Wednesday, 26 February 2014

New Jeans!

Today has been rather mundane, a few little jobs interspersed with lots of lovely food, as I am still on a mission to keep myself active! 

I managed another reasonable sleep last night, which was most welcome and was only forced out of bed by the need for a wee. All down to the huge amount of green tea I'm now drinking thanks to it tasting like caramel and gingerbread! We stayed in bed for a while though, as it was warm and comfy, but eventually we had to get up, mainly as we were both hungry. Hague replicated my dinner of last night, whilst I had toasted couscous once more.

Today's had a banana, a plum and my HeB of  vanilla prunes with some natural yogurt. I do like my toasted couscous! We were then disturbed by the PostMan, who was bringing my latest eBay purchase from my birthday money, a pair of sz16 jeans. I excitedly opened up the packet and was slightly concerned with how teeny they looked....but on they went, and they fitted beautifully. I really didn't think I'd ever get to this point, wearing sz16 skinny jeans, it's insane isn't it? So hard to see the difference, even when we compared the new jeans to my old ones! 

Once I'd got out of my lovely jeans and we'd both had breakfast, and a couple of cups of tea we got ourselves busy. With a new gate being put up, and us getting rid of old, broken furniture, we have gathered quite a collection of crap in our yard, and so we decided that it was finally time to get down to the tip and be rid of it. Such excitement! We didn't manage to squeeze the bricks in the car though, so that might have to wait for another day. Once we were home, and the yards were tidied a bit, we headed out for a run. In my efforts to get back up to running 5K I've been zipping through the C25K programme and today we attempted the week 3 run. To my pleasant surprise, that too was easily completed and so for our next run we'll be trying a week 4 run. I've certainly enjoyed getting back into the swing of running, I've missed it.

A quick snack after the run, and it was time to get comfy on the sofa.

A couple of clementines were never going to tide me over for long though, and my mind soon turned to lunch, which was a minimal effort affair. Just for a change ;o)

Leftover bean casserole with spring greens and some rather delicious chips! The casserole had definitely improved too, very tasty. I then decided to have a nice dessert too.

With me nice and full up again, we headed out. Hague wanted a photo frame for his grading certificate and  I wanted to pick up a few bits and bobs at Aldi that are much cheaper there than in Asda, so out we went again. Our meanderings took us to Aldi - where they had none of the syn free pineapple cottage cheese - Asda - for the picture frame and we got ourselves some reduced bananas too, and then onto Tesco, where we loitered with the rest of the bargain hunters to see if we could get any cheap fruit and veggies. We ended up with a 13p soup mix, some peppers for 18p, 7p salad and a loaf of bread for 4p. Not too shabby really. We got a few other bits too and then got ourselves home. I threw the soup mix in the slow cooker and then got nattering away to TOK and Sacha whilst impatiently waiting for it to cook.

It took forever. For some reason I really didn't think it would take too long, as I had the slow cooker on high and it was only veggies, but after nearly 2 hours the veg was still a bit hard. Hunger got the better of me though so I blitzed it and did some cheese on toast on the side.

It was a bit thin, even though I only put in the amount of water the packet recommended. Perhaps it'll thicken up a smidge for next time? It was nice enough though, and the cheese on toast was lush! Unsurprisingly, I followed that up with my Daily Danio.

I'll be off to bed sooner rather than later, as I want to get quite a few things done tomorrow, mostly tidying and probably spending yet more of my birthday spends, but it'd be nice to get up a bit earlier!

Food Diary

Free Food
toasted couscous
fat free natural yogurt
leftover stew
spring greens
Tesco vegetable soup mix
stock cubes

Healthy Extras
A - (both) - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 75g vanilla prunes
B - 2 Alpen lights

Shape crumble yogurt                    ½
70g wholemeal bread                    7
blueberry Danio                            3

Total syns                                     10½

Not the most eventful of days, but it was nice to get some of the mess gone from the house, and it was definitely nice to fit into those jeans! My brain still isn't working too well though, the forgetfulness is the worst of them at the moment, I'm literally forgetting everything! I'm sure it'll improve with a few more of my happy pills though.

As for yesterday's gain, I've not let it get me down today, after all, it's a new week, a new start and hopefully I'm now working towards a nice loss next week! Just got to keep plugging away and trust the plan.

More Pills and Much Pride

Today seems to have been quite busy - but in reality has involved quite a lot of sleeping. I had to be up early as I had an appointment with my GP to discuss this rather annoying bout of depression I'm currently suffering from, and so I was out of the house just before 8.30 to see her. She was quite pleased with how well my moods are improving, but thinks I need to give time for the anti-depressants to get back into my system before I go back to work, mainly as I work with machinery and lack of concentration and confusion are not the best mix with machines! We discussed a few things I can do to keep helping myself to get better too, and so hopefully after this next two weeks I'll be back to work. I've also been prescribed some sleeping tablets to help me to get to sleep at night. Unsurprisingly, I didn't sleep too well last night knowing I had a doctor's appointment and so once I was done I came home, updated Hague and then got myself back to bed.

With a couple of disturbances from knocks on the door, my sleep wasn't exactly undisturbed, I stayed in bed for far too long, not stirring until gone 2, and then just about managed a cuppa before updating work and occupational health with the details of my appointment. I then had the excitement of opening my parcel..

All of which were pretty much immediately tried and given a hearty thumbs up :o) By the time I'd drunk much tea and checked out the goings on in the virtual world it was time for me to get dressed and head to weigh in. I decided to walk. In my New Rocks, in the hope that some weight might magically disappear on the walk, as I've been feeling decidedly bloated, heavy and a bit clogged up all week - sorry for the TMI there - unfortunately, that tactic didn't work and for the second week on the trot I've had a gain. So I'm now 2lbs heavier than I was on December 23rd. Yes, we've had Christmas and my birthday, but that accounted for just 8 days off plan in that time, with 56 on plan....sometimes I really hate how much my body seems to want to cling onto this weight. Sensible Karen head is trying to tell me that I'm due on, I've been exercising and I've been a bit clogged up, but damn it, I want to get to target, not maintain! 

In an effort to ensure nothing untoward has crept in, I shall be filling in a food diary this week for Claire (my Consultant) to look over, just to check that I'm still following the plan correctly. I've told her I want to shift 3lbs this week, and as always I'll be on plan 100% to try and get that, here's hoping my body co-operates!

By the time I'd stopped nattering and got myself home, it was getting close to 8 o'clock and I was rather peckish, and so did myself a quick pasta dinner before I headed out to pick up Hague from his KickBoxing.

Lots of superfree in there, a leek, courgette, some spring greens and spinach, with both my HeA's of reduced fat soft cheese stirred in. Quick and low effort, and once eaten it was out the door again to get me a Hague, and some fruit from Tesco as we are very low! Hague was rather proud when I picked him up, as his KickBoxing club did their gradings on Sunday, and he had got himself this...

A yellow grading in Muay Thai KickBoxing, so he double graded, as the first level is white, he was as pleased as punch and I am SO proud of him for following his dreams. He used to do Karate as a teenager, an for as long as I've known him he's wanted to get back into Martial Arts, and he has worked hard to lose weight and get fit and get himself started again on this path. Hague, I am beyond proud of you...this is a bit of a reminder for you all of what Hague looked like before this SW malarky, and how he looks now...

I say now...that was a few months ago and the Gun Show is far more impressive now ;o) With us both safely indoors I sorted myself out dessert whilst he sorted dinner for himself.

My HeB made an appearance too, 50g of the Whitworths maple figs, which are rather lovely, very sweet though, so the 50g is plenty. We then had a bit of time to chill out whilst we watched Resident Evil, by the end of which I was peckish again, and so rustled myself up another quick plate of noms.

Just eggs on some wholemeal rolls with tinned tomatoes, followed by another dessert. Some Tesco mini meringues (1 syn a piece) with my Danio yogurt and a banana - to hopefully help me sleep. I crumbled the meringues into the yogurt and it was rather good! Who knew you could improve a blueberry Danio! We then headed up for a bath, as time was getting away from us, accompanied by a minimum of snackage this evening.

The very last of our Christmas Aldi candy canes and more Twinings green tea! So with clean us, now relaxing in a clean bed, I shall bid you all a goodnight!

Food Diary

Free Food
spring greens
mixed frozen fruits
tinned tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - both - 75g reduced fat soft cheese
B - 50g Whitworths maple figs
B - 60g wholemeal bread

Liberte honey yogurt                        1½
30g wholemeal bread                       3
Danio blueberry                               3
5 Tesco mini meringues                    5
candy cane                                      2½

Total syns                                        15 syns

So once again a disappointing weigh in, but once more I'll stay on the bus - after all, I either carry on, or I stop following Slimming World, and that just isn't an option, as this is the way I eat now. Perhaps my hope of reaching target by Summer will have to be slightly re-evaluated now, but I certainly won't be giving up until those pesky scales show 11st when I step on them! As always, I'll try and keep my focus on the good things, the chat with the lovely Tracey at group about my blog, and her utter determination to reach target, being called "tiny" by the amazing Sam and just catching up with the great bunch at group. I may be a bit heavier than I was before Christmas, but I've still lost 11st and 5lbs, not to be sniffed at eh? 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Big Ol' Catch Up

Once again I'm catching up, this is pretty much entirely down to me being hit by the CBA's when I'm all chilled out after my dinner and not being bothered to get a blog up. Which is a tad naughty! So once again, I'll have to whizz through a few days to get you all up to date!

On Friday I started the day very productively as I woke up first and decided to play with my new app before Hague woke up - and so unicorned lots of things before I got out of bed.

Once Hague was awake, we breakfasted...

...and then got ourselves into town to meet up with Mr H, a work friend who deserted me for pastures new a couple of years ago. It was lovely to have a catch up over coffee, and as is the norm for me in Costa I had me a gingerbread skinny latte. When Mr H headed back to work we had a mosey around town before heading back home and feeding ourselves again, as we were both pretty hungry it was a quick meal all round.

Hague then went to boxing skills whilst I relaxed and then we both went and got a few bits of shopping, as we didn't need huge amounts. Next stop was dinner, and I had stuffed sweet potatoes again, once again stuffed with mushrooms, leeks and blue cheese triangles.

It was followed up with dessert.

And then more snackage as I seemed to develop worms...

In my defence we were up quite late! Rather than numb your brains with four food diaries, I'll just post the photos of my food! This blog will be long enough as it is after all!

Saturday didn't start too early, but early enough for Hague to get to his kickboxing class, and so I got some breakfast down me before dropping Hague off and heading into town.

Breakfast was rather nice, a banana, my HeB of maple figs and toasted couscous with yogurt. My wander around town was rather fruitful, with one of the charity shops having a half price sale and so I picked up a rather lovely Next jacket (in a size 14!!) for the princely sum of £2.

I then decided to continue my search for new jeans and went to New Look, where a pair of sz16's fitted me perfectly on the waist but were a tad tight on the legs...I'm cursed with rather chunky legs and have always had this problem, and the weight is stubbornly staying there at the moment I didn't splash out £23 on jeans I wasn't totally sure about, and waited out the time until Hague was done enjoying a coffee in the sunshine.

It really was a lovely day, and despite me still feeling a bit anxious when I'm out and about I enjoyed just watching the world go by for a wee while. Then it was time to pick up Hague and get ourselves fed once more, and in a shock move we had the same lunch for the second day running!

Cheese and bacon burgers with chips and salad, one Quorn turk'y and one Asda meat free :) Lush they were too!

The worms were still in full force though, and a couple of hours later I fancied a snack.

It's the only way to eat cold beans you know :) I then decided I had itchy feet and so we headed out for me to look for a lampshade for my bedside lamp, which involved us visiting PoundStretcher (all hideous), TKMaxx (all too expensive, and no coffee syrup to boot), Sports Direct (just because we have to) and Tesco (no lampshades), where we ended up buying food instead! Little and often is definitely our shopping mantra for this week. We managed to be out for about an hour and a half, and so I was of course hungry again when I got back home.

Lovely quick pasta, with mushrooms and spinach and topped with cheese, followed by dessert.

 I did have a bit of (another) NSV on Saturday too. A pair of No Fear shorts that we bought way back before our holiday in Cyprus in 2011 - when we looked a bit like this - 

 They were a 2XL and so we picked them up just presuming they would fit, we got home and both tried them on...they were bloody tiny and neither of us were close to getting into them. So into the box of clothes they went, to be forgotten about until Hague reached target and they once more came back into rotation. Well, on Saturday I was rooting around for some shorts, and spotted them, and Hague suggested I give them a go....

 On they went, quite comfortably too! Huge NSV there, and it did cheer me up :o) Onto Sunday then, when Hague set his alarm for stupid o'clock to go to KickBoxing whilst I got me some more ZZZZ's. He didn't get home until close to 1pm, by which time I really should have been out of bed. But wasn't. He regaled me with tales of the running he had to do for his cardio session, and whilst this really should have horrified me, it just made me want to get out for a run too! So off I went, in my NSV shorts, to do a week 2 run of the Couch to 5K programme as I'd completed the week 1 run so easily last time. I breezed through week 2 as well, but was more than ready for my breakfast/brunch/dinner type meal by the time I got in.

Toasted couscous once more, this time with a banana, plum, my HeB of vanilla prunes and yogurt, all topped with a NutriGrain breakfast biccie for 2½ syns. After such an active morning for both of us, the rest of Sunday was decidedly relaxed, with many Superman films interspersed by food. Lots of food to feed the worms that had once more descended upon me!

Even after a huge roast dinner, mushrooms soup and the snacks I still managed to put away two Danio yogurts to get my syns up to a mighty 15 for the day! We were reasonably early to bed as well as Monday was the day that our back yard would once more be a private rather than a public space!

So bright and early, at 8.30, the alarm went off. We were anything but bright eyed and bushy tailed, but we got our jobs done - clearing the yard, and moving the car - and settled down to wait for my Brother in Law to arrive and fix us a new gate. Two coffees and an hour later he arrived, and I occupied myself with Homes Under The Hammer, viewed via iMessage with TOK, whilst he got busy and Hague did some of the neverending washing this exercise thing seems to produce. After TOK and myself had berated the development efforts of the telly people, I had to move from the sofa to get myself ready as it was another girlie lunch, this time with ALL the family girlies as my Nan is up at the moment and my Nieces are on halfterm, and so four generations of us sat down to eat. 

Now, normally, as you all know, on a girlie lunch, I'll have an off plan meal, and just get back on plan later, however, I STILL weigh 1lb more than I did before Christmas, and to be quite honest that is starting to get right on my bloody nerves, and so I went for a far more Slimming World friendly approach today. When I booked the table I had talked about what was on the menu for veggies - a thai curry or risotto - and what they could do for me instead that I could fit into the plan, and we came to the decision that an egg salad was the way to go (rather than fish or a chicken salad....). I stuck to my guns at the restaurant, not having a starter - yes, I resisted a baked field mushroom with goats cheese and red onion marmalade, and breads and olive oil - or dessert - brownie, raspberry bakewell tart and orange pudding cake (drooooools). I had this, and it was delicious. I even brought some of the Kraft fat free dressing with me to have on top :o)

I genuinely thoroughly enjoyed it, the eggs were perfectly cooked and the salad was gorgeous. I really hope I get a loss tomorrow or I might have a sulk on behalf of those refused puddings ;o)

By the time I got home - via Tesco again - I had a new gate! Which I really should have taken a photo of to share with you, so now our yard is ours again, and we can keep it locked and everything. Fantastic. I then settled myself on the sofa with my version of dessert.

Whilst Hague watched Superman save the world for the 4th time in 2 days, I whiled away the time putting the world to rights with TOK via text before deciding that I needed to do I headed for the crosstrainer, only to break it within 5 minutes and so I resorted to the airwalker. With a 30 minute workout done and dusted my mind turned to food for a change, and as I'd picked up a reduced bean casserole mix in Tesco I figured a bean and sausage casserole would do the trick.

All I did was put the bean casserole mix in an ovenproof dish along with some chopped tomatoes, rosemary and red onion sausages, half a tin of beans and some mixed herbs and let it do it's thing for about 45 minutes. For some reason I fancied it with couscous, just soaked with some mixed herbs and some cherry tomatoes chopped in. It was rather lovely and I have some leftovers too. With the afternoon and early evening disappearing in a mist of TV watching, TOK nattering, Jadey cuddling and Hague snuggling the next exciting thing to happen was my third meal. Can I call it dinner? Does that mean my egg salad was breakfast? Oh well, it was burgers anyway, with a slightly more superfree friendly version of chips.

I splashed out 9 delicious syns on the meal, 3 for the extra 30g of bread, 2 for the extra slice of cheese, 2 for the burgers and another 2 on the ketchup and mustard...worth every single syn in my opinion! I followed it up with a simple dessert before heading up for a bath, with another gingerbread tea.

After a nice soak, it was time for my daily Danio and a cup of milky Chai tea with the last of my HeA before I got my lazy fingers on the keyboard and typed up this mammoth blog for you all!

Food Diary (Sunday)

Free Food
new potatoes
cherry tomatoes
Tesco bean casserole mix (beans, carrots, onions)
tinned tomatoes
baked beans
pickled onions
frozen mixed fruits

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices
B - 2 Alpen Lights
B - 60g wholemeal bread

30g wholemeal bread                   3
Asda lighter cheese slice               2
1tbsp ketchup                              1
1tbsp mustard                              1
4 Asda meat free burgers             2
Liberte honey yogurt                    1½
Danio blueberry                           3

Total syns                                    13½

Bit of a whirlwind through the last four days there. Definitely some high points to focus on, and my mood is also clearly improving, with my low moods diminishing. Something I'm putting down to my anti-depressants kicking back in, and my efforts at getting myself out and about as often as possible. I'm still feeling anxious at times, especially when I'm out, and the most worrying issue for me is the confusion. I have the memory of a goldfish at the best of times, but at the moment it's significantly worse. So much so that I'm forgetting in depth conversations a minute or too after having them, which leaves me quite upset. It's quite distressing to not recall a conversation so soon after having it, and makes me worry about going back to work and me forgetting something important. Things are getting better though, certainly mood wise, and tomorrow I'm seeing my GP, so will have a bit more of an idea on how she feels I'm doing, and what can be done about the anxiety and confusion. It's also weigh in, which I'm scared about. I've been feeling bloated this week, and a tad blocked up, which is very likely a side effect of the old happy pills, so I'm trying to prepare myself for yet another gain, which will upset me hugely, but as you can all see, I've been on plan, even varying up my meals and healthy extras in an effort to get back to the 11½st loss at the very least, but I'm not feeling hopeful. We shall see eh?

Oh, and just so I don't end on a grumpy note - today I spotted my old work shirt and tried it on. It was ridiculously big, and so I suggested that Hague tried to get into it with me... fitted us both :o)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Many New Things

A day of Many New Things did in fact start with one very old problem....not being able to sleep, so at 4am I got a sleeping tablet down my neck, put on my relaxing sounds app and eventually drifted off about an hour later. When Hague left for an interview at about half 9, I was hoping to get back to sleep, but no such luck, and so once again the day started with me feeling very weary. It wasn't until Hague got home that I got myself breakfast though, and it was a minimal effort one at that.

Toasted couscous with fat free natural yogurt, blueberries and an Alpen Light crumbled on top. With that eaten and a cup of tea enjoyed, we got ourselves up and out. Today's mission was to drop off my new coat to get the buttons attached more firmly - I do love Joe Brown's coats, but I do wish they'd sew the chuffing buttons on a bit more securely - and to get Hague his shiny new upgraded phone. The weather wasn't great, we got a bit rained on, but despite feeling anxious it was good to get out. Besides, Hague was SO excited about his new phone that it cheered me up seeing him like a kid at Christmas. So with phone got, coat dropped off, and just for a change, a Costa inside us we headed home - getting rained on once more.

I was really hungry by the time we got in, and so got going on lunch straight away. It was bit of a strange mix (just for a change), but it was exactly what I fancied.

I had planned on having wedges, but the sweet potatoes had other ideas, resisting all attempts to chop them into anything resembling a wedge, and so they got chunked instead. That'll teach 'em. The burgers are the Quorn turk'y ones, which are syn free. It should have filled me up, but after not having much of an appetite yesterday, I've got a ridiculous one today, and so it was followed up with dessert. 

JadeyPuss there keeping an eye on me, in case I tried to eat her I think...the rest of the afternoon went by quite quickly as Hague played with his new phone and before long it was time for me to drop him off at kickboxing, with me heading to Tesco to get a few bits and bobs. Whilst I was in there I remembered a picture someone had posted in my SW group's FB page of a new Twinings tea flavour....

Syn free gingerbread? Got to give that a go! I also spotted a HeB choice reduced and so picked up a packet of those too.

I picked up the maple figs too, always good to mix up your healthy extras after all! Once I got in, I quickly sorted out some dinner, as I only had about an hour before I had to go and pick Hague up. 

Under two healthy extras worth of mozzarella there are roasted veggies and gnocchi - honest! I washed it down with a cup of the gingerbread tea, which was utterly delicious!

You're probably all well aware of what a cuppa looks like, but it tasted so good I wanted to share! A brief interlude then as I went to get Hague, and then it was time for dessert, including my first ever taste of a prune.

The prunes were rather lovely, as was the mango and pineapple, all washed down with more gingerbready lushness.

Food Diary

Free Food
toasted couscous
fat free natural yogurt
Quorn turk'y burgers
sweet potato
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - (both) - 65g reduced fat mozzarella
B - 2 Alpen Lights
B - 75g Whitworths vanilla prunes

milk in tea/coffee (4)                           2
2 tbsp extra light mayo (hellmanns)      1
Danio blueberry                                  3
300g gnocchi                                      6

Total syns                                           12

As I am rather a tired girl today, I'll once more be attempting an early-ish night, although as I want to have a bath, and it's already 10 o'clock, I'm thinking it won't be that early! I do think I'll get the tablet of sleepyness down my neck first thing tonight though, rather than waiting until the wee hours! Might as well give myself a chance at some decent sleep as it's Couch to 5K day again tomorrow, we're moving straight into week 2 - we're such rebels!