Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Hmm Tuesday, a day I'd been sort of looking forward to, and sort of dreading at the same time. I'm sure most of you will understand what I mean if you've been away from the scales for a while! I tried not to dwell too much on thoughts of weigh in and started my day reasonably early at around 9.30 with a cuppa before deciding on my fast becoming the norm breakfast of fruit and yogurt - today's was with some muesli added in.

After a rest day yesterday, and way too many days prior to that without a play ride on Margot, it was time for me to get out on her again and so into town I went to pick up my train tickets for my Maycation, which is now less than 48 hours away, choose some new glasses as mine seem to have disappeared down a black hole and grab something for the Slimmer of the Week basket at group. I even managed to remember it was a taster tonight and so grabbed the ingredients for a potato salad. Oh the efficiency! 

As soon as I got in, I got started on the potato salad, a fave of mine that I really should do more often, but something I only seem to remember when it's sunny! It's painfully simple too! 

Potato salad:

salad potatoes
extra light mayo (I used 4tbsp for 2 syns)
fat free natural yogurt (about the same amount as mayo)
garlic salt
mustard powder (a wee sprinkle, to your taste really)
spring onions

Boil the potatoes, chop the spring onions. Mix everything together. Done :)

I would have hoped you've noticed by now, I'm not one for faffing about! Speaking of which, lunch was a vegetable soup I'd lobbed in the slow cooker last night as one of the many, many packs of reduced vegetables that I can't seem to stop myself picking up at Tesco had split, and so it was added to a tin of tomatoes, tin of beans, a stock pot, mixed herbs and some lentils, and an empty bean can full of water to magically become soup.

Anyone that says it's expensive to follow Slimming World should note that this bowl of soup is about a quarter of what that little lot made, for a total of probably a few pence over a quid. After I'd eaten lunch, I settled down to enjoy a bit of rare quiet time. For some reason the telly hadn't gone on today, and it was lovely. Hague was job searching on the laptop and I just had a nice read. Very nice way to while away an afternoon, until it was time to face the music that is.

I hopped onto Margot and into town, picked up Hague some sudafed as he has a cold, brought that back to him and then rode back into town again. I was still early for weigh in and so stopped at Costa (for a change)...

I'm sure I can lay the blame for at least half my gain on that....maybe...who am I kidding? I arrived at group, and was put in charge of the shop where my frazzled little brain got its first bit of use of the day, hopefully everything tally's up okay O.o That was the least of my worries though, as my thoughts of a huge gain were spot on....and I don't think the fact I'd eaten all day, had a coffee AND wore jeans to weigh in can really be the sole cause of a rather show stopping gain of 11lbs....no, that's not a typo, there isn't a random extra "1" in there, that is eleven bloody lbs! I wasn't surprised at group, I'll be honest, I knew it'd be big, and what's the point in getting upset about it? Part of me wishes I'd weighed in before now though, as with my MayCation mere hours away, I'm looking at another gain next week before I can get my butt firmly into gear again and nip this silliness in the bud. 

After group, where as I had to count the votes for Man of the Year I discovered I'd been nominated - note to self, best get the upper lip waxed - I headed home to a dinner waiting for me, courtesy of my poorly Hague.

Syn free and bloody handsome it was too, there are a couple of the low fat Quorn sausages lurking under the eggs too, I followed it up with some grapes which I demolished before I remembered to take a picture and then resumed my sitting and relaxing regime until the worms demanded more feeding and so I put together an eclectic plate to nibble on whilst catching up with the online world.

Picture of my potato salad there for you at last, along with some Quorn chickeny thingums, my Babybels and a HiFi bar, which I washed down with a chocolatey cuppa in the bath.

Food Diary - Green

Free and Superfree
forest fruits
Activia 0% vanilla yogurt
homemade vegetable soup (tomatoes, baked beans, lentils, tesco value fresh chopped veg, stock pot)
Quorn low fat sausages
salad potatoes
fat free natural yogurt
Quorn roast chicken fillet strips

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk (in latte)
A - 3 Babybel light
B - 35g Dorset Cereals simply nutty muesli
B - HiFi bar

Burton's fish n chips                            6
Costa medio chai latte (skinny)           5½ (6 as a HeA)
2tbsp extra light mayo (Hellmann's)     1

Total syns                                           12½

When I got off those scales today, I really wasn't overly surprised, or bothered about my gain, but having had the time to mull it over, I'm rather annoyed at myself. No-one made me go off plan, no-one has made me relax to the extent I have over the last few weeks, and on the plus side, I've proved that I really will have to attend (and weigh in) at Slimming World for good now, so that's that question answered, but I now weigh what I did 6 months ago, that's a shocking waste of time. Yes, 4/5 months of that I was getting frustrated and upset as the scales weren't shifting, but that's no excuse for my, let's be frank here, gluttony over the last few weeks.

In the new Slimming World magazine, the new Woman of the Year has written a letter to her 14 year old self, detailing the life her adult self missed out on, and what she is now achieving. On her list of the reasons why losing the weight has been so wonderful was the seemingly simple phrase, knowing what "normal" is....that really hit home to me, as it's been the thing I have been pushing and pushing for all this time - and if I don't take control once more, I'll be back to scoping out chairs in restaurants and heading back to Evans to buy clothes I don't like. That is not going to happen. No way. Na Ah. I have four days away planned with my fabulous TOK, where we have many plans to explore Bristol, Bath, Cheddar and Wookey Hole. We also have much food based fun planned - but once I'm back in Yarmouth on Monday, that's it. I'm on this thing like glue.

No excuses...

No avoiding weigh in....

No off plan "just because"...

I will get to target, or I will stay on plan doing my damnedest to get there, regardless. The messing about ends now*

*Now obviously means next Tuesday once quite a few cream teas, punch and puds night and a few cocktails are enjoyed and out of the way after the weekend :)

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  1. So funny,down to earth. Im the same.Had a very massive gain[25 pounds] when I got back from visiting daughter in OZ. Too much food and wine .Im struggling to get back to where I was 4 monthe ago. As you say ...."enough is enough" :]