Monday, 3 March 2014

Warning - Many Selfies Ahead!

Hello there...remember me? Once again it's been a while since I've blogged, mainly as I've been all weary at night, very naughty of me. So once more I shall be whizzing you through the last few days, back to Thursday it is then...

For some reason I had a very, very strange feeling on Thursday. I wanted to clean and tidy. Not just the usual clean and tidy I'd get out of the way before we had visitors, but a proper, pull everything out of where it lives, sort, polish, scrub and clean type tidy, and so that's how we spent rather a lot of Thursday before I had to visit the vets for a job that was never going to be pleasant, picking up FlumpyCat for the last time.

Her little casket is beautiful, and after me shedding a few tears, I headed first to collect a FB purchase of a £4 dress, and then home, where a new home was found for FlumpyCat underneath my side table, so she's next to me, as she always seemed to be when she was alive. Some may think it's silly, but I'm happy she's now back with me, in a small way.

Food wise, this was Thursday - 

Breakfast, lunch and snacks there, dinner was a bit more interesting, as I had picked up a reduced salad in Tesco, an edamame and pea salad, which was syn free and so that featured in my dinner.

It came with a ginger and chilli dressing, which I presumed was free, as I put the information for the whole pack through the calculator and that's what it said. It was really nice, full of flavour and I picked it up for 10p. It was a lovely with the jacket spud and roasted peppers. So that was my stand out meal for Thursday. Unsurprisingly I was knackered and so we headed up to bed reasonably early after a nice soak.

Friday was an early start, as I was having some pictures taken and wanted to look human and so needed plenty of time to get myself ready...

I've finally given up the ghost with my fringe, as it's now long enough to clip out of the way! Roll on next month and enough money to get it trimmed back in! I fancied a change so straightened my hair too! With lots of pictures taken, including plenty of me and Hague (at last), we headed into town, on our daily mission to get me out of the house. Friday included heading to Asda to pick up some "before" photos for the Greatest Loser group on Tuesday and then a general mosey, including a visit to the EE shop to see what they could do for me as it's finally my phone upgrade day, answer was "not a lot" and so off home we went in time for Asda to deliver our weekly noms.

Friday food looking a little bit like this - 

Yes, there are three meals there already, Breakfast, Lunch and my OMG I'm hungry and I have a B left late supper. Standout meal of the day for me was dinner, utilising my other 10p salad.

Quorn chunks with various veggies, noodles, the salad, and of course the dressing, which was plenty enough to flavour the whole meal. I'll definitely be getting it again - especially as the salad is normally reduced!

I was shattered on Friday, we did walk quite a bit, and so headed to bed whilst Hague finished off his Mission Impossible marathon.

We should have been up with an alarm clock again on Saturday, as Hague had a phone interview for B&Q (fingers crossed please?), but instead we were woken up by the Postman, neither of us were expecting anything and so when he came upstairs with an enormous box, for me, I was SO excited...inside the box was a truly wonderful surprise, that certainly put a smile on my face....

 I never get bought flowers, never, and so to have a perfect bunch, of my favourite colours and flowers delivered "just to make me smile" was the best start to a day I've had in a long time. You know something, this Slimming World journey of mine has changed my life in many ways, but the best thing it's done is bring the ever wonderful Karen Pursey AKA my TOK into my life. She truly is the most amazing friend I could ever wish for - I count myself genuinely blessed to have her in my life. Back to our early morning then, and as the phone call came nice and early we could relax for a little while before I had to ship him off to the station. Once I'd dropped him off I had my daily excursion, having an explore around town, treating myself to a £6 dress in the New Look sale, some large jacket spuds, chocolatey soap, WW petit pains and more garlic salt! Phew! I can't be trusted out and about on my own! I got back in time to watch the football and sort myself out a quick lunch. The rest of the day was pretty much spent in front of the telly, enjoying the chocolates that had been hidden in my flowers box and relaxing.

Meal wise, Saturday tasted a bit like this - 

The chocolates worked out at 2 syns each, and so accounted for most of my synnage. The stand out meal was dinner (again) an oven baked risotto which I rung the changes with by using half rice and half pearl barley.

Lots of veggies in there, as well as the pearl barley and rice, and served on top of big mushrooms and with some carrots (more reduced Tesco goodies). My HeA of blue cheese triangles were stirred in too. A delicious meal, that was quickly followed by a nice soak.

So that's the last few days covered very, very quickly for you - well semi-quickly as I do tend to like to share all the random bits and bobs of my days, plus lots of photos, speaking of which, I dragged out a hat on Saturday, as my straightened hair from Friday was looking a tad frizzy and sorry for itself and didn't want to behave and so it was definitely a Hat Day. A hat I hadn't worn for a long time, but obviously have a penchant for doing selfies whilst wearing...

Same hat, different face! 

Anyway, I think that's enough pictures of me for one blog, so lets head into Sunday. As I'd finally managed to pick up my prescription, I took one of the sleeping pills and nodded off nicely, and stayed asleep for most of the night. Wonderful! I still didn't want to get up though when the alarm went off - again - far too many alarm clocks set this week. Today's was for a table-top sale, where I was hoping to shift some of the various items of odds and sods that accumulate in a house over the years. First though, a quick breakfast.

Fruit, yogurt and muesli, there is a banana, plum and persimmon fruit in there. Still determined to get a loss this week! With that eaten, and about a zillion boxes of stuff loaded into the car, off I headed. The table top sale was to raise funds for a local Community Centre, and was organised by a local Swing and Jive club, and so there were lots of beautiful vintage bits and bobs and pretties and clothes there! As a lot of the members are also members of my SW group, there were even SW friendly cupcakes there, baked by the lovely Glenys, and which were delicious, they just melted in the mouth. Small, but perfectly formed, and well worth the 3 syns.

With not much sold, and me spending some of the money I did get...

(size 12 River Island gorgeous pooofy skirtyness) wasn't the most successful of sales, but it was nice to get out, and get some style inspiration from all the ladies who looked utterly amazing as they wandered around in their vintage clothing. Just fabulous! By the time I'd packed up and got home (and picked up another FB purchase) it was gone 5pm and so I was rather a lot peckish and so sorted myself a rather epic (if I do say so myself) dinner.

Double decker burgers with chips and salad, with some of the syn free Aldi cottage cheese with pineapple! I do love cottage cheese with pineapple, and thought it was all synned - but no! Yay! Dessert took a while, as frozen fruit does take about a thousand years to defrost :o(

It did eventually though, and I spent the time productively watching Come Dine With Me for a change - can you tell Hague is in Barnsley? There is a Liberte honey yogurt and a couple of Asda mini meringues on top too. Somehow the evening pretty much disappeared in a haze of CDWM and texts being exchanged between me and TOK and me and Hague and before I knew it I was feeling hungry again, and so the leftover risotto from yesterday came to the rescue.

I roasted off a pepper and mushrooms and then just put the risotto on top and then had my HeA of cheddar on top. Somehow though it didn't fill me up, despite me having a couple of cups of green tea to wash it down and so I knew it was hunger. As I'd managed to forget to turn the oven off after roasting off my veggies - chips it was, with a rather decadent splash of extra syns on a tablespoon of extra light mayonnaise.

So now I'm up to date, still glued to the sofa watching people cook for other people who hate their cooking, munching on some grapes and wondering why I don't move and go to bed! .....such is life when Hague isn't here!

Food Diary (Sunday)

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
cherry tomatoes
Aldi cottage cheese with pineapple
frozen black forest fruits
leftover risotto

Healthy Extras
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 40g simply fruity Dorset Cereals muesli
B - 60g wholemeal bread

mini cupcake                                                      3
30g wholemeal roll                                             3
4 Asda meat free burgers                                   2
cheese slice                                                        2
Liberte honey yogurt                                          1½
2 mini meringues                                                1½
tbsp ketchup                                                      1
tbsp mustard                                                       1
tbsp extra light Hellmann's mayo                          ½

Total syns                                                          15½

I'm not going to get too stressed over that ½ syn. I wanted something to dunk my extra chips in something, and so mayonnaise it was :o) I've only had my full 15 syns once this week, so in the scheme of things that ½ syn isn't a problem.

Sorry for leaving it so long again - with getting myself out every day, I'm finding myself  very tired in the evenings and my concentration still isn't too great if I'm honest, and so when I start getting tired I just don't have the brain power to think about my day, let alone write it down, hence the very sparse recap of my days! Hopefully I'll be back to more regular blogging next week, as it's very much part of my routine and that's what I need to get back to - my regular routine, to include work, blogging and having a brain that works and remembers things and stuff! Things are definitely getting better though, I'm managing to find good things in most of my days - something that would have been impossible a couple of weeks ago, so onwards and upwards I go!

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