Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Because I'm Happy..?

Get me - two blogs in two days! Today hasn't been the most exciting of days though, mainly due to the fact that I've been rather tired. I'd like to lay the blame on many things, but it lays firmly on me, and my frankly quite stupid decision to take The JadeyPuss upstairs with me last night. She's been immensely clingy this weekend, and so I thought I'd let her sleep with me.

Problem was she didn't sleep...

This pretty much shows what my night involved - except my eyes were open for most of it as Jadey rotated her way through most of these positions. With added claws. Such fun.

Anyway, I got myself up just about in time to get some breakfast eaten before picking up Hague. Luckily I'd prepared some overnight oats ready for me to have in the morning.

HeB of porridge oats soaked overnight in yogurt and frozen fruits. I'd topped it with a NutriGrain breakfast biscuit too. With that eaten I had to rush about a bit to get Hague, but got him in time, before showing him the various bits and bobs I'd bought over the weekend, all before I let him eat. Bad Girlfriend! We then settled down for a relaxing day in front of the television. One thing I did want to get done was to take a picture of his Hague-ness as I'd discovered a little challenge online that I liked the sound of, 100 Happy Days. Basically, for 100 days you take a picture of something that has made you happy. It seems perfect to help me get myself focused on the good things again, and so I've got myself all signed up with today as my first challenge! Obviously I'll be posting pictures here, but I'll be officially taking part on Twitter, so look out for my #100happydays posts on there (if you follow me of course - I'm TheMinxyMissK) So here is today's effort, the easiest one really, something that makes me happy #1. Hague.

After fashion shows of bargain buys and my photography efforts, I needed a snack, and so had a simple plate of fruit.

The bananas are teeny, hence me having two! After the first Predator film was watched I felt the need for lunch, so started to sort myself something out to eat...Hague came out in the kitchen and asked if I was making myself an "interim meal"....I told him I was...lunch! He can be so wonderfully random at times!

An old favourite there, lots of veggies, with pasta and a tub of LowLow. Yummy. Not long after that though my very unsettled night caught up with me and so I went for a little nap, or horizontal life pause. First one in a while there, but much needed. By the time I got downstairs, I was starting to feel hungry again and so Hague got started on dinner whilst I chatted away to TOK - mostly about unicorns and hats made of cheese :)

Lovely comforting dinner, there are some "hidden" syns in there, a couple of syns for some extra light Laughing Cow triangles in the mash and ½syn for some mint sauce in the mushy peas, plus of course the syns in the Quorn sausages. For once, I was full for quite a while after a meal, makes a change after the last few days where I seem to have been hungry all the time! So dessert wasn't eaten for a couple of hours, more fruit!

Blueberries, vanilla prunes topped with an Activia lemon and lime yogurt, and some sneaky little chocolate crispy thingums on the side. I picked them up in our local 99p stores and they work out at a syn each, so not bad for a little chocolate hit. I've also put away rather a lot of the lovely Twinings green teas....in fact we are now in desperate need of our next delivery! So, next stop bed, as tomorrow should be quite an exciting day, with a new phone on the way and it's Greatest Loser in group, so my Big Jeans will be making an appearance once more!

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
black forest frozen fruits
cherry tomatoes
mushy peas
Activia 0% yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - (both) - 60g LowLow cheese spread
B - 35g porridge oats
B - 75g Whitworths vanilla prunes

Nutri-Grain oat and honey breakfast biscuit         2½
3 Quorn sausages                                               3
2 Laughing Cow extra light triangles                    2
tsp mint sauce                                                     ½
3 chocolate crispy thingums                                3

Total syns                                                           11

A good day food wise, still trying my best to mix it up, but I've realised that I've forgotten to do a Food Diary for Claire tomorrow - an attempt to see if anything has crept in. Damn. I've decided that if my weight has stalled again this week I may call an interim target, just to give my body a breather, as it seems to want one at the moment. I'm not being too greedy, I just want a couple of lbs to get my 11½st award back, as I first got down to the 13st 9½lbs that marked that milestone way back on December 23rd. Which seems forever ago. I still have weight to lose, I'm still officially obese. It just might be the case that this last bit of my journey will be the hardest part, but I will get there. 

That day will most definitely be a happy one, over the moon, ecstatic, joyous one! Until then, I'll be focusing on the little things for my challenge, plus of course keeping you all up to date with my life, food and general random moments.

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  1. Some of this food looks so yum! I'm glad you're doing so well :)