Thursday, 20 February 2014

Many New Things

A day of Many New Things did in fact start with one very old problem....not being able to sleep, so at 4am I got a sleeping tablet down my neck, put on my relaxing sounds app and eventually drifted off about an hour later. When Hague left for an interview at about half 9, I was hoping to get back to sleep, but no such luck, and so once again the day started with me feeling very weary. It wasn't until Hague got home that I got myself breakfast though, and it was a minimal effort one at that.

Toasted couscous with fat free natural yogurt, blueberries and an Alpen Light crumbled on top. With that eaten and a cup of tea enjoyed, we got ourselves up and out. Today's mission was to drop off my new coat to get the buttons attached more firmly - I do love Joe Brown's coats, but I do wish they'd sew the chuffing buttons on a bit more securely - and to get Hague his shiny new upgraded phone. The weather wasn't great, we got a bit rained on, but despite feeling anxious it was good to get out. Besides, Hague was SO excited about his new phone that it cheered me up seeing him like a kid at Christmas. So with phone got, coat dropped off, and just for a change, a Costa inside us we headed home - getting rained on once more.

I was really hungry by the time we got in, and so got going on lunch straight away. It was bit of a strange mix (just for a change), but it was exactly what I fancied.

I had planned on having wedges, but the sweet potatoes had other ideas, resisting all attempts to chop them into anything resembling a wedge, and so they got chunked instead. That'll teach 'em. The burgers are the Quorn turk'y ones, which are syn free. It should have filled me up, but after not having much of an appetite yesterday, I've got a ridiculous one today, and so it was followed up with dessert. 

JadeyPuss there keeping an eye on me, in case I tried to eat her I think...the rest of the afternoon went by quite quickly as Hague played with his new phone and before long it was time for me to drop him off at kickboxing, with me heading to Tesco to get a few bits and bobs. Whilst I was in there I remembered a picture someone had posted in my SW group's FB page of a new Twinings tea flavour....

Syn free gingerbread? Got to give that a go! I also spotted a HeB choice reduced and so picked up a packet of those too.

I picked up the maple figs too, always good to mix up your healthy extras after all! Once I got in, I quickly sorted out some dinner, as I only had about an hour before I had to go and pick Hague up. 

Under two healthy extras worth of mozzarella there are roasted veggies and gnocchi - honest! I washed it down with a cup of the gingerbread tea, which was utterly delicious!

You're probably all well aware of what a cuppa looks like, but it tasted so good I wanted to share! A brief interlude then as I went to get Hague, and then it was time for dessert, including my first ever taste of a prune.

The prunes were rather lovely, as was the mango and pineapple, all washed down with more gingerbready lushness.

Food Diary

Free Food
toasted couscous
fat free natural yogurt
Quorn turk'y burgers
sweet potato
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - (both) - 65g reduced fat mozzarella
B - 2 Alpen Lights
B - 75g Whitworths vanilla prunes

milk in tea/coffee (4)                           2
2 tbsp extra light mayo (hellmanns)      1
Danio blueberry                                  3
300g gnocchi                                      6

Total syns                                           12

As I am rather a tired girl today, I'll once more be attempting an early-ish night, although as I want to have a bath, and it's already 10 o'clock, I'm thinking it won't be that early! I do think I'll get the tablet of sleepyness down my neck first thing tonight though, rather than waiting until the wee hours! Might as well give myself a chance at some decent sleep as it's Couch to 5K day again tomorrow, we're moving straight into week 2 - we're such rebels!

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