Monday, 31 March 2014

Where Have The Days Gone?

Blimey, one day I'm all up to date with my blog, the next I owe you all days and days of updating! I've been busy over the weekend, but not that busy that I couldn't have got my lazy fingers onto a keyboard and told you what I've been eating...

One very important thing that I did manage to do was finally sign up for Race for Life. Some of you may remember that I walked it last year, and managed to finish in a not too terrible time of 48 minutes and 48 seconds as I walked my way around the 5K course.

Since that day I've lost 3st 6½lbs and completed the Couch to 5K programme, so I'll be running the whole race this time, so please, if you can spare anything at all, even a few pence, please sponsor me HERE there is also a button at the top of the page :) Thank you!

Anyway, back we go, this time right back to (holy crap has it been that long...) Thursday! I shall whizz through these extra days, rather than blanket bomb you with all my food diaries though! All week I've been following the same plan, as advised by Claire, so I've been on the Extra Easy plan that is now the norm for most Slimming Worlders out there, and I've been limiting my syns to 10 a day rather than 15 all in an effort to finally FINALLY get the scales moving again. 

Thursday involved much walking - we walked all around Yarmouth, and visited places as diverse as our local spice man where we picked up some BereBer and BBQ seasoning, TKMaxx, where I had to get this mug and this tea ...

...and as we were passing, we popped into Tesco to see if that had that rarest of FryLights, the holy grail of spray oil...garlic...

Yay! Foodwise, my Extra Easy, 10 syn day looked rather a lot like this...

The curry was made with the BereBer seasoning so for my tastebuds it was HOT, but it was delicious as well, as hot food doesn't hurt when you're trying to lose weight after all! Apart from that, pretty standard fare really! 

Friday wasn't quite as full of walking as Thursday, although it did involve yet another visit into town, so yet another coffee, and the joys of the weekly shop. I also listened to Hague and Keith on the radio, which is always good fun, they're on at if you ever fancy a listen!

That's how Friday tasted, very strawberry heavy, but hey, those delicious little sods are superspeed, every little helps! I'd also finally got through to work on Friday, so knew what I'd be working for the week ahead, which settled my over active brain down slightly so I could enjoy the weekend before going back. Saturday started rather late, with kickboxing for Hague at 12.30, a run for me whilst he was out, and then a mosey into town (for a change) after the football, where I decided that dressing up needed to happen. Sometimes red lippy and a pretty dress is all you need to lift a mood after all.

We have changed SO much in two years, it's just mad! Anyway, the evening was spent chatting to TOK and planning how my little bedroom will be transformed (at some point) from a laundry cum dumping room to a beautiful little haven for day...I also discovered the delights of Sarah & Duck - which is now one of my favourite TV shows, as it had me lol-ing away nicely, never a bad thing.

An earlyish night for us as Sunday was a hugely exciting day. Hague's kickboxing club was having a skills tournament, and so it would be his first time ever in the ring, he couldn't wait! However, he had to wait as he had to go to work first, and so when I picked him up, it was a quick change for him, a 3 minute prep for a slow cooker soup for me and off we went. For some reason it hadn't dawned on me that eating breakfast at about 9am, and the tournament not ending until around 6pm left rather a large gap without food, so I had to have an emergency run to Tesco, but I didn't miss his fight - and was rewarded with 10p tubs of fruit for my efforts anyway :)

I was beyond proud of him, ever since I've known him Hague has wanted to get back into martial arts, and him losing the weight, and keeping it off as meant that he is now closer to fulfilling his dream of a professional fight. He was absolutely buzzing all night, I was just gutted that I had to get myself to bed early as a 4.30 alarm beckoned :( Foodwise, it was once again completely on plan!

Are you still with me after all that?? Good going if you are! So finally we're onto today, a day I'm never overly fond of, the Monday of earlies, even knowing the shift would only be 6 hours due to my phased return wasn't enough to fill me full of the joys of Spring, but even with JadeyPuss somehow managing to sneak upstairs during the night I managed to have a reasonable night's sleep, but was still as groggy as hell once I woke up. Of course I'd left it far too late to get any petrol, and so I drove into work on fumes. Start up is always reasonably relaxed and so I managed to get my breakfast eaten quite early, during my first break.

Fruit, a wee bit of toasted couscous and fat free natural yogurt, always a good breakfast for work, as it's easy to prepare the night before - especially if you have a rather wonderful boyfriend that does it for you - and it's nice and filling. Work wasn't as bad as it has been, I didn't feel overly anxious as I had been the previous week, and although I was really tired, I got through the day, during my other break I had myself this little lot to keep me going though.

It reached midday nice and quickly though, and then I could get myself home (via the petrol station as things were getting desperate) and to a lovely home cooked lunch from Hague.

Mushroom omelette and cheesey chips, with extra light mayo. Yummy! The decision was then made by both of us to have a "small" nap. Mine lasted 2½ hours. Oops. This is part of the reason that I really don't like earlies, I get so shattered that I need to nap after work, which then stops me sleeping early at night, which then leaves me tired the next day. I know I don't help myself, but to be honest, I'm not the world's best sleeper anyway - so the odd nap won't hurt, right?

The icing on the Monday Cake arrived in the shape of a phonecall from my Dad, informing me that I'd been caught speeding whilst we headed down for the party a fortnight ago. Oh the joy. It's always something, bang goes most of the spends I'd had saved for my weekend away at TOK's! Whilst Hague watched Midnight Cowboy, I turned my mind to dinner, and I fancied using the pak choi I'd picked up for 7p in Tesco and so went with a stir fry.

I might be saying so myself, but the stir fry was amazing, not entirely sure why, as it was pretty standard, with garlic and ginger, my Chinese spice grinder, Wok FryLight (the last of - sob), and then soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce, the sauce went all rich and sticky and it was just delicious! I even have some of the veggies left for tomorrow, as I always overestimate a stir fry! In between dinner and my dessert of blueberries and yogurt I had a chat with Claire (my Consultant), who has been looking over my food diaries this week in an effort to get to the bottom of my hard time at the scales recently. She gave me a few good tips about planning my meals a bit better, and trying to up my proteins as well as mixing up my meals. It's so nice to have someone who cares so much about your journey, and wants to help. I do hope that something will work soon and I'll get some nice, steady small losses again soon. Believe me, looking up how much I weighed for the last Race for Life 10 months ago and seeing I'm less than 3½st lighter did not make me a happy Karen. *sigh*

With dinner done with and the clock racing towards 8 o'clock, I already have to be thinking about bed, which I'll be heading to soon, accompanied by a hot chocolate and a precious Christmas pudding HiFi bar!

Food Diary (Monday) - Extra Easy

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
toasted couscous
pak choi
soy sauce

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - HiFi

Crispy Fries                                       3½
2 tbsp Hellmanns extra light mayo       1
2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce                     3
Options hot chocolate                        2
Dash of milk                                      ½

Total syns                                          10

So there we have it, five days in my life, whizzed through in a bit of a whirlwind! I've managed to keep on the self induced strait jacket of Extra Easy with 10 syns all week, so I do hope the scales are kind this week - I'm not feeling too hopeful though, once again I'm feeling bloated and fat, so we shall see! If it's not a great result I might go back to Success Express, as I seem to find that easier than Extra Easy! Hopefully with me working shorter shifts this week I'll actually manage to get blogs up for you on a daily basis rather than this haphazard pattern I've been following recently!

Oh, and just in case you've forgotten about the start of this blog, and my plea for sponsorship, I shall handily plop a link down here for you as well ;o)

Be lovely, and sponsor me right HERE 

Thank you xx

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  1. I'm impressed you whizzed through 5 days so fast! That's amazing when you compare yourself to last year's race for life and what you've done since then, you're doing so brilliantly :)