Friday, 21 March 2014

Expressing Myself :)

Yep, I'm still on Success Express - I'm still enjoying it too, but I might soon turn into a piece of fruit, although to be fair, when I started on Slimming World I was adamant the only fruit I liked were bananas, melon, strawberries and grapes, maybe a Granny Smith apple at a seeing the variety I eat now is quite an achievement really! For some strange reason I woke up ridiculously early on Thursday, at about quarter to 7. I hadn't gone to bed particularly early either, and had woken up several times during the night, but I was feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed and so I got myself up, coffee-ed and breakfasted before Hague had even stirred for work, a rarity indeed.

So when he joined me in the awake world, I dropped him at work, and then rather than crawling back into bed I got myself out into town, a nice walk in the fresh air to return a too small shirt I'd bought for Hague (damn those pecs of his), and I picked up some of the new Loreal thickening shampoo, when your hair is as fine as candy floss you'll give anything a go, especially when it's only cost you vouchers rather than cash :) So with my jobs done, I headed back home, got on the outside of a snack...

...and then headed off to pick up Hague again, stopping off at FarmFoods to stock up on frozen fruit and Quorn sticky fillets (courtesy of the last of my vouchers). By the time we got back, I just about had time for lunch (thank you slow cooker) before heading off to work.

Work was work, once more I got through it though - just wish I didn't feel so anxious whilst I was there! Snack wise, I went with clementines once more. Seriously, this plan should be called Fruit Express for me at the moment!

As it was TOK's birthday, the day involved much happy texting and emailing with the Birthday Girl, and the posting of many Pug pictures on the Purple Bus and on her timeline, but nothing could compare with the photograph that the fabulous Liz posted of her Pug, Dudley in party regalia....I shall warn you now, that you may die of teh cutes....

I did warn you.....

Seriously, he might just be the cutest birthday boy in the entire world. Ever. I may have to steal him when I have my May-Cation in Bristol. (Thank you for letting me share your beautiful boy Liz xx). If you're still with me, and not still adoring Dudley, I'll whizz back to Thursday night and my dinner after work.

He's good to me that Hague, as he'd sorted this out for me, there are 3 burgers under that mountain of onion. I think I'm okay with my amount of superfree there. I ate that, and then dropped Hague off to kickboxing, and for some reason, despite barely resting all day I decided to do the weekly shop then. Well, to be fair, I didn't plan to, but there was so much fresh stuff reduced in Tesco, I figured I might as well just get the few other bits we needed there, before getting the other vitals in Asda and Aldi. Of course that then meant that by the time I'd got the shopping put away it was time to go and get my sweaty man! 

So it was past 9 by the time I got to enjoy my dessert - bet you can't guess what it is...

Once Hague had eaten his dinner, and I'd enjoyed having my feet up for a wee while, we headed up for a nice soak before bed.

As you can see from my bath snackage, I have a new discovery...I picked up a packet of the Hobnobs flapjacks as they were reduced to just 30p, at 7½ syns each, I figured they'd have to be damn good to be worth it, but thought they'd be worth a try...Oh they're worth it and then some, they're flapjacks with Hobnobby bits in them, they're SO good! Really sweet too, so fab to ease a sweet craving, and for someone who adores flapjacks they're the perfect little snack. Especially at 30p for 5 :)

One good thing did come of all my busyness, I had my first all green FitBit day in weeks and weeks!

Food Diary (Thursday) - Success Express

Free Food
Activia 0% yogurt
veggie soup
black forest fruits
sharon fruit

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 50g Whitworths maple figs
B - HiFi bar

Cheese Curls                          3
3 Asda meat free burgers        1½
tbsp ketchup                           1
honey Danio                            1½
Hobnob flapjack                     7½

Total syns                               14½

What a day! Today has been far more relaxed in comparison, mostly as I only woke up when my emergency alarm went off at 11.30! I only set it "in case" as normally I, or Hague are awake way  before then, not today though and so I didn't have that long to get myself fed and sorted before leaving for work at 1. I wasn't hugely hungry though, so sorted out a light (and fruity again) breakfast with a large coffee.

I had another of the Whitworths breakfast fruits in there too, honey apricots this time, and whilst they're nice, I think I prefer the flavour of the plain dried apricots, so I'll probably just stick to the vanilla prunes and maple figs from now on. I had a little bit of time to relax before work, but not long and all too soon it was 1pm and off I went. Today's happy moment for the #100happydays was when I realised my 80's CD was still in the car from our drive to London, cue much singing along on my journey, that can't help but cheer you up.

I know, I'm really showing my age now ;o)

Work was hard going today, busy, with issues on the machines, but once again, I got through it, and hopefully I'll know what I'm going back to after my week off, as I've asked to be told so I'm not worrying about where I'll be, what I'll be doing etc etc etc whilst I'm off. The joys of a numpty brain! Snackwise, it was clementines to the rescue once more.

I was rather relieved to head home, picking up Hague at Asda en route, mainly as I wanted to get some Quorn bits to lob into a salad for a packed lunch tomorrow as me and my Mum are heading down to see my Nan, whose had a bit of a nasty fall and so is in hospital, Hague is in Barnsley and so I'd rather spend my day productively, otherwise I'd have been glued to the sofa, watching Come Dine With Me (for a change). Bits purchased, we headed home, and sorted out our dinners, both similar, but mine had Quorn sticky fillets and Hague had fish.

Once more, a ton of superfree there, today's potato replacement being butternut squash :o) Dessert was fruit and yogurt (with a teaspoon of honey). We had planned on renting Catching Fire through the tellybox for our evening's entertainment, but as Sky wanted £5.49 that idea was shelved rather swiftly in favour of watching an old favourite on E4. Aliens. Obviously you can't watch a film without snacks right?

That little lot certainly kept me going for a fair old bit of the film, and for a fair old bit of this epic blog! Once both are done and dusted it'll be bedtime for me, as Hague's train is at 7am, and then by the time I've sorted myself and the animals out in the morning it'll be practically time to head to The Parentals and then down to see my Nan! It's all go!

Food Diary (Friday) - Success Express

Free Food
butternut squash
Quorn sticky fillets
black forest fruits
fat free natural yogurt
sharon fruit

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 3 Babybel light
B - HiFi bar
B - 70g Whitworths honey apricots

blueberry Danio                     3
tsp honey                               1
Hobnob flapjack                    7½

Total syns                              11½

So there we have it, another 2 days of Success Express done, and I'm still enjoying it, although I'll be back on a Green day tomorrow just as it's a bit easier when I'm out and about for the day to fill up with a pasta salad. Sometimes a girl just needs pasta ;o)

I'll leave it there, as I've been tapping away forever and my rather handsome man wants the laptop to fill his phone up with telly before his train journey tomorrow! Night! x

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