Sunday, 18 May 2014

Emotional and Wonderful

Day's like today are what life is about. Simple as that. It's been happy, emotional, with unexpected fun and glorious sunshine, and it's not over by a long shot yet. Wonderful :o)

No food pics today, as after my perfectly on plan breakfast of overnight oats the day headed a lot off plan, I'm not going to worry too much about it though.

The day started rather early as Hague was working, and so we were up at just after 7 when I had my oats (phnar phnar) and then I took Hague to work, and after that it was straight to Norwich for my Race for Life. I've been so excited about it that I barely even slept last night as if I managed to jog the whole way, it's an item gone from my Bucket List, which is hugely exciting don't you think?

It was stunningly sunny, and bloody warm, but I was practically bouncing with excitement :o)

We seemed to be missing a few of our group when it was time to start, but at 11am I was ready and waiting! I won't lie, in the heat, and running on the grass, and with the inclines it was tough going, but I did it. I kept jogging the whole way round, something I've wanted to do ever since I first did Race for Life many, many years ago, and I actually did it!

I crossed the line at 38:50, but as I crossed the start line 58s after the timer started my official time is 37:52, something I'm immensely proud of, and it was only when I was walking back to the car with Hague that it hit me....I'd run the Race for Life, and I'd raised £880 for Cancer Research by doing it. I got rather emotional at that point. To some people that wouldn't be such a big thing, but 2 years ago even walking 500m was a struggle, and at last year's race I walked, and crossed the line after 48:48. I'm proud of my achievement today.

I'm also a rather happy girl to have had Hague there with me whilst I achieved such a huge milestone. 

Enough excitement for one day maybe? Not for us! We stopped at MaccyD's on the way home - very naughty I know - but we decided to celebrate, and whilst there I got a text from my Mum to let us know that her and my Dad, plus my Sister, Bruv in Law and my Nieces were at the Pleasure Beach and did we want to join them, if my legs were up to it. So plans for a bath and a nap were thrown aside as we got in, got changed and headed down to the Pleasure Beach (all of a 5 minute walk for us)!

We had such a giggle, it's been years since I've been on a Waltzer, and on the Twister, for the first time ever, my arse wasn't in the "Largest Person In This Seat" side. Although that did mean I squashed my Sister to death for the duration of the ride. Oops! Didn't stop me from going on again though and squashing Hague to death. Oops! Again. We had to leave after an hour or so as Hague had put some pork in the oven, and so we came home to a lovely roast dinner, which I followed up with a long soak, and a failed attempt at a nap. Then it was work again for Hague before us heading back home, where we shall be enjoying a few drinks, and a bit of off plan snackage whilst watching all of The Hangover films.

I also decided to compare pictures from last year's Race for Life with this year's too, to see my progress. Rather proud of the results too :)

A truly wonderful day that's for sure! And I still have 8 more days off work! Yay!

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