Tuesday, 4 March 2014

So Pink and So Proud!

Today was always going to be more exciting than normal, it involved new things and awards, what's not to like? 

We even got a big old lie in, despite Bayleigh's best efforts to get us out of bed much, much earlier. It was gone midday by the time we both crawled out of bed, but after our recent nights of restless rest it was much needed. I was hoping to be woken up by the delivery man with my new phone, but alas, it was just my bladder.

Once up, it was onto the tea once more, and I got myself a light brunch as it's weigh in day. 

I then had to wait...popping my head up like a Meerkat every time I heard a van approaching. Eventually it actually was a ParcelForce van and so I finally have my new phone. It's VERY pink! O.O

I'm still waiting for it to do it's upgrading thingie so I can use it as a phone, as my number hasn't yet transferred, but it's all updated and ready to go. Here's hoping my cover arrives tomorrow! With so much excitement, you'd think we were done for the day, but no! I got a FB message from a friend whom Hague has applied for a job with asking if he was available for an interview this afternoon....but of course he is! So it was a quick change and then we headed out to the Norfolk countryside for his interview. Which actually ended up with us chatting quite a lot, playing with 5 dogs and being shown around the mill for an hour and a half :o) I thoroughly enjoyed it! We were there so long that it was very much a get in, get changed and get back out again move before weigh in, so please excuse me looking a bit windswept in my piccies! Yes, you have piccies today as it was the Greatest Loser competition in group this week, and with a loss of 11st 6lbs, that's me :o)

I had a loss at last too, of 1lb, so I was relieved to finally be going down again. It's the second year I've won it, but that doesn't make it any less special to me. It's just a bit weird for me looking at my old clothes and old pictures, as I still see myself as closer to how I looked in those to how I look now, it's a strange feeling to not see yourself how you are! Here are the pictures I took as my before shots to share with my group....

Not sure why this is the Karen I identify with more...perhaps it's because that was me for so long. One day my head will catch up! After group, which was a fab group, with some stonking losses for some of my friends and lots of nattering it was a rush home to get Hague to kickboxing before I could have some dinner.

A jacket spud with Asda smartprice macaroni cheese (with spring onion, mustard and cherry tomatoes mixed in) topped with cheese and with some baby carrots and spinach on the side. I'd been fancying a jacket potato since yesterday when it seemed half my SW group were having them for lunch and posting pictures of them, so it went down a treat. Not long after I'd eaten I had to collect Hague and so whilst he sat down to his dinner, I had my dessert, which was lush.

I've got (defrosted) frozen blueberries and black forest fruits, with my HeB of vanilla prunes and it's topped with a Liberte yogurt and 4 mini meringues, it was utterly gorgeous, tasted so decadent. Perhaps I should have had pancakes but the effort just seemed far too much! As Hague has another interview in the morning, we'll be heading to bed soon. Here's hoping that I manage to sleep after such an eventful day!

Food Diary

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
spring onions
black forest fruits

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar cheese
B - HiFi bar
B - 70g vanilla prunes

Asda smartprice macaroni cheese              3
1 tbsp american mustard                           1
Liberte honey yogurt                                 1½
4 Asda mini meringues                              3

Total syns                                                 8½

Not a bad day today, my mood has been pretty good, and no anxiety, even whilst we were wandering around the mill and I was standing up in front of my group. Perhaps I was hoping for a slightly bigger loss after the last few weeks of frustration, but at this point I'll take any loss, I just hope that I finally get my 11½st award back next week!

So...happiness...it's day 2 of my #100happydays challenge, and I needed to record that in a photograph, I think that despite my new phone being very exciting, it doesn't work yet, and so doesn't count, and besides, being a Big Ol' Loser, in my universe, is most definitely something to be happy about, and so it was my keepsake for winning that became my photograph, and my happy reminder for day 2.

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