Monday, 10 March 2014

Little Steps

Just two days to catch up on today, makes a change eh? We woke up at a reasonable time on Sunday, and decided to head for a local car boot sale. It only started at 9am, but when we arrived just after 11.30 all the stalls were packing up and getting ready to head home, tad disappointing, and so we went into Gorleston instead. Most shops were closed, but we managed to pick up two job application forms for Hague and some Quorn goodies in Farm Foods.

On the way home we decided to pop into TK Maxx in search of coffee syrup (no luck) and into Outfit to have a browse as I had £10 to spend thanks to my wonderful Consultant for winning Greatest Loser. I had a bit of a browse and found some lovely dresses in the sale rails and so tried them on - I'm still shocked when normal sizes fit me, but two size 12 dresses fitting was a lovely turn up for the books, and I got both of them for just £19, so not too bad at all!

So pleased with them! So thank you Claire, and of course I was then inspired for my #100happydays challenge...

This combination of dress size and price most definitely made me happy! Anyway, as you may have noticed we hadn't eaten, and so as soon as we got in Hague got busy making us a lovely roast.

Just 2 syns used there, ½ syn on the honey and mustard dressing on the potatoes and 1½ on the mini meringues. Delicious. We then settled into the sofa for an afternoon of Carry On films, a guilty pleasure for both of us, and after a few of them, we were pondering food once more.

The wraps were lovely, they were stuffed with Quorn sticky BBQ fillets, cheese and salad, with roasted carrots, beetroot and the Tesco endamame salad, followed up with dessert. I'm afraid laziness then continued, with a brief interlude for more noms before we headed up to bed.

Food Diary (Sunday)

Free Food
Quorn roast
frozen fruits
0% Activia yogurt
Quorn BBQ sticky fillets
salad (rocket, watercress and spinach)

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 3 lighter cheese slices (Asda)
B - BFree wrap
B - HiFi bar

½ tbsp Kraft honey and mustard dressing       ½
2 Asda mini meringues                                   1½
Blueberry Danio                                            3
Crispy Fries                                                  3½

Total syns                                                     8½

As we were relaxing in bed last night, I had my last browse through FB and noticed a friend's post regarding her need for a relief carer for her husband, so I posted, nominating Hague and then settled down to sleep...I woke up the next day with a message from her, asking if Hague would like to message her about the job and so he did, and arranged to pop in and see them both. That meant we had to get ourselves fed and presentable - although we had plenty of time and so I put some couscous on to soak and got a cuppa before getting breakfast ready.

I rang the changes a bit today, mixing in 200g of rhubarb with my couscous, muesli and yogurt and topping it all with a banana. I do love my rhubarb, and after moseying around FarmFoods yesterday and seeing how cheap it is in there I'm sure it'll be on my plate more regularly! With breakfast eaten, and me dressed up in my happy daisy clothes we headed out to see Glenys and Keith and after a lovely chat, they offered Hague some work, relief work maybe, but work nonetheless - Hague is so looking forward to starting and it was a rather wonderful turn of events! How do I know Glenys? I'll give you one guess....Slimming World can change your life in all sorts of ways! 

Once we were home, we were straight back out again to get a run under our belts, we are finally following Couch to 5K properly now, and so completed the first run of Week 5 today, the hardest one so far, but still manageable. Once indoors it was time for more food.

Under that mountain of cheese is a jacket potato with ½ a tin of macaroni cheese mixed with cherry tomatoes, leeks and ½ tbsp of mustard, alongside a salad with cottage cheese. Sometimes the simple meals are the best. I then got to work on my Greatest Loser entry form on the Slimming World website, 41 questions worth! I only got partway through when Hague suggested popping to Tesco to see if there were any very cheap veggies on offer - we picked up kale, fennel, a couple of stir fries, and a cucumber for 34p, not too shabby eh? I also picked up some new flavoured Danio's and some ice cream desserts which are wonderfully low syn!

I'm reliably informed that both of these flavours are 1½ syns a pot, and I can't wait to try them! I got stuck into my questionnaire for a bit longer before rustling up a very quick dinner. A 5p stir fry with added Quorn chunks, kale and soy sauce.

Very nice, and it made a change, as I don't often have stir fries. I then followed it up with a rather decadent dessert, one that I'm slowly grazing my way through as I type up this blog.

Grapes, figs, a HiFi and a tub of the Tesco healthy living caramella dessert, which is just 5½ syns. Not too many years ago, ice cream for me would have meant an entire tub of Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Dazs - but that little tub was more than enough for me, totally fulfilling an ice cream craving! The HiFi bar is waiting patiently to accompany a hot chocolate before bed once I'm all blogged out.

Food Diary (Monday)

Free Food
toasted couscous
fat free natural yogurt
cherry tomatoes
Aldi pineapple cottage cheese
stir fry mix
Quorn steak strips
Quorn chicken pieces

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed mik
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar cheese
B - HiFi bar
B - 35g Dorset Cereals simply nutty muesli

200g cooked rhubarb                               1
½ can Asda smartprice macaroni cheese   1½
½ tbsp mustard                                         ½
Tesco HL caramella dessert                      5½
Indulgence hot chocolate                           3

Total syns                                                 11½

Not a bad day food wise, old favourites and new discoveries, and I really did enjoy the ice cream! With Hague starting work tomorrow, it will be an early night for us, well earlier than normal anyway as he has to start at 8am. Means I'll get some telly time tomorrow! The last couple of days have been okay - although I'm starting to rather anxious about returning to work. I know I'll be going back, and I know I'll be okay, but that doesn't stop the worry whizzing around my head. I guess that's just normal, after all, I've come through a lot worse in these last few weeks so I'll get through this too.

I just wish it felt easier!

So tomorrow is quite a big day, new job for Hague, last day away from work for me and weigh in....something I've been trying not to think about as it no longer seems to be a fun thing to do - step on those scales. They're rarely kind anymore and much as I enjoy group, and seeing everyone and hearing how people have got on, I dread the scales and have decided that if they show a gain or maintain again tomorrow I shall take a break and call target for a while - just to take the pressure off a wee bit, as my body seems to want a break - or it has up to now. We shall wait and see.....

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