Monday, 24 March 2014

My Weekend

A whole weekend to recall for you today, I was just far too tired yesterday to stay awake to blog I'm afraid. Saturday started far too early, at 6.30am as it was a Barnsley weekend and I needed to drop Hague off at the station. Normally I'd get myself back into bed sharpish, but as my Nan is still in hospital recovering from a fall, and my Mum was popping down to see her I decided to go along as well to see how she was doing, and so once I was back from the station I got myself some breakfast sorted out, as well as a packed lunch for the journey, as we'd be out all day.

As you can tell from breakfast, I wasn't going to have a Success Express day - it's much easier to eat out and about on Green. Once I'd eaten, I got a nice bath and then headed out to my Mum's for the journey down to London.

It wasn't a bad journey, the A12 slowcoaches didn't hold us up too much and so we got to the hospital reasonably early and spent a good couple of hours with my Nan. It was good to see her looking so much better than I expected. She's 97 this Summer, so any fall is a bit of a worry. It was gone 3 by the time me and Mum headed home, and we had a wee pit stop in a layby for our packed lunches :)

I was working the daisy combo, as you can see! We made good time, and so I was back indoors by about 6.30 where I could get my feet up and ponder what I'd have with the bean casserole I'd left cooking in the slow cooker all day.

Green day meant chips!! Still plenty of super free there though, and quite a bit later I had a snack plate before heading up to bed. The day might have mostly been spent sitting, but I was shattered!

Food Diary (Saturday) - Green Day

Free Food
Activia 0% yogurt
Quorn chicken filler slices
Tesco endamame salad
Tesco bean casserole mix
chopped tomatoes
baked beans
Quorn peppered steak

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 3 babybel light
B - 60g wholemeal bread
B - HiFi bar

5g wholemeal bread                       ½
3 Quorn sausages                          3
Crispy Fries                                  3½
Jacob's oddities                             5½
½ tbsp honey & mustard dressing  ½

Total syns                                      13

For some stupid reason I decided to take Jade up with me to bed. I really don't know why I think she'll just sleep I'm sure, but I live in hope....this wasn't the night though, and she wandered around and generally kept me awake so when I woke up I was rather tired. I was up quite early for me though at around 10.30 and got back onto the Success Express train!

I had one of the new HeB porridge sachets with my fruit - and whilst it was rather nice, I think in future I'll have it separate from the fruit as the flavour was lost slightly. I then got to the business of the day, plonked in front of the telly with the animals.

In a huge change from the norm I was watching My Kitchen Rules, as recommended by my Mum rather than the usual Come Dine With Me! Alas, I was struck with worms again and so not too long after breakfast my mind turned to lunch!

Some of the leftover bean casserole, along with some roasted swede and cabbage, leek and sprouts, I followed it up with a rather large, snacky dessert to accompany me on my television marathon.

I do like to graze at times! I'm also addicted to the lovely little flapjacks! Whilst I was picking at my food and texting Hague he informed me that he was going out for a run. As you may have noticed, I've not been out for a run in a few days and I registered the fact that I was slumped on the sofa, with one of my GymPact's for the week still outstanding. Not one to splash out $5 on a fine for not exercising I figured I'd get my lazy bum off the sofa and out for a run! I managed to complete the second run of week 5 though, so next up is the 20 minute run again. Not so nervous this time as I know I can do it, and so much of running is in your head!

Of course, after a run, it was bath time, and as I've noticed that I'm snacking on a lot of fruit whilst on SE, I changed it up with a vegetable snack in the bath.

It was then right back to the sofa :) When the worms demanded more food, after several more episodes of My Kitchen Rules, I decided on a lasagne, stuffed full of veggies.

It was lovely! I had some of the filling left, and so have mixed that in with the remaining bean casserole to become....well...something meal shaped in the future! After eating that little lot, and having a drink, I decided that I was indeed still hungry and so had the rest of the lasagne.

Just two pasta sheets in there to keep the carb levels down :o) It really was rather tasty, I think the lobbing in of a stock pot with the veggies and tomatoes helped. Dessert was simple.

It was also eaten rather late, whilst having a little FaceTime chat with Hague (and Jade who insisted on being in front of the camera for most of the call). As I'd not had the greatest of nights, and had been nattering to Hague for ages, I didn't get this blog up yesterday and headed up to bed, with a hot chocolate and my HiFi bar - what will I do once these little beauties are no more? :o(

Food Diary (Sunday) - Success Express

Free Food
black forest fruits
bean casserole
sharon fruit
Activia 0% yogurt
chopped tomatoes
fat free yogurt
lasagne sheets

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - Quaker Oatso Simple multigrain porridge (fruit muesli)
B - HiFi Bar

Lindor bunny                         3
Hobnob flapjack                   7½
Highlights hot chocolate         2

Total syns                              12½

So that was my weekend! I ended it last night with a bit of a plea for help on Facebook, asking people if I was eating too much, as I'm getting very frustrated by my stalling gains at the moment. I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful support network, although I am desperately hoping that Success Express works for me this week. Much as I'm over the moon with the weight I've lost, I'm STILL obese, and still have plenty left to lose. Roll on Tuesday when I can be put out of my misery!

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