Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Wasted Week

I shall save you from the full force of my whinging, moaning, coughing and general bad moodyness of this week. Safe to say I have not been happy to have spent pretty much the entire week laid up in bed, with either a hideously nasty cold, or a mild flu. It certainly wasn't a patch on the flu that floored me for over a fortnight in 2012, but it knocked me for 6 way more than a cold normally would.

Either way it wiped out my week off. The week off that me and Hague had been desperate for. After a 4 week working stint, 3 weeks of nights on the trot and his extended stay in Barnsley to help out his Mum with his very poorly brother, we both needed time to rest up, chill out and just have some lovely fun time together. We had lots of plans. All of which went out of the window. I was gutted, he was gutted, and so as I'm sure you can understand we've been focusing on me getting better, rather than dwelling on what this week should have been, as everytime I've done that, I've just got upset.

Even some little bright spots, like winning a work award have left me feeling meh rather than happy. I'm sure you can understand why I've not been blogging!

Food wise the week has been an odd one. I ate a proper meal on Tuesday after weigh in - 2lbs off - and then didn't really eat properly again until Thursday. I've struggled as I've not had an appetite, so have been having small meals, some muesli, scrambled eggs or some HiFi's. Last night I came to the decision that very small portions of lovely, healthy SW food, whilst fabulous when wanting to lose weight, might not be doing the trick for me when I need to get myself better and so I decided to have a takeaway last night.

A pizza no less! Now, old (non-ill) me would have ordered at least a 12" pizza, more likely a 15" with side orders of garlic bread (at least) more sides if we were splashing out on a Dominoes, but I went with a small one last night, with some cheesey chips. 3 slices, and about 4 forkful's of chips later and I was done. Full up completely. No complaints from the animals who happily hoovered up the remainders whilst I headed to bed.

I think it worked - I didn't wake up with the shaky, woozy feeling I've had for the last few days, and haven't turned into a ravenous pizza monster either. So as I need to leave the house today - the car needs petrol, and with a 12 hour shift tomorrow, I need to get upright, I shall be off plan again. Nothing crazy, but I might get some orange juice, and maybe a packaged sandwich, just to get another high calorie "shot" inside me. I shall see.

So there you are, up to date, with probably my most boring blog ever! 


  1. Hope you are feeling much better soon, and can somehow catch up with everything you were looking forward to. I missed reading your thoroughly entertaining blog and getting ideas from your visual food diary x

  2. hi karen hope you are feeling loads better,have sent a request for the bus so fingers crossed

  3. hi karen poor you hope your better. at least you have had the time to recover and rest properly while you were off. sometimes stuggling in when you know that your still not better is worse or having to phone in sick hanging over you never lets you get better without that guilty feeling. hope you get to do all the stuff you guys had planned soon. missed your blog. xx liz