Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sleep, Stress, Love

Here we are, a mere day after my last blog I've managed another one! This might be down to the fact that I haven't done a great deal today though, as a weary little me spent most of the day in bed!

I'd set my alarm for 9.30 so I had time to get up and get myself to Slimming World this morning to check out the damage I'd done over the weekend, however, I was ridiculously tired and groggy and so re-set the alarm to 11.30 for work. I was still knackered then as well though, and so a quick text to work got my hours changed from 2-6 to 6-10 to give me some more snoozing time!

I got myself up at 3 in the end, feeling much more rested, and had me a rather large dinner. Something I've not had for a while due to my Success Express week - a big bowl of pasta!

There is a LOT of veggies in there, but much as I'd like to claim that it's 1/3 pasta, it was probably closer to half and half, and it was lush! Plenty of cheese too, with my HeA of soft cheese and topped with my HeB of stilton. Not long after I'd eaten that, I had a quick dessert and then got myself ready to work, via the Post Office as it's TOK's birthday tomorrow :o)

I got into work a bit early, and so started a bit early, at 5.30. It wasn't too bad I suppose, once again the first half of the shift seemed easier than the second half - I'm really not sure why though. I just start getting anxious, and feel like I can't cope after a while, even though I'm blatantly coping as I'm there....stupid head. I only had the one snack at work as well.

I did take part in the #nomakeupselfie campaign as well, as I'd been nominated twice (thanks for that Hailey and Gemma) and posted it up on Facebook, and as it's for Cancer awareness, figured it made sense to actually donate too! So I text "Beat" to 70099, which donates £3 - just imagine the money that would be raised if every make up free selfie meant a £3 donation? Wow! Anyway, selfies and snacks aside, it finally turned to 9.30 and I could head home!

Dinner was waiting for me, courtesy of me for a change, as I'd put a soup in the slow cooker before I'd left home. We have a freezer full of soup mix packs as we keep picking them up for about 8p at Tesco, and so I just threw one of those in, a tin of tomatoes and a tin of mushy peas with a bit of water and stock. I served it up with a couple of cheese rolls.

Delicious and filling, just what you want afteer what has seemed to be a long shift! I followed it up with a lovely bowl of fruit and yogurt - got to have it at least once a day right?

My ultra exciting day, is pretty much drawing to a close now though as I've decided to get up with Hague in the morning and stay up, get myself out and about, as I'm missing the outside and am wondering if that's why I'm struggling this week, certainly can't hurt to get some fresh air anyway eh? 

Food Diary 

Free Food
veggie soup mix
chopped tomatoes
mushy peas
frozen black forest fruits
Activia 0% yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 75g reduced fat soft cheese
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 30g Stilton
B - 60g wholemeal bread

dash of milk in coffee                     ½
Danio honey                                  1½
Crispy Fries                                  3½
30g wholemeal bread                    3

Total syns                                      8½

Quite a dull day I'm afraid, but another shift completed at work, and another day on plan - so small victories. I'm still plugging away at the #100happydays project too, today was Day 17 and in a short, uneventful day, it was a previous target of mine, a huge NSV from times past - the climbing of the four flights of stairs to reach the production floor at work - that I chose, as it does still make me happy that I can manage those stairs without any second thoughts now, they used to terrify me.

Oh, and as I know she'll not be reading this until the morning - or if she is up late then it's so close anyway - I want to wish my fabulous, wonderful, amazing friend Karen - AKA My TOK a truly sparkle-tastic birthday of amazeballs-ness, full of love and treats and joy and magic, as she deserves it. Love you Hunni Bean xxx

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