Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Weigh In and Wavering

So...weigh in day again. Something I don't really look forward to at the moment, but first up it was the other thing I'm not keen on...getting up at 4.30 to go to work! 

I was helping with project work today, and so had to dose myself up on much coffee to get through the day, as well as the breakfast and snacks that I took in with me.

Quite standard work fare there, I also had a packet of Aldi Cheese Curls, but ate them before I remembered to take a picture! Work was long today, mainly as I was rather bored, and I couldn't wait to get out into the sunshine! Even after all my snackage at work, I was hungry when I got in, and as I had a sneaky jump on my scales and they weren't looking too promising, I decided I might as well have a nice filling lunch, albeit a bizarrely eclectic one.

The remains of last nights stir fry veg, in half of a Warburtons sandwich pitta, with cottage cheese and gherkins. It worked for me ;o) After that, it was nap time, as I'm not coping too well with these early starts (or boyfriends putting on fans in the middle of the night and knocking bedside lamps off). Nappage done, I had me a nice, relaxing soak with a large cuppa whilst I braced myself for weigh in. It was hard going mentally, as I've struggled so much recently, I was starting to feel a bit lost, and I'll be honest with you, I was pondering a "Sod It" meal, as I try so very hard to lose weight and don't get the losses and my mind started wandering to pizza, ice-cream, chips...if I gained or maintained. I just felt despondent as I walked into weigh in, and I'll never know how I would have reacted to a gain as at long, long bloody last I have a loss, a decent loss under my belt!

My relieved reaction was "Thank f*ck for that!" I genuinely was just so relieved to see the scales had finally moved down! So all thoughts of falling off the bus were dismissed, not that I would have succumbed anyway, as I enjoyed a quieter than normal group - Claire wasn't there, and as always when Sophie covers for her, not many stay. It's such a shame as for one, Sophie really is a lovely person and a fab Consultant, and for two, it's always good to have someone different leading the group as the flow of the group and of information is varied to normal, I always enjoy seeing Sophie, especially when she saves 6 precious boxes of Christmas pudding HiFi bars for me :o)

I walked back home, and decided that I would have myself a treat night - Karen style...which meant having a Green day...I'm such a hedonist ;o)

So I had a lovely bowl of fancy pasta with lots of roasted vegetables and a whole tub of LowLow followed by some fruit topped with yogurt and one of the new peanut HiFi bars, which was rather yummy indeed! Once I've finished up with the blog, I'll be heading up to bed with a milky hot chocolate too, splashing out a mighty 14 syns for the day. Such extravagance!

Food Diary - Green Day

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
toasted couscous
pak choi
Aldi pineapple cottage cheese
cherry tomatoes
black forest fruits

Healthy Extras
A - (both) - 60g LowLow
B - (both) - HiFi bar

Cheese Curls                               3
½ Warburtons sandwich pitta       4½ (whole one is 8½, so rounding up)
Activia creamy yogurt                  2½
Options hot chocolate                  2
100ml skimmed milk                   2

Total syns                                     14

I have enjoyed the extra cheeseyness of my day, but if Extra Easy is working for me at the moment, that's what I'll be sticking with for the coming week, although rather than being strict with the 10 syn limit, I'll allow myself 15 if I want them, but aim for 10 each day, after all if I get another 2lb loss next week that'll FINALLY drop me back down to my lowest weight - 3½ months after first reaching it O.o  It was a bit scary today to have my thoughts turn to the more rubbishy foods. It was almost as if I wanted to punish my stupid body for not doing what it should, and give it something to think about - so silly really, and I'm glad my willpower wasn't put to the test in the end. Perhaps it's too much to hope for that this plateau is at an end, but a bit more of a smooth ride would certainly be much appreciated now!

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