Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Happy Mondays and Huge Mushrooms

Monday's aren't usually happy, but this one was pretty good! Although I'm in the middle of a phased return, and offering to come in to do some hours during my week off, I've got the rostered week off anyway. Without Jadey as a bed partner I managed to sleep too and woke up well before my alarm, although I only managed a cup of coffee before getting myself up and out to pick up Hague from the station - that ALWAYS makes me happy! 

Once we were back, he could tell me all about his weekend whilst we got some breakfast eaten.

I do love my fruit and yogurt, I topped it with one of the NutriGrain breakfast biscuits which are no longer a HeB, so just synned it. Not long after that, we decided to mosey into town, Hague had to be in town for 4.30 for work anyway, so we figured we'd go in and have a mooch about. As is pretty normal when we mooch I found something I MUST HAVE :o)

Isn't it fabulous? We then headed to Costa for a coffee before Hague had to go to work, I splashed out on a sugary syrup though, so my coffee contained 4 big ol' syns.

I went for salted caramel, which was nice, but probably not different enough to normal caramel to warrant the synnage! A quick wander around the market where I had to buy these mushrooms...

...and it was off to Harbour Radio for Hague to get working as Keith (who he works with) DJ's for the station. I did munch on a couple of clementines whilst I was there, but they weren't hitting the spot and so I abandoned Hague and came home to sort out some lunch.

One of the humungous mushrooms, topped with some of the leftover bean stew / lasagne filling mix and then topped with two HE's worth of mozzarella. It was delicious! With that eaten, I walked back into town to meet back up with Hague and then flumped on the sofa with a little friend...

The time moseyed away with us watching vintage Treasure Hunt and it was soon getting to dinner time, but I wasn't feeling massively hungry, or massively awake and so I had a bowl of fruit again.

I did then want to head up to bed, but was persuaded to hang on a wee bit longer and we watched a documentary before I got myself a hot chocolate and gave up the ghost! I was just too weary to blog for you all last night, so much walking!

Food Diary - Success Express

Free Food
black forest fruits
fat free natural yogurt
beany/lasagne filling type stuff
Quorn peppered steak
sharon fruit

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 65g reduced fat mozzarella
B - 65g reduced fat mozzarella
B - 75g Whitworths vanilla prunes

NutriGrain breakfast biscuit                2½
Costa syrup                                       4
Lindor bunny                                     3
honey Danio                                      1½
Indulgence Options                           3

Total syns                                          14

So another Success Express day under my belt, and a day in which I haven't been hugely hungry. If I don't get a loss this week though, I might have a look at my portion sizes, and maybe my syns, anything to get this weight shifted once more.

I laid in bed last night getting annoyed with myself as I should, realistically be closing in on my 13st award now, even, at a push, being in the final stone countdown to target - but I'm not. I'm still sitting at practically the same weight I was 3 months ago. Comparing your journey to other people's is always a recipe for disaster, but I really am at a loss as to why I'm not getting the losses anymore. In 2014 I have had 4 days off plan, that's it. Four. Without sounding preachy or arsey, I'm sure not too many slimmers could put their hand on their heart and say that, but I'm betting most are still lighter than they were at Christmas!


I know there are still tools in the Slimming World arsenal for me to try, including another (full) week of Success Express, as I had one sneaky Green day this week, and the notorious strait jacket of Fast Forward. I shall see what this evening's weigh in holds for me, and ponder my next move from there....

Wish me luck?

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