Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Frustrated At Every Turn

Today has seemed rather long, probably due to the lack of sleep last night and my shift passing by quite slowly, never a good combination.

I had a rough night, lots of tossing and turning, I'm not quite sure why, but it meant that I was shattered when I got myself to work. Work was a bit frustrating, with lots of stops and starts making the day drag slightly and it was quite late when I got my first break, so I just had something quick.

There were issues on other machines, and so I took the opportunity to ring the Dr's about my blood test results, only to be told I'd need to talk to my GP regarding the results as the receptionist wasn't sure what they meant. More waiting! Breakfast was quite late at work, 10.30, and so I had extra snackage after my overnight oats.

Suitably fuelled, the rest of the day didn't go too badly, with me emailing TOK and my machine running nicely. One more quick break...

...and it was soon 2 o'clock and time for me to escape, via the work shop to sort out some Marvel Kinder toy swaps, and then to pick up Hague from work! I finally got home close to 3pm, rather tired and very hungry, and so it was a very quick meal I threw together.

Pasta, with lots and lots of veggies, plus some cottage cheese stirred in and topped with good old Cheddar, and some fruit and yogurt for dessert. I then got down to the business of sitting and relaxing, not planning on moving a great deal. Not much later my GP rang to explain my blood test results - basically all were normal except for one, which was literally just outside the normal parameters, but it does mean that my body is working a bit harder than it should to keep my thyroid working properly, so I'll be tested again in a few months to see which way that result heads. Although it's always nice to hear that blood test results are okay, it's really frustrating to not have a clear answer to what's going on with my body - especially as an under-active thyroid would explain a lot about how I'm feeling and some of the things I suffer from, we shall see in a few months, until then, it's just a case of wait and see. Not the best news, and so after that it was back to the important task of sitting, but after giving Bayleigh a big ol' fuss and cuddle, I decided that we'd head out for a wander as the weather was briefly pleasant.

Boo's idea of a walk obviously differs from mine, as she spent most of it upside down rolling around in the freshly cut grass rather than actually walking...

...she seemed to enjoy it though, and I enjoyed stretching my legs to have a wee bit of a run with her. Once again frustration set in as for the next two days I'm working 12 hour shifts and so no chance of a run, or a ride, or seeing Hague or anything except sleeping, eating and working *sigh* Once we'd had enough fresh air and grass we headed home, and I sorted myself out a light(ish) dinner so I don't wake up hungry in the night, as I'll be heading up stupidly early this evening.

It was rather an eclectic, but tasty meal, with sausages, roasted tomatoes, cheese slices and eggs atop toast, but it worked! Dessert was yet another Marvel Kinder egg, and yet another one without the single Green Goblin toy we need to complete our collection! Gah! 

Food Diary - Green

Free Food
black forest fruits
fat free yogurt
low fat cottage cheese
Shape 0% fat yogurt
low fat Quorn sausages
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
A - 3 Asda reduced fat cheese slices
B - Quaker multi-grain porridge oats
B - HiFi bar

Crispy Fries                                3½
2 slices Warburtons wholemeal   5
Kinder egg                                 5½

Total syns                                   14

No Slimming World group for me tonight either, I had actually been looking forward to going, but when I was asked to work an extra 12 hour shift on Thursday the realisation that that would mean me not really seeing a great deal of Hague until Friday changed that. It's not a habit I want to get into. I enjoy going to group, and it's not a habit I plan on breaking, although after our off plan day on Friday, I might not actually be getting on the scales for a while yet, as the freedom from them is rather liberating!

So as time is getting on now - it's 7.20 - I shall bid you all a goodnight, and warn you that it's unlikely that I'll manage to blog again until Friday. Leaving the house at 5am, and getting home at around 6.30pm doesn't leave you much time to do anything more than eat dinner, get a quick bath and head to bed. Roll on the long weekend, or as I'm working Saturday as well, it'll just be a standard two-dayer for me! A busy one at that, poor Margot is going to feel rather neglected :o(


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