Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Sicky Girl Files

Still feeling very poo here I'm afraid. I don't know which one of these little b*stards it is that's wiped me out, but I don't like him very much.

A visit to the doctor yesterday brought the news that she suspects I've had a nasty chest infection and now it's a case of rest up, with plenty of fluids to recover. The bugs have also gone to my stomach, meaning that everything I eat is going right through me. Not fun.

I've been told to not think about weight loss for now, just eat bland foods to try and make myself better. Not so easily done when literally no food is staying inside me :o(

At least Hague is back and looking after me, and as I've been signed off I do have the luxury of knowing I have another 5 days to get myself better to get back to work, and the far more pressing issue of my birthday on Monday! Being sick on my birthday is really not something I want to have to endure :o(

Not a very helpful Slimming World blog once again, but hopefully I'll be on the mend very soon as I really have had more than enough of feeling like this now!


  1. Wishing you better Karen, so disappointed when I log on and there is no update from you! It's not good enough Lol! Love your blog, wishing you a speedy recovery, rest well, Debbie Xx

  2. Hope you get well soon too Karen! I too am missing your posts. You're my inspiration!