Friday, 4 April 2014

Quite A Few Reviews...Well, Two....

For once, the reason for not blogging last night wasn’t the Can’t Be Arsed’s, it was the fact that my day was so incredibly boring, I figured it would be best to attach it onto another day to stop you all from falling asleep half way through! My life isn’t overly exciting at the best of times, but when I’m on earlies, and on a phased return, doing project work and napping a lot, it really isn’t the most thrilling of combinations!

So, early start once more for Thursday, and I braved the apparently deadly air pollution to get myself to work where once more I was ensconced in the depths of the netherhells, AKA the Training Room, where there is NO phone signal to get on with project work, which mainly consisted of printing things out, putting them on boards, finding out machine downtime and, erm, reading more of my book :o) We did have an unexpected fire alarm though, so I did manage to get some fresh air in my lungs for a little while – or should I be happy about that with all the sand and pollutants it supposedly contained yesterday?

Anyway, foodwise, I interspersed my barely contained excitement with this assortment of food…

I could have finished off The Book Thief, but I had been warned by a couple of people not to finish it at work, and so I saved the ending for home, for after my lunch, which was leftover chilli and chips, with a pitta bread on the side.

Lovely it was too, but I was too tired to do anything but finish off my book, cry myself silly at the utter sadness and beauty of it, and then nap…for nigh on 3 hours. At what point does a nap stop being a nap and start being just a big ol’ sleep during the day? I could seriously have just stayed asleep, but that isn’t the cleverest thing to do, and so I got myself up and as far as the sofa, before nestling up with Hague and serving as a sleeping surface for Jade.  I internetted whilst he film watched and all too soon my mind turned to dinner, low effort of course!

I did have a minor grump via text with TOK as I’m still doing Extra Easy, and I wanted to have super mega cheesey pasta, with a whole tub of LowLow, however, I went with cottage cheese and a single HeA of Cheddar instead to stay on plan. I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of Extra Easy, but as long as it keeps the weight coming off, I’ll stick with it, for now ;o)

Dinner was really nice, just roasted veggies with the cheese mix, but I did enjoy it, and it was a while before I followed it up with dessert of fruit and yogurt.

With Hague at kickboxing, and me all up to date with this week’s Masterchef I headed up to bed, where it took me a while to nod off – unsurprisingly after a 3 hour nap, I’m a fool to myself at times!

Food Diary (Thursday) – Extra Easy

Free Food
Black forest fruits
Toasted couscous
Fat free natural yogurt
Leftover veggie chilli
Butternut squash

Healthy Extras
A – 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B – peanut HiFi bar

Cheese curls                            3
WW wholemeal pitta            5
Chocolate in chilli                  1½
Activia creamy yogurt           2½
Options hot chocolate           2
50ml skimmed milk                1
Total syns                                 15

So 15 syns on the nose for yesterday, mostly as I forgot that the chilli had chocolate in it, something that I’m not sure I’ll bother with again anyway. Oh, and I didn’t have my hot chocolate on Wednesday night, so I did (almost) manage to stick to my 10 syns then!

Before I recap today for you, I’ll take a minor detour to Book Reviews-ville, as reading is something I do love, always have done, and as my stupid looper brain symptoms are starting to recede, I’ve found my concentration has finally reached the point where I can concentrate for long enough to enjoy books again. I’m a book lover, I love having them in the house, I love buying them, seeing them on shelves and just the feel of a book in my hand can relax me. I do have my Kindle, which is incredibly handy, but you can’t really beat the feeling of curling up with an actual book and a cuppa and losing yourself for hours….which is pretty much what I’ve done over the last few days with The Book Thief. When I picked it up I had no idea that a film was being made of it, I nearly picked it up months ago, but didn’t, so when The Works had it on their 3 for £5 book offer recently I grabbed it, and finally got around to reading it this week. It’s a book set in Germany during the build up and early years of WWII. It’s narrated by Death, and tells the tale of Liesel, the book thief of the title. It’s not full of action, it meanders, it wanders, it leads you slowly through a time in a life where hope and love can still be found in the darkest of places. If you enjoy books that just absorb you completely, that are written beautifully, then please give it a go. It’s one I know I’ll enjoy again and again. If you do read it, please let me know what you think? Oh, and don’t read the ending at work ;o)

So, Friday, a day I’m not fond of on earlies, as the whole world is celebrating the last working day before the weekend, but on my roster, you work the Saturday on earlies and so the gleeful nature of the radio and the world in general at it being Friday normally puts me in a bad mood to kick off with, which was definitely the case today, mainly as once again I was bloody shattered :o( Into work I headed  though, and got to work on more printing, board making and reading (The Gates by John Connolly today) whilst sending the occasional email to TOK…and also trying not to ponder too much on my medical management review meeting with my Manager – not good for the old anxiety, but a necessary evil when returning to work. I actually think I’m doing okay, I feel a lot better this week than I did before me week off. Much more calm and relaxed, which is definite progress! I nibbled away on this lot before the meeting...

I rung the changes today with some rhubarb (uncooked) and pears with peach yogurt for breakfast - yes, it's shopping day, how can you tell? ;o) With my meeting out of the way, and not too scary in the end, I could get myself off home, and on the outside of the quickest and strangest lunch I've had in a while before heading out to stock up on food!

That is indeed macaroni cheese with Quorn meatballs, to add to the classiness of that dish I microwaved it too - gourmet nosh indeed! Boo looked so cute coveting my pineapple that I had to include her! With that barely digested it was off to face Aldi and Asda, which were both hideously busy today, and then a rush home to get everything put away before Hague rushed out of the door to go to work, and I got into my comfies and onto the sofa! I interspersed my time listening to Hague (and Keith) on the radio, watching the arguments on Come Dine With Me and snacking on this eclectic plateful...

Then I decided a nice warm soak with a cuppa was the way forward, and so relaxed until Hague came home, when my mind turned almost immediately to dinner.

How's that for a colourful plate? Under the cheesey meltyness are two of the Quorn peppered steaks, which are both syn free and currently on offer at Asda for £1 a pack. Marvellous. It tasted gorgeous too, the steaks really worked with the melty cheese and onions!

With that eaten, I can get down to the main business of relaxing before bed, as once again tomorrow it's a 4.30am alarm call, at least it's the last one for a while, I get a whole extra hour in bed on Monday *yawns* I'll finish off today's food with a bowl of fruit with a honey Danio atop, and will then probably head up to bed. I really do know how to do a Friday night don't I?

Food Diary - (Friday) - Extra Easy

Free Food
rhubarb (uncooked)
Activia 0% peach yogurt
Aldi pineapple cottage cheese
Shape 0% pineapple and coconut yogurt
Quorn peppered steaks
cheese and chive cottage cheese
black forest fruits

Healthy Extras
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices
B - WW wholemeal pitta bread

Asda smartprice macaroni cheese                 3
½ tbsp American mustard                             ½
Jacob's cheese oddities                                5½
honey Danio                                                1½

Total syns                                                    10½

I'm still struggling with Extra Easy a little bit, feeling all restricted with only the two healthy extras - I could really do with a HiFi bar at night! Oh well, here's hoping it shows on the scales! I'll be relieved when tomorrow is over as well, these early shifts are really starting to tell on me - I'm absolutely shattered and it's not even half 7 yet! My week off already looks a bit closer from here though, and with my Manager's mapping out the next few weeks of my phased return, and my happy pills really starting to kick in, hopefully I'm on the up again and will be getting back to normal, after all, who know's what effect me feeling like this has had on my weight loss too?

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