Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Weigh In's and Worries

Today has been a strange day, with good things, annoying things and the ever-building anxiety about my return to work. It started very early (for me) though as Hague was off to work, his first in a new job as a relief carer and so I took him before heading back to bed. I didn't sleep though, just tossed and turned, pretty much like I had done all night and so I was even more tired when I went to collect him, and so just threw on my pyjamas and sat in the car....

Hague then knocked on the window, telling me they were halfway through watching a film and to come in - and so Glenys and Keith got a view of the Other Karen, a far cry from the one they had seen the day before! At least I'd put shoes on and not just driven in my slippers! 

Once we were done I got myself something to eat, just a light breakfast/brunch with a new food to try, a Nak'd cereal bar that was reduced at Tesco.

The fruit is topped with one of the new Danio yogurts, the honey one - which was delicious, big thumbs up. The nak'd bar was really nice too, mostly smooshed up fruit and so it was very sweet and tasty, not entirely sure it was worth the 5 syns though, but I might have to try the banana bread flavour for 4½. After eating, I decided to try and get more sleep, as my first shift back at work tomorrow is a night shift, so I need to keep myself up late. This nap was a wee bit more successful, with me finally dropping off after exchanging texts with my Mum and TOK for a while. I got up just in time to head for weigh in, and decided to walk in once more - anything to help get a loss!

I met Sacha on the way, and then popped over to Aldi to get my goodies for the Slimmer of the Week basket as the queue was so long, the one drawback of having a fab Consultant and group, a LOT of people to weigh in! At least it meant I got my 30 minutes of walking under my belt to get another Pact ticked off for the week.

I guess it was a successful weigh in, with another ½lb shifted, after all a loss is a loss - but I'm STILL heavier than I was before Christmas, there's slow, and there's really, annoyingly, frustratingly slow...

So I have a decision to make - carry on doing what I'm doing, try a week of Extra Easy, which would just mean me dropping one of each HE, or chuck in a few Success Express days. I need to have a ponder, as I want to get to target, and my 40th birthday seems to be looming sooner and sooner! I'd picked up a Costa on the way to group, and the fabulous Sam shared her HiFi's with me so for once my stomach wasn't joining in the applause during group.

I even won the raffle, first time in ages, and so I left group not feeling too sorry for myself! I walked home and got straight into preparing dinner. Pasta is always a favourite after group as it's nice and  quick.

There is pasta in there, honest!! It's rather drowned by courgette, pepper, cherry tomatoes and kale - plus both my HeA's of reduced fat mozzarella. Rather lovely it was too, dessert had to wait until I'd picked up Hague from kickboxing though.

Just blueberries and yogurt - an oldie, but a goodie. With me needing to stay up late, and Hague also working quite late tomorrow, we've been watching Carry On films once more as the evening drifts away into morning. I got hungry again too, and so sorted out a late tea.

Mushrooms and tomatoes on toast, with a couple of eggs. A couple more films and I was ready for dessert, also feeling rather pleased with myself for lasting out until the small hours! No, it's not deja vu, I did have fruit and yogurt. Again. A different new Danio this time, mango.

Just a hot chocolate and the rest of Carry on Cleo now stands between me and bedtime....and then work....

Food Diary

Free Food
frozen black forest fruits
cherry tomatoes
Activa 0% yogurt
sharon fruit

Healthy Extras
A - (both) - 65g reduced fat mozzarella
B - HiFi bar
B - 60g wholemeal bread

honey Danio                                1½
Nak'd banana crunch bar             5
milk in drinks (2)                          1
10g wholemeal bread                   1
mango Danio                               1½
Indulgence hot chocolate              3

Total syns                                     13

So here I am, less than 24 hours away from my return to work. I know my moods have improved, and the panicky feelings are much better than they were - but here I am, feeling worried and anxious about going back. My rational mind knows that it's silly, work is work. It'll be fine, but my mind just doesn't want to play ball and so is making me worry. I'm hoping that by staying up late, and then having a hot chocolate and some of my sleeping tablets will mean that at least I'll sleep rather than staying awake with a whizzing mind full of worry! At least it gives me something else to think about other than my super slow losses eh? 


  1. Judt wanted to say thank you I made your mitchy soup and it tastes so much
    Like heniz soup, and makes loads nice and thick may have over done the spaghetti though lol what pasta do u use, once thanks so much Sebastian x

    1. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I just use very small pasta, usually macaroni, you really don't need much, especially if you put it in a slow cooker! On the positive side, if you DO use too much, you've pretty much got yourself a veggie stew :)

    2. God it totally filled me up and this morning weight loss was huge cant thank you enough x

    3. Fantastic news! Proper pleased for you! x