Saturday, 8 March 2014

Mediums, Mobiles, Much Stress and Mahoosive Blogs!

It's been four days again. I really don't know where the time goes when I don't blog, it just seems to disappear into a black hole and before I know it I owe you all days and days again!

In a change from my regular blogging catch up's I haven't actually been on plan the entire time - Thursday evening was the exception, where stress just led to us fancying a drink, so booze wise we went off, food wise I've been a good girl.

Wednesday was when the stress started, my phone was finally ported over and so off we went to flog my old one - to be told by two places it didn't work. Normally not a problem, but as I knew my phone was worth well over £100, I'd already spent that on my new phone. This is not a situation I wanted to deal with and so I was rather stressed when I headed to see Sally Morgan with my Mum and Sister, I headed home, still rather stressed and got myself fed and up to bed. There were some highlights, including me splashing out 8½ syns on this little beauty in Starbucks.

A spiced vanilla latte, according to the website there are 8 syns in it (using calories as a guide) and it was totally worth it! 
In between stressing out and bed there was Sally Morgan...

...and food that looked like this during my day:

All very yummy. I was hoping Thursday would be better, as an appointment at the Apple store awaited which would hopefully mend my phone. Breakfast had to be eaten first though!

All sorts of lovely sunny fruit, with yogurt, savoury couscous and a NutriGrain breakfast biscuit crumbled on top. 
We then headed to Norwich, where Apple were utterly unhelpful, I got beyond stressed (despite popping in and catching up with a friend in Lakeland and treating myself to some rather yummy food flavourings) and it was many hours later that finally we managed to trade in the phone and replace the money I'd spent on my new one. Relief should have been the overwhelming emotion, but we were both still feeling utterly stressed and so it was a lovely comfort food dinner we had when we got in...

...followed by a much needed drink. The first in a month. Along with our efforts to relax - candlelight and firelight.

It certainly helped, and despite not having huge amounts to drink, it was over our syns - but food wise, our prior planning meant we stayed on plan for the night.

Those are just the peelings from our mash earlier, with a tub of onion and chive cottage cheese, it was the perfect boozy, picky food. Just delicious, and we indulged in dessert too.

So although we oversynned on booze - the syns directory won't even tell me the synnage of cookies and cream flavour Sidekick - we at least kept the damage to a minimum, and more importantly, ended the day feeling a bit better.

I woke up on Friday with the lazies, but not hung over. There was a job fair right on the other side of town, at the race course, and we'd planned to walk, but as I didn't get my lazy bum out of bed until about 1pm, and it was only open until 4pm I decided we'd drive....but after a quick breakfast, I changed my mind and we got our walking shoes on!

It was a glorious day, and I'm so glad we decided to walk as we both really enjoyed getting out and stretching our legs. There were also quite a few promising job leads there, and we even walked a longer way home just to pick up an application form. On our way home I even found my unexpected #100happydays picture. 

A memorial which I never knew was there, for a rather sad disaster, which occurred during a most strange event...but finding things I never knew existed always makes me happy, and so it made the cut for Day 5.

By the time we got home, we were both really hungry and so pasta was decided upon, both with different veggies though!

The pineapple was a bargain, just 50p from M&S and delicious. The rest of the day was pretty much spent trying to chill out again, and investigating local cats that need new homes...Dinner was something different, as I really fancied a wrap, which meant us heading out to Asda to get some, but it was totally worth it.

We picked up some reduced figs too. Yummy! 

So here we are....Saturday! Today! I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning, I'd taken a sleeping tablet and was feeling rather weary, and when Hague asked if I was taking him to kickboxing my initial answer was to stay snuggled up in bed. Getting outside won out though, and so I took him and had planned to have a meander around town - what actually happened was that I met the lovely Kayleigh and spent just about the entire time yabbiting to her before we decided to get in the warm and have a coffee (after chatting outside for nearly an hour) numpties the pair of us!

As you can see, I'd not eaten anything, and a skinny gingerbread latte will never keep anyone going for long, so as soon as we got in, I wanted food! The last of my batch baked soup came to the rescue rather quickly.

I polished it off whilst we watched Soccer Saturday and tried to get through to a couple of ladies with tortoisehell pussumphs for rehoming, without any luck. Good results all round football wise though as West Ham weren't playing and Barnsley won! To celebrate we decided to head out for a run. We've been a bit slack with Couch to 5K again, but we decided to push ourselves and do a week 4 run, which we both breezed through. In fact, we even did a bit more running when we should have been doing our warm down walk - a proper, no holds barred, run. Such fun to be able to do that now, and that feeling inspired my #100happydays picture...

My feet, in my running shoes. A strange choice for happiness for some I guess, but for someone that two years ago weighed over 25st and would avoid walking at all costs, it IS a source of happiness that I can now run, and find it enjoyable, it makes me happy :o)

After our run, it was to the bath I headed, with a large plate of noms for a long soak.

Figs, grapes, a sharon fruit and a pear, with some of the new HeB weetabix crunchy minis, which were gorgeous. Tasted like having sweet little biscuits, so glad we picked them up! After my soak, and finishing my book (the first one I've finished since I've been off work, concentration is returning, yay!) it was definitely time for dinner. I didn't really know what I wanted, and so ended up with something a bit eclectic.

It might look like curry, but it's not. We picked up a reduced squash when we popped to Asda on our wrap run, and so I'd bunged that in the oven. Whilst it was roasting off I cooked some gnocchi and then fried off some mushrooms, a leek and half a courgette. Once the squash/mini pumpkin type thingum was cooked I chopped it up and threw it in with the rest of the veg and added in the gnocchi and sage. The squashkin just melted in with everything, make a rather lovely, gooey mess. Once I'd stirred in my HeA of soft cheese it had created a wonderful rich sauce and I lobbed the lot on top of some watercress, rocket and spinach. It was gorgeous! Just so full of flavour and it felt like a very rich, decadent meal. I followed it up with a very simple dessert of fruit and yogurt.

We've spent the evening enjoying UFC on the tellybox and waiting in vain for any response to my texts and voicemails about pretty kittehs. I still have a HeB choice left, which I will use before bed, I'm just not sure what on yet....I shall update you when I know!

Food Diary (Saturday)

Free Food
mixed vegetable soup (soup mix, chopped tomatoes and mushy peas)
black forest fruits
Activia 0% yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 75g reduced fat soft cheese
B - 30g Weetabix crispy minis (chocolate chip)
B - to be decided...!

Costa medium skinny gingerbread latte (-6syns for the HeA of milk)     2½
Crispy Curls                                                                                        3
200g gnocchi                                                                                       4

Total syns                                                                                            9½

A strange few days, with a massive range of emotions, the thing I need to take from it is the fact that I got through the stress. I may have had some tears and felt awful, but I got through it. I even managed to get a happy day picture, which I didn't think I'd do! 

I've told work I'll be back after this certificate as well, so Wednesday night shift, I'll be back at work. I feel much more ready to cope after getting through Thursday though, so here's hoping the crappyness is at last behind me, behind us, and that 2014 is really going to buck up it's ideas from now on in!

HeB Update:

Just used my HeB, and a couple of syns on this beauty!

Shortly off to bed, nice and full! x


  1. Hi, Karen, you sound much more yourself. Hope you're over the worst, and your depression fades away completely. Congratulations on your award, it is such a fantastic achievement. I'm 5'6 and vegetarian, so I always look with interest at your lovely food, and your new clothes in tiny sizes. M x

  2. Karen, all your meals look fantastic! Have you ever thought of writing a SW recipe book???