Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Meandering with Margot

I had very few plans for today, I had a parcel to pick up, coffee to buy and my Slimming World group to attend, and so no alarm was set and I didn't stir until nearly midday. Lovely. 

I settled into the Girl Nest with a large coffee and started my day in a similar vein to most days, nattering to TOK whilst I pondered breakfast. In the end, I went with low effort once more.

Both my HeB's worth of the weetabix chocolate chip mini's, with a banana and pear plus a yogurt. It set me up nicely for the day, as did a rather lovely surprise in the post from my Consultant, Claire.

How lovely is that? She has been there for me every step of the way - and I know she will continue to do so. It means so very much to know you have support like that, that's for sure. With breakfast out of the way, I could venture outside, with Margot, to get the bits of shopping and my parcel. It's still so much fun! Although I was a bit worried when I had to leave her all locked up, but so far she's been safe each time, even when I left her whilst I had a search for a door stop in town, as we have living room door issues once more - a broken catch this time, so to prevent it banging all bloody day, a door stop was needed. 

Anyway, enough of the never-ending tales of the falling apart-ness of the house, and back onto food. Once I got back indoors, I was rather peckish, and so threw together a snacky kind of lunch to keep me going whilst I was at group.

Despite being at target, I'll still be attending group every week. I love going, and wouldn't miss it. I enjoy catching up with everyone, and seeing how everyone is getting on - and my issues with the scales won't stop that. Of course, I took Margot along :o) We had a bit of a mini taster too, with samples of the ChocShot, which was rather damn delicious, might have to pick some up on payday! Whilst I was at group, Hague got a bit started on dinner, so it only required minimal effort from me once I'd got back in.

Boiled potatoes with honey and mustard dressing, a delish feta and veggie omelette and some beetroot and pepper on the side, quite the summery dinner there, despite the weather not being too fabulous. At least it's stayed dry whilst I've been exploring here, there and everywhere....sort of. Once I'd eaten dinner, I decided that I needed a Danio yogurt. Alas, I had eaten the last one yesterday and when I asked TOK and Hague whether I should ride to Tesco and get one, the result was a yes, and so once more me and Margot headed out, this time with lights on for the first time, and collected some Danio's, reduced veggie soup mix and some reduced eggs. Not too shabby! 

With my legs feeling rather weary, and my tummy rather full with this delicious dessert..

...I think it's time for me and Margot to call it a night, although only I shall be having a long soak with a cuppa, she'll be resting up against the sofa instead.

Food Diary (Green)

Free Food
Activia 0% yogurt
Aldi pineapple cottage cheese
Quorn swedish meatballs
cherry tomatoes
salad potatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 45g Feta cheese
B - (both) - 30g Weetabix chocolate mini's

tbsp ketchup                                                     1
2 tsp choco shot (at group)                                1 
2 tbsp Kraft light honey and mustard dressing     2
Danio blueberry yogurt                                      3
salted caramel HiFi bar                                     6

Total syns                                                          13

I'm feeling so much more relaxed now it's unbelievable. I'm chilled out about the food I'm eating, not stressing about portion sizes or calories, just following good old Green days and not worrying. I feel a million times better than I have in weeks and weeks. It was definitely the right decision to call target for now and as I've changed my focus to my final Body Magic award, my 95 minutes of meandering with Margot will certainly help me get there! 

Methinks I might ache tomorrow though - and I also need to get myself out for a run to ensure I don't die whilst attempting to run the full 5K of Race for Life in a few weeks....which I may have already mentioned a few times....as I'm still quite a bit away from my £500 target, and any sponsorship at all would be very, very gratefully received, and it really couldn't be easier you know - just click the sponsorship link below and follow the instructions! Easy peasy! 

Sponsorship Link

Thank you so very much xx

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  1. Hello Karen, I am so delighted to discover another SW blogger! Congratulations on your most awesome of journeys - you must feel like a million dollars! What an inspiration you are!