Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Book Thief and The Spice Man

Another day, another 4.30am alarm call. I'd not had a great night and I really did struggle to drag my poor little self out of bed, into clothes and into the car. I managed it though, and even got to work in time! Once I got there, I checked that I would still be doing project work and so headed for the training room fortified with coffee....

...and waited...

...I used my time resourcefully checking Facebook and drinking coffee before hunger struck and I got my breakfast. Which may have been the purpliest breakfast ever.

Porridge, with yogurt and blueberries, left overnight - so overnight oats :o) They're really lovely and the combination of the Oats So Simple multigrain fruit muesli porridge and the blueberries was definitely a winner. After breakfast I decided to intersperse a bit of light project work with a bit of heavy reading - of a book I'd picked up weeks and weeks ago and not yet managed to find time to read. As the morning went on, I should really have mentioned that I didn't really have much to do, but instead I read, snacked and drank coffee.

I did eventually get on with some work, but not before I'd made a rather pleasing dent in my book at last! I was also quite impressed with the straightness of my banana. Little things please little minds after all! It wasn't too much longer after that that I escaped from work and headed home, where the wonderful Hague had got me lunch ready.

I do love a jacket spud, and today's contained cottage cheese and my HeA of cheddar with a nice side salad, with that eaten, we headed into town, as we wanted to pick up some more spices from the local spice man and were meeting up with Sacha for a SW food swap...she had sourced some WW wholemeal pittas, and we had garlic and BBQ FryLight for her. Of course we met her in Costa...

Just the usual large Americano for us both, whilst we chatted to Sach and then headed ourselves home as it had got a wee bit nippy! We did make the rather pleasant discovery that our local corner shop sells FryLight at just £1.89, which is cheaper than the supermarkets. Was rather pleased with that one! Once we got in, I got to work with playing with one of my new spice blends, one for Chilli...

I made it the same as always, with onion, garlic, mushrooms, peppers, Quorn mince, chopped tomatoes, baked beans, kidney beans and stock, but with the addition of the Chilli spice blend, plus some dark chocolate, as advised by The Spice Man :o) It was delicious, and made enough for 3 lovely large portions. I really am so glad that my friend Glenys introduced me to the Spice Man. Everything we've tried from him has tasted amazing, including the Berbere curry I had last week. This time we picked up a few more bits to try - I can't wait!

We also discovered he was on Facebook, so check him out here. With my delicious dinner thoroughly enjoyed, I just had myself a small, yogurty dessert before heading for a lovely hot bath, with my book of course!

I know it's early, but after a rather crappy night's sleep, I need an early night, so it'll be a soak, sleeping tablet, hot chocolate and then bed for me...hopefully it'll be dark soon!

Food Diary - Extra Easy

Free Food
fat free yogurt
low fat cottage cheese
Quorn mince
chopped tomatoes
baked beans
kidney beans
Activia 0% yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
A - Oatso Simple multigrain fruit muesli porridge

Crispy Fries                                                          3½
½ tbsp Kraft honey & mustard dressing                 ½
skimmed milk (Costa)                                           1
25g reduced fat Cheddar                                      4
chocolate in chilli                                                   1½
Options hot chocolate                                           2

Total syns                                                             12½

It's not been a bad day really - being paid for reading my book isn't really something to complain about after all! It was lovely to pop into the spice shop as well, just walking through the door makes me smile as it all smells so delicious. I've also decided that walking into town in my New Rock boots definitely counts as body magic as my legs are now killing me! So time for a soak, with my book, and an early goodnight to you all!

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