Thursday, 27 March 2014

Scales and Scale

Oh Tuesday - the anticipation and nervousness of the simple act of getting on a set of scales - they seem to come around so quickly! I've managed to wean myself out of the lazy girl habit of sleeping for most of the day on my week off to limit my food intake though, and so I was up early(ish) and got myself a nice breakfast sorted before we headed into town - just for a change...

Nothing too heavy, but I rather enjoyed it :o) Way back near the start of my journey, I blogged over a few weeks about some of the reasons I had for losing weight, included in those reasons were gems such as wearing vintage style clothing, patterned tights and New Rock boots, well yesterday I went for the full house as it were...

I know my clothes choices are not to everyone's taste - but I felt good yesterday, in a way that words can't describe sometimes, buying boots and "one size" tights are something most people take for granted, for me, this are huge achievements, and sometimes it's those Non-Scale Victories (NSV's) that keep us going. We had a lovely walk into town, along the sea front, and in a huge change went to Starbucks rather than Costa.

I do wish that all coffee shops did all flavours of sugar free syrup! With that drunk, we pretty much had to get our bums home straight away as I had decided to walk to Slimming World (still in my boots, every little helps when it comes to the scales) so it was a quick in and out for me (ooer Missus). I got to group early, which was a good thing, as I managed to get my hands on 4 of the last 6 packs of the Christmas Pudding HiFi bars. The scales, however, were not so nice, handing me a gain of 3lbs. After a week of Success Express (except my sole Green day on Saturday). I think pee-ed off is an understatement. It seems that no matter what I do, the losses just aren't coming, so now I'm 3½lbs heavier than I was before Christmas, I just wish I knew what to do! I focused on how good I'd felt, and still felt in my outfit, and tried not to let it upset me too much, but a walk home just gave me too much time to ponder and by the time I got home I was rather upset. Success Express went out of the window and I did myself a bowl of cheesey pasta.

Once I'd eaten dinner, and then picked up Hague I had a proper think about my options...I'd been given Fast Forward by Claire, somewhat reluctantly so had that option open to me, although to be honest, for a normal eater, it's a strict plan, for a vegetarian it'd be hugely difficult. I could carry on with Success Express and hope that a full 7 day week on it would finally give me a loss, I could go back to good old Green, give Extra Easy a go, or cut back on my syns a tad. All viable options, and all gave me something to sleep on. Not before a nice soak with Hague and a snack though.

That's why I love Green days, in one plate! Two HeB choices! Yum!

Food Diary (Tuesday) - Green Day

Free Food
Activia 0% yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - (both) - 65g reduced fat mozzarella
B - HiFi bar
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

Hobnob Flapjack                            7½
milk in coffee (3)                             1½
tbsp honey                                      2½

Total syns                                       11½

A combination of earplugs, sleeping pills and eye mask meant that I slept quite well, despite a soundtrack of Jason Vorhees murdering people to lull me to sleep... In fact, I didn't wake up until nearly 11am, to a Hague that had already been out for a run! So lazy of me! I had given serious thought as to what to do regarding my weight loss, and have decided that this week I'll go with Extra Easy, and sticking to 10 syns a day, Claire seemed pleased with that decision, so we shall see how that goes. I did get my bum out of bed in time to help with breakfast though, and for once, we had the same thing.

With breakfast eaten, I got down to the important business of the day, looking over the Fast Forward information to see just how hard it'd be, as I still think it might be an option for a few days if the scales stay stubborn and nattering away to my poor, poorly TOK. Before too long though I had to get myself up and dressed as I had an appointment with the Dentist. I'm not scared of the Dentist as some people seem to be, but I tend to view them like Doctor's, if nowt is up with my teeth, then I don't go....however, that has led to a situation where I haven't actually got a Dentist in Great Yarmouth, and I've lived here since January 2003....Oops. I have a sneaking suspicion that it might have been as long as 18 years since I've seen one, and that was only to have a wisdom tooth removed. So I was a tad apprehensive shall we say? She was lovely though, and even after all this time, my toothypegs are just fine and dandy. Tad of gum erosion courtesy of my much missed tongue piercing, but other than that, fabulous. So, 39 years of age and still one baby tooth and no fillings. I'm quite proud of that!

I'll shut up about my teeth now as I'm sure you're not even slightly interested in them, and return to my day, which then took us to Asda, with me running my tongue over my scaled and polished teeth pretty much the whole way, as Aakeela (one of our lovely Bus passengers) had posted a picture of the new flavour of Shape yogurt, pineapple and coconut and I decided that I had to try them immediately. In a rather unlikely turn of events our Asda actually had them and so we picked those up, plus some reduced mince and fish for Hague and then wandered ourselves back home, pretty much only just in time for him to talk to his Boys and me to sort out Lunch....which I really shouldn't call Lunch as it was eaten at 6pm.

Homemade veggie soup I'd found in the fridge, heated up with some gnocchi and my HeB choice of bread, as I happily discovered that these 3 slices weighed 60g :o) Sometimes it's the little things that make you happy! Unsurprisingly, dessert involved a Shape pineapple and coconut yogurt.

Big thumbs up from me and Hague with those! After we'd both eaten we finally got around to watching Catching Fire, BlinkBox winning the battle for us to view as they were handing out £6 of credit for a mere quid, good job really as the quality was more akin to video than HD streaming! Still, the film was good and I enjoyed it anyway! After a good few hours of sorting that and then watching the film, it was time for Dinner, and I thought I'd ring the changes a bit with noodles.

I had really fancied sweet chilli noodles, but alas, we had none - we also have no Marmite, which was a rather scary thing to find whilst hunting for sweet chilli sauce, how can a house have no Marmite? Anyway, I ended up just using Soy sauce, plus some garlic and ginger and various grinders and things with the frying veggies, before stirring in the noodles and topping with a couple of the Quorn sticky fillets. Once dinner had gone down, my mind turned to dessert, and as I had 5½ syns left, it pretty much chose itself...

Whilst I ate, Hague was indulging in his apparent favourite pastime of flicking through Netflix to see what's on there, and so I sorted myself out a very milky Chai tea and headed for a bath, whilst he watched Transformers, and after my lovely soak, complete with Secret Eaters - seriously, how can you be eating chicken popcorn, eclairs and chugging away energy drinks and not know why you're gaining weight - it was back to the laptop to get this here blog done and dusted for you all!

Food Diary (Wednesday) - Extra Easy

Free Food
chopped tomatoes
veggie soup
sweet chilli peppers
Quorn BBQ fillets

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
B - 60g wholemeal bread

2 Quorn sausages                               2
5 pieces of Wrigleys Extra gum           ½
100g gnocchi                                     2
Tesco caramel sundae dessert            5½

Total syns                                         10

So, an Extra Easy day done and dusted, with a minute by minute food diary completed for Claire to cast her eyes over next week, including everything I've eaten and drunk all day long. Although I'm really hoping that's not needed and I get a stonking loss next week - and the week after....etc etc!

It does get frustrating when the scales stick, especially when Slimming World have plateau-ing under their myths page. Thing is, I can just keep going and trying new things, or I can give up, and giving up just isn't an option. When I first started my journey, at over 25st and in sz32 jeans, I put my target at getting into sz14 clothes, well I'm there now, but I look down at myself naked and still don't like what I see, my legs are fat, and flabby, I still have far too much in the way of tummy rolls and my upper arms are horrendous, but I'm in sz14 jeans and have several tops in 10's and 12's. Sometimes, numbers aren't everything, but I desperately want to get into that elusive "normal" bracket, for my weight at least, as right now, I'm still obese, by 10lbs, and still practically 3st from my perfectly reasonable 11st target weight. I've had a few telling's off today about my self perception, about how I still see myself as fat, when I'm not - I even planned to keep a pair of sz22 knickers I unearthed today in the bedroom before Hague well and truly told me off. It does make me wonder if the brain does ever catch up completely....when I get to target, I'll be sure to let you all know! :o)

Finally, my blog hit 750,000 views the other day, an insane amount, so I just wanted to say a huge thank you to every one of you for popping in to catch up with my journey, just knowing you're following my progress helps me far more than you'll ever realise, so thank you all so very much x


  1. well done you. I love your blog, good luck with the rest of the week and also on your journey x

  2. I love your skirt, it is gorgeous and I am seriously wanting one (where is it from)?
    I think your blog is brilliant and you have done so well. As a non-slimming worlder, can I ask something? You used to write a lot about Body Magic, as did other Slimming World bloggers that I have looked at via your blog. Do Slimming World still do Body Magic? It seems to have disappeared from blog sites since Christmas - could this be a contribution to your plateau?
    I know your pain when it comes to legs, I have huge tree trunks of legs and am desperate to find a way to shrink them a little bit, but alas, I may have to listen to the staff at the gym and exercise, exercise, exercise!
    I hope you don't think this is me being critical, your blog has helped me a lot in my own battles, and your pictures are so inspiring :-) x

    1. Hiya :)
      My skirt was from Dorothy Perkins, picked up in the sale a few months ago I'm afraid.
      I do still do my Body Magic, and it's still part of SW journeys' I'm not working towards any awards though, as the next one is Platinum, where you have to maintain 2½ hours a week for 4 months, something I've not managed yet.
      I've restarted Couch to 5K, and always walk a lot, being poorly hasn't helped this year either! xx

  3. Loving your blog. And loving your outfit. In sure you will see a result next week on the scales to make up for this week. It's weird how some weeks your body wants to keep hold of the weight no matter what you do. You go girl. You are ace and an inspiration. Xx

  4. Hi Karen
    I've only just discovered your blog but I'm really enjoying it so far - so much so you've inspired me to go back to Slimming World and sort my weight out once and for all! I've struggled in the past as I eat a mainly vegetarian diet (bf is a strident vegetarian) so my SW meals of old became a bit samey and I got bored, but your blog has given me lots of new ideas! Well done on your weight loss so far - a fantastic achievement - and I hope you see more results on the scales next week. x