Saturday, 17 May 2014

Double Blog-Tastic!

It's been a rather busy couple of days I must say! I decided to get up early(ish) on Friday as I seem to feel tired regardless of what time I get up, and so figured I might as well get up and early and enjoy a couple of hours with Hague before work, and sort myself out a nice breakfast, so up I got, and into the kitchen I went to pour out some of my toasted couscous to soak ..... I had rather an intriguing few minutes then trying to work out what the hell was in the couscous...

This is just a selection of the goodies we found! I'm reasonably sure the yellow thing is a dried kernel of sweetcorn, and there is rice, pasta and what seems to be grass in there too. Extremely odd to say the least, but hats off to Holland and Barrett, who responded very quickly to my FB post and Tweet and are sorting it out as we speak. Funnily enough, I put that bag to one side, as there were still a few rogue bits of randomness in there, and opened a new one for breakfast!

Lovely mix there of the couscous, plums, grapes, yogurt and my HeB of weetabix chocolate minis. After a few cuppas and a bit of a chill it was time to head to work, yet another glorious day, at least it was the last one before my week off. I was hoping to get away without catching the end of week clean and changeover, but nope, for the third time in my 3 week rotation I had that pleasure! So in between cleaning, I ate this little lot;

As you may notice, there are two mini muffins lurking in the first picture. My manager is moving to the other factory, and as is tradition, bought in a metric f*ckton of cakes as a goodbye....

...just part of the selection there! I checked on the syn values and went with the muffins as both of them were 9 syns, which I didn't think was too terrible! After a long shift, with much cleaning and a small bit of grumping at Hague for not managing to get my iPod from Barnsley back to Great Yarmouth, it was soon 10 o'clock and I could break free for 10 fabulous days! Dinner was waiting for me, as Haguee may not be great with remembering stuff, but he doesn't too too badly at looking after me :)

Bit of superfree rebellion there, as I really didn't fancy it, although I did have some fruit for dessert. The spuds were topped with egg mayonnaise and both of my HeA's of cheddar. Not too much longer after that we headed up for a bath and bed as we had an early start today for Hague to go to work, but not before I had a flash of inspiration, as I knew I had a vintage iPod hanging about in the bedroom, which I didn't think was working, but I figured it was worth plugging in it and seeing what happened... lives! Me and TOK shall have the best the eighties have to offer flying through our ears next weekend. Happy, happy days!

Food Diary - Friday (Green)

Free and Superfree
toasted couscous
apple and grape snack pack
salad leaves
cherry tomatoes
Kraft fat free Italian dressing
Activia 0% yogurt
Shape 0% yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - (both) - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 30g Weetabix chocolate chip minis
B - HiFi bar

2 Morrisons mini chocolate chip muffins                         9
Crispy Fries                                                                  3½
tbsp extra light mayonnaise                                            1

Total syns                                                                      13½

Onto today then, where we had quite a lot planned, work for Hague, shopping, browsing and general moochage, plus boring old food shopping and watching the FA Cup Final. The day didn't quite pan out like that, but we didn't do too bad! We started out far too early, with my alarm going off at 7.20 to ensure Hague got to work for 8am, as I was going to keep him company, the plan was to go food shopping straight from there - but we were rather weary, and so I had a light breakfast and then headed back to bed.

In my defence, I really hadn't had the best night's sleep! I was going to get up around midday, and then accompany Hague to kickboxing, before a good old mooch around town whilst he was there, alas, he wasn't feeling too great and so he joined me for a nap, and that was the last we saw of the world until 2.30 when we both woke up feeling much better and so headed out into the beautiful sunshine for a couple of rather pressing errands, including picking up a Matalan order and trying to find some pink running shorts for tomorrow. It was truly gorgeous as we walked to the shops:

Matalan first, where I picked up a bargainaliscious onesie, then onto Sports Direct to try and find those shorts....why are running shorts so bloody expensive? I really didn't want to be spending fortunes on them and so in the end went for some normal jersey shorts, the size was worth sharing with you all...

Size chuffing 12! 
I have no idea how that even works! I might even wear them inside out tomorrow! Last year I walked the race in a pair of sz20 jeans, and that was after losing 6½ stone! Suitably happy we headed home, and despite having a good old lick of speed going on we didn't quite make it home in time for the kick-off of the footy and missed the first goal! Oops! Lunch was soon on the agenda though.

Not the heaviest of lunches as it was already closing in on 6! So just some pasta, soft cheese and veg, followed by a Danio and pear whilst I watched the rest of the footy, sympathising with TOK having kittens in Bristol at the Arsenal display! We just about had time to watch the end of the game before I once again dropped off Hague to work, and then went for a quick whizz around Aldi for the majority of our shopping, where in an unexpected happy moment they had Benefit bars on the shelves again! Fantastic! I've missed them so much :) With the shopping done, I picked up Hague, had a wee catch up with poor Glenys who's been stuck in hospital for days and then we stopped at Tesco to get the rest of the shopping. We finally got in at around 9.30 and I got started on a light dinner before settling to watch the boxing.

My version of a light dinner anyway ;) I've munched on the Buttons whilst tapping away here, and will finish up my day with a lovely milky cup of Chai tea before bed, as it's yet another early start tomorrow with my Race for Life starting at 11am! 


Food Diary - Saturday (Green)

Free and Superfreee
sharon fruit
cherry tomatoes
salad leaves
Jersey Royals
Quorn peppered steak
Shape 0% yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 75g reduced fat soft cheese
B - HiFi bar
B - 45g Feta cheese

5 Wrigley's Extra chewing gum pellets               ½
Danio blueberry                                                3
tbsp Kraft light honey and mustard dressing       1
Cadbury's Buttons (treat bag)                           4

Total syns                                                         8½

So that's the first of my 10 days off done and dusted, and it wasn't too shabby at all - although I don't seem to have eaten much, guess that's what happens when you're a busy little bee (or napping)! 

I'm rather excited about tomorrow, and finally running Race for Life. I shall be a vision in pink as I now have pink shorts, a pink shirt and a pink tutu. I'm even pondering painting my nails pink! Surely that's worth a quid of anyone's money? It would be amazing for me to finish the race tomorrow morning, check my sponsorship link and see that total at 100%, I'm so close! 

I shall wish you a goodnight now as I settle down for a relaxing hour or so before hitting the hay, all snuggled up in my new, summer onesie with a JadeyPuss for company...

Night night to you all, oh, and SPONSOR ME please ;) xxx


  1. I can't quite make it out from the picture, but is it a peach you had for breakfast? x

    1. That was a persimmon/sharon fruit. Really sweet and delicious :)