at Harbour, the station manager, BiggNevv finally caught up with us about doing a radio show of our own and wants us to think through some ideas and get back to him! Me and Hague, let loose on the airwaves eh? Such fun! I'm so excited and we've been discussing ideas as the evening has gone on. I'll keep you all updated, don't worry :o)

Once we got in, I was rather peckish, and so did an incredibly quick lunch of gnocchi and salad, all of 5 minutes in the making!

Once "lunch" had gone down - it was eaten at about 6pm - I decided to take Boo out for a stroll as it was still sunny outside, luckily I had the sense to pick up a jacket though as it was freezing in the shade and on the beach. Boo didn't seem to mind though, and thoroughly enjoyed her walk.

Isn't she beautiful? She may be a scruffy, stinky old thing, but I love her to pieces. Once we were back home, and I'd warmed up with a cuppa or two, I snuggled up with a book whilst Hague continued to watch Prison Break. I am of course on a social network for reading, just look me up on GoodReads to catch up with my current reads. 

It wasn't too long before I realised I was hungry, but I had no idea what I wanted, just that I definitely wanted some Jersey Royals, and so it was a while before I cobbled together my final meal of the day.

Bit of an extreme close up there for dinner, but it was the spuds, with broccoli and sprouts, some cottage cheese and a Quorn gruyere cheese escalope, something a bit different there. Dessert wasn't so different, although it did contain the Benefit bars which have re-appeared in my local Aldi! Yay! With a couple of Chai teas to get me all chilled out, and my nails painted all pretty and purple and sparkly, it's almost time for me to head to bed, and hopefully see a bit more of the daylight that I managed today!

Food Diary - Green

Free and Superfree
black forest fruits
Activia 0% vanilla yogurt
salad leaves
cherry tomatoes
Kraft fat free Italian dressing
fat free cottage cheese 
Jersey Royals

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 45g Feta cheese
B - 30g Weetabix chocolate minis
B - 2 Aldi light Benefit bars

100g gnocchi                                2
Quorn gruyere escalope                7
Danio blueberry                            3

Total syns                                     12

Rather a yummy food day today, and it was nice to mix things up a tiny bit with the extravagant synnage on the escalope. Very exciting to know that we're going to get a radio show as well - it will be more chat based than music though, and will probably focus on health and fitness as well as the sweetly random place our minds seem to reside, laid out for the world to listen to - yes, the actual world, as it's an internet radio station, which you can find HERE Hague is already on a couple of times a week, as sidekick to Keith on a Monday and Friday, and it's looking like we'll be on Wednesday evenings, as I said, I'll keep you updated of course!

So here's a question for you....what would make you tune in? What would you like to hear from TheSlimmingWorldFiles on the airwaves? Do you have any ideas for features for us to play with? Let me know!


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