Wednesday, 26 February 2014

More Pills and Much Pride

Today seems to have been quite busy - but in reality has involved quite a lot of sleeping. I had to be up early as I had an appointment with my GP to discuss this rather annoying bout of depression I'm currently suffering from, and so I was out of the house just before 8.30 to see her. She was quite pleased with how well my moods are improving, but thinks I need to give time for the anti-depressants to get back into my system before I go back to work, mainly as I work with machinery and lack of concentration and confusion are not the best mix with machines! We discussed a few things I can do to keep helping myself to get better too, and so hopefully after this next two weeks I'll be back to work. I've also been prescribed some sleeping tablets to help me to get to sleep at night. Unsurprisingly, I didn't sleep too well last night knowing I had a doctor's appointment and so once I was done I came home, updated Hague and then got myself back to bed.

With a couple of disturbances from knocks on the door, my sleep wasn't exactly undisturbed, I stayed in bed for far too long, not stirring until gone 2, and then just about managed a cuppa before updating work and occupational health with the details of my appointment. I then had the excitement of opening my parcel..

All of which were pretty much immediately tried and given a hearty thumbs up :o) By the time I'd drunk much tea and checked out the goings on in the virtual world it was time for me to get dressed and head to weigh in. I decided to walk. In my New Rocks, in the hope that some weight might magically disappear on the walk, as I've been feeling decidedly bloated, heavy and a bit clogged up all week - sorry for the TMI there - unfortunately, that tactic didn't work and for the second week on the trot I've had a gain. So I'm now 2lbs heavier than I was on December 23rd. Yes, we've had Christmas and my birthday, but that accounted for just 8 days off plan in that time, with 56 on plan....sometimes I really hate how much my body seems to want to cling onto this weight. Sensible Karen head is trying to tell me that I'm due on, I've been exercising and I've been a bit clogged up, but damn it, I want to get to target, not maintain! 

In an effort to ensure nothing untoward has crept in, I shall be filling in a food diary this week for Claire (my Consultant) to look over, just to check that I'm still following the plan correctly. I've told her I want to shift 3lbs this week, and as always I'll be on plan 100% to try and get that, here's hoping my body co-operates!

By the time I'd stopped nattering and got myself home, it was getting close to 8 o'clock and I was rather peckish, and so did myself a quick pasta dinner before I headed out to pick up Hague from his KickBoxing.

Lots of superfree in there, a leek, courgette, some spring greens and spinach, with both my HeA's of reduced fat soft cheese stirred in. Quick and low effort, and once eaten it was out the door again to get me a Hague, and some fruit from Tesco as we are very low! Hague was rather proud when I picked him up, as his KickBoxing club did their gradings on Sunday, and he had got himself this...

A yellow grading in Muay Thai KickBoxing, so he double graded, as the first level is white, he was as pleased as punch and I am SO proud of him for following his dreams. He used to do Karate as a teenager, an for as long as I've known him he's wanted to get back into Martial Arts, and he has worked hard to lose weight and get fit and get himself started again on this path. Hague, I am beyond proud of you...this is a bit of a reminder for you all of what Hague looked like before this SW malarky, and how he looks now...

I say now...that was a few months ago and the Gun Show is far more impressive now ;o) With us both safely indoors I sorted myself out dessert whilst he sorted dinner for himself.

My HeB made an appearance too, 50g of the Whitworths maple figs, which are rather lovely, very sweet though, so the 50g is plenty. We then had a bit of time to chill out whilst we watched Resident Evil, by the end of which I was peckish again, and so rustled myself up another quick plate of noms.

Just eggs on some wholemeal rolls with tinned tomatoes, followed by another dessert. Some Tesco mini meringues (1 syn a piece) with my Danio yogurt and a banana - to hopefully help me sleep. I crumbled the meringues into the yogurt and it was rather good! Who knew you could improve a blueberry Danio! We then headed up for a bath, as time was getting away from us, accompanied by a minimum of snackage this evening.

The very last of our Christmas Aldi candy canes and more Twinings green tea! So with clean us, now relaxing in a clean bed, I shall bid you all a goodnight!

Food Diary

Free Food
spring greens
mixed frozen fruits
tinned tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - both - 75g reduced fat soft cheese
B - 50g Whitworths maple figs
B - 60g wholemeal bread

Liberte honey yogurt                        1½
30g wholemeal bread                       3
Danio blueberry                               3
5 Tesco mini meringues                    5
candy cane                                      2½

Total syns                                        15 syns

So once again a disappointing weigh in, but once more I'll stay on the bus - after all, I either carry on, or I stop following Slimming World, and that just isn't an option, as this is the way I eat now. Perhaps my hope of reaching target by Summer will have to be slightly re-evaluated now, but I certainly won't be giving up until those pesky scales show 11st when I step on them! As always, I'll try and keep my focus on the good things, the chat with the lovely Tracey at group about my blog, and her utter determination to reach target, being called "tiny" by the amazing Sam and just catching up with the great bunch at group. I may be a bit heavier than I was before Christmas, but I've still lost 11st and 5lbs, not to be sniffed at eh? 


  1. You both are such an inspiration! My hubby and I started Slimming world 5 weeks ago and its fab :-) xx

    1. It's just the best plan isn't it? You'll both get there! Good luck x

  2. Hiya! I'm still reading :)
    Sorry to hear about your depression, I've had a few problems myself so I can sympathise. Hang in there, girl! The tablets do work well, once you hit the right ones and give them some time.
    Great photo of your OH - really shows the difference! You've come so far too! Reading a few of your posts inspired me to go 7 weeks ago, and my 1.5 stone award this week proves it works.
    My thoughts are with you

    1. I've suffered before unfortunately, but on the bright side, I do know it's just a case of those happy pills evening me out and I'll be fine again.
      He's fantastic isn't he? He shifted over 6½st in 9 months and has now maintained for 5 months, he wants a newer picture done though to show of his muscles!
      I'm so glad that SW is working for you too - I genuinely love the plan and know it'll get me to target (despite my annoying gain).
      Thanks for commenting xx

  3. Do you know anywhere that stocks these yummy flavour green teas? My local tesco doesn't :(
    Your hubby has done so well! Well done to you both, both very inspiring people!

    1. Go to the Twinings website, at the moment all of these teas are 3 for 2 with free delivery!