Saturday, 5 April 2014

Rather A Lot Of Happy!

Funny how sometimes days turn out rather marvellous, when they held no promise whatsoever when they start at 4 chuffing 30! Yep, it was work once more for me this morning, and much as I had hoped we might (all) get away early as lines were due out earlyish, two were still running when we got there, and in a change up for me this week, I was on the factory floor helping out. Good for the time going, not so great for Stupid Elbow of Hurtyness. In a welcome break from putting bottles on the line I had my rather yummy breakfast.

Oatso Simple fruit muesli porridge, with natural yogurt and blueberries. Very delicious, washed down with a large coffee before I got stuck in with more bottle putting on the line-ing and cleaning, before I got in a wee bit more computer time to finish up the project work (with snackage) before heading home.

Before I went to bed last night, me and Hague had discussed our plans for the day, and he had pondered going into town to put our Grand National bets on rather than using t'interwebz, but when I got in, he'd decided against it, and so the day was looking like a rather lazy one. I embraced that with a rather lush lunch before heading for a nap whilst he kicked people in the head for a while.

Whilst I was trying to sleep, I got a kernel of an idea in my head, and so decided that once Hague had eaten and we'd watched our horses lose, we'd head out into the sunshine to try and find some Marvel Kinder eggs, as we'd been thwarted in our efforts yesterday. Plus it meant I'd get my daily steps up to finish this weeks Pact! So off we went, with a National win under our belts, in the sunshine to Kinder hunt - just struck me that we're probably a bit early for an egg hunt, but that's the way we roll in this house ;o) I'll be honest, the hunt wasn't overly hard...

We still carried on with our plan to visit Asda too though, where I had today's top Happy moment...

Rather fabulous t-shirt there, that of course I HAD to have, especially as it was only £5....mainly as it was a girl's age 13-14 size :o) Not too shabby eh? It has opened up yet another avenue of buying clothes though, which is rather a scary prospect for my poor, bulging wardrobe! I also picked up these...I mean how could I not? 

They'll help me get through the working week, after all, what on earth can upset me if I'm actual BatMan? And I would be actual BatMan as I have a utility belt there and everything :o) Being the mature adults we are, we didn't even manage to wait until we got home to start on the Kinder eggs either.

We unwrapped a Captain America and Hulk, and then merrily walked home,  building up rather an appetite which I got to work on as soon as we got in! Once dinner was in the oven though, I could hear the eggs calling me, and so much to Hague's annoyance, I unwrapped the 4 remaining eggs to free the SuperHero's within! 

The chocolate has been left untouched, there's willpower for you! I was rather impressed with us only finding one double as well, so I might steal a Hulk to adorn my handbag! Whilst I was unwrapping Marvel thingums, dinner was merrily cooking away.

Quorn lamb grills, with hasselback potatoes and broccoli and leeks with blue cheese sauce AKA melted blue cheese Laughing Cow triangles. I then watched a bit of last year's Great British Bake-Off whilst Hague sorted his dinner and we waited for PrizeFighter to start. Boxing was accompanied by dessert.

As we seem to be stacking up probably the world's busiest day tomorrow, we'll be having an early one, so no more noms for me today, just a nice cuppa (or two) before bed!

Food Diary - Extra Easy

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
Quorn low fat sausages
Quorn lamb grills

Healthy Extras
A - 4 blue cheese Laughing Cow light triangles
B - Oatso Simple fruit muesli porridge

blueberry Danio yogurt                            3
5 pieces Wrigley's Extra gum                   ½
Kinder egg                                             5½
Activia creamy yogurt                             2½

Total syns                                               11½

I've really enjoyed today, well, I say today, whilst work wasn't awful, it was definitely this afternoon that has lifted my mood. Just small things, silly things to a lot of people have really made me feel happy. In fact I struggled to choose just one  for my #100happydays, quite a nice problem to have don't you think? Whilst I did spend part of the day lusting after beautiful houses and apartments for that hoped for Lottery win, my main thought when we got back indoors after our little adventure was how content I's an underused word I think, but that's when I am definitely at my happiest, when my life is enough, what I have in my life is enough to bring a smile to my face.

I think I've made real progress over these few weeks, just under 3 weeks ago I was an anxious, nervous mess just walking into work, yesterday I had a meeting with my Manager about my phased return progress and whilst I was a bit apprehensive, I wasn't anxious. Huge progress. Even the prospect of another meeting about other absences wasn't enough to throw me into a spiral of nerves, I'm rather proud of that. Perhaps I am finally heading back to normality....although when I say normality, that is a few degrees past odd/kooky/weird compared to what most would call normal, and I wouldn't have it any other way :o)


  1. Surprised a so- called animal lover supports the cruelty of the national

    Hypocrite I am no longer following

    Michelle Lewis

  2. I do love animals, whilst I hate it when a horse falls and has to be euthanised during ANY horse race, these horses are bred to race, and it's a horse's natural behaviour to run and jump in a pack with others.

    No jockey can force a horse to jump a fence it doesn't want to. You are entitled to your opinion and views, I'm entitled to mine.